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  1. Im 11 weeks post-op and still get pain. I also had i hiatal hernia repair done at the same time, which shld not make a diff according to my NUT. However, i do notice that if i eat or drink to fast, or if i do not puree my food while its in my mouth, it will hurt. Some foods jst dnt digest well in my stomach and no matter what i do, my stomach rejects it, for example EGGS prepared diff ways or anything fried or sauteed in any type of grease. So, I jst look at it as giving my body at least 6-8mos to heal all the way. My NUT said that if this pain persist after i hve eaten properly or if I am not meeting my nutritional goals of protein, liquids and cals, then i need to make an appt with my surgeon.
  2. I was sleeved 1/15/19 and after I was cleared I first used the ScarAway Strips, then ScarAway gel and now Mederma, but my scars dont seen to be getting any lighter. Has these products worked for anyone? Has anyone found something else that works better?
  3. NewMeDay

    I know it's nobody's business BUT

    I agree. To each, his own. My weight loss is nobody's business. Its more freeing to me to not have the conversation about my health. Im not ashamed that I did something good for myself, but for me, its a private medical issue that I dont feel like discussing. The fact is, is that we all had/have an eating disorder, where we had to make a life threatening/saving decision to cut a perfectly good organ in order to get our health under control. Im sorry (not sorry) but for me, this is not a Yay! Yay! Yay! celebration so "lets go tell the world" type of a deal. I admire and respect those who choose to tell ppl in order to educate and help others, which is their personal choice. But for ME, im not happy that i had to do this at all. Im only happy that this was an option and it is changing my health for the better and increasing my chances to live longer and decrease chances of acquiring preventable diseases. When I have children, I swear I will do everything in my power to teach them by example how to live a healthier lifestyle all the way around. At least the foundation will be established by me. What they choose to do as adults will be their choice.
  4. Well said!!! [emoji122] My thoughts exactly!! [emoji106]
  5. NewMeDay

    LADIES ONLY! Period after vsg

    Wow..i couldnt imagine not being able to take anything. You are a trooper! lol. They gave us prescription liquid Tyenol upon discharge, along with celebrex, but those were only a 5dy-1week supply. I was allowed to buy OTC liquid baby tylenol, but now i take the actual extra strength tylenal pills. We were told no NSAIDs at all though. I hate cramps with a passion, but im glad that i still have a period bec I dont have any children yet and im getting older. I have a small window of time to get preg naturally, which was another reason for getting sleeved bec i was jst too big for a safe pregnancy. So, im actually looking fwd to the 18mos post-op when I will be able to try to get pregnant [emoji144] [emoji120]
  6. NewMeDay

    LADIES ONLY! Period after vsg

    YEP! Started yesterday and the pain is more horrible for me bec I will be 1month post-op this Friday and I cant take the 500mg of Naproxen that would basically eliminate my cramps for most of the day. These darn cramps woke me up out of my sleep. I ate a little cream of wheat, took 2 Extra Strength Tylenol and laid on a heating pad. Its helped to take the edge off a little, but I still feel like crap. Tylenol wears off before you can take another dose. [emoji37]
  7. Sorry to hear this. I pray your recovery is going well and that you are feeling better. The worst days are behind you. ((Hugs))
  8. NewMeDay

    January 2019 sleevers

    Ahhh, great idea! Having that kind of scale would def be a good motivator. Thanks for the tip!
  9. NewMeDay

    January 2019 sleevers

    Thank you. You are so right. I really need to stop comparing my progress with a few others that were in my support group prior to surgery. I went to the groups for a few months pre-op and a few ppl had lost 40lbs in 1month post-op. I know everybody's journey will be diff, but i think I got excited and that number kinda stuck in my head as a target goal. I jst came back from working out at the gym trying to boost my mood and the scale said I lost a couple more pounds, making it 27lbs total, but I have decided that Im going to stop focusing so much on the pounds and inches. My emotions have been all over the place 2day. But, Yes..we've most certainly got this!!
  10. NewMeDay

    SCARS from Incisions

    Right, same here.
  11. NewMeDay

    SCARS from Incisions

    Thank you. I was looking at Bio-oil in the store ystrdy. Prior to surgery, i went to the dermatologist for something else and asked her about a burn scar i had for a while and she said its best to start early when treating any scars for the best results. So, for these new sleeve scars I want to be on them right away. But you're right..i have to give it time. [emoji4]
  12. YES!! No one knows except my wls support group and medical team. I am very private also and feel its no one elses businesses. Prior to surgery, i did tell 1 friend that i was scheduled, but that I still wasnt sure if i was going thru with it and we havnt about it since. NONE of my family knows, not even my mother. Definitely, no one at my job knows. I live alone, so that made it easier. The day of surgery and post-op, I was by myself and perfectly fine. The only scary part was thinking about if something happened to me during the operation, it wld have been a shock to my emergency contact, but hey God worked it all out. I chose to keep it private bec i jst dont want to hear ppls opinions, comments, judgements & gossip about what I chose to do with my body. Its so irritating. About 12yrs ago, i lost 105lbs, without surgery. I kept it off for about 5yrs before gaining it all plus more back. When losing the weight, ppl wld always make comments or make reference to my weight or weight loss. At first, I was cool bec most were compliments. But when the sly remarks, jealousy and meanness happened, thats when it became too much. When i started gaining weight back over the yrs, family was the worst with the comments. I swore this time around, I wldnt let ppl get to me like before. Some Ppl feel they hv the right to say anything they want, however they want to ppl who struggle with their weight and Im not opening myself up to that anymore
  13. NewMeDay

    January 2019 sleevers

    I was sleeved 1/15/19 also and im still in the puree stage which today is starting to feel depressing. Im sick of puree foods. I have lost 25lbs and feel I shld have lost more. idk
  14. NewMeDay

    Slow WL

    During my RD group visit, this issue came up and the RD suggested doing a pouch reset by going on full liquids for about 1-2weeks. She said to look at, calories, carbs, slider foods, and exercise and make sure they are all in reasonable limits. She also stated that this may be the time to increase calories bec the body may be in survival mode and may be trying to hold on to weight/fat as a reserve.
  15. Oh yeah, and i did go to a support group meeting which helped SO much! So, i think that would be a great idea if you have that option
  16. What you feel is common. My first week post op I was so motivated and tried to do some light cleaning around the house and it was too much. I had to take a pain pill and lay down bec I guess I had done too much bending without really realizing it. After a few days, I did go to the gym to walk slowly on the treadmill and used the bike a little and I felt better. But, like some other comments said, we had a very big surgery and need time to heal. I had been feeling the same way also, kinda down, but it gets better. The clear to full liquid stage was the worst for me. Now that im stage 3 on purees only, im feeling much better. Just make sure your getting all of your proteins and liquids in. That also made a big diff bec the days that I didnt hit my minimum goals set by the RD, i felt weak and down, prob bec of dehydration. I hope this helps. Hang in there. We are on the other side of our journey of not jst hoping, but happening. [emoji2]
  17. I forgot to add that the main reason they require this is to prevent post-op pulmonary embolisms. They really stress walking a lot, and like i previously mentioned, no putting stress on your core abdominal muscles.
  18. I was sleeved 1/15/19. Lost 20lbs pre-op and as of this week lost 20lbs as noted during 1st post appt this week Wed. I jst started purees and i am losing motivation to execise which I am not proud of. Even though this week was a polar vortex of -40 degree wind chill, I still could hv exercised in my home, but I did not.[emoji20] I had been having some pain in my right calf muscle and had an ultrasound, which thankfully was not a blood clot, but some sort of mass that could not be identified. I am scheduled to have another ultrasound (musclerskeletal) of the soft tissue next week and I am afraid that if i go to the gym, it wld make whatever is going on worse. The thing is, I was only using the stationery bike and walking on the treadmill and now i feel that i cant do that until I find out whats going on, but I also dont want to wait. I need help..please. Any ideas??
  19. Actually, my surgeon and program recommends 30-60 mins of some form of exercise per day immediate after post-op. Of course, there is NO weightlifting, pulling, tugging or excessive bending allowed for the 1st 4weeks, but they def ordered and had us sign a contract to do that and other healthy lifestyle things everday. Of course they instructed us not to over-do-it and only do as much as each person can tolerate individually, but they actually call and ask u if youve been following the plan esp with the nutrition, wound & exercise part. Ive seen many of Dr Vons videos and i think he has a lot of good info, so thanks. Each prog is diff tho.
  20. NewMeDay

    1100 calories in a day!!!

    Correction: Im 2weeks post-op. But, yeah, I totally understand. Im wondering about this also. Oh!! I just remembered thay at my 1st post-op appt earlier this week, the RD told us to eat 5 high protein meals and/or protein shakes a day to keep hunger down, even if we are not hungry. Which wld basically mean eating about every 3hrs. Seems hard, but thats what im going to try 2day and see if that works.
  21. Yes, actually I do have some elastic bands I could use. Great idea. I was thinking that it might strain my core a little too much since they said not to pull or lift anything more than 5-10lbs until 1month post-op. But, yeah I cld def try using them lightly. Thanks! I just dont want to fail at this. Im trying fight back those self-defeating thoughts that this will turn out like all my other attempts to lose weight and stay positive by keeping the faith. Thanks again for your help. [emoji4]
  22. Thank you so much!! I didnt think about that. I was starting feel like a failure
  23. NewMeDay

    Food intolerance?

    I think it will prob be diff for everyone. I jst started purees this week and trying to eat smashed scrambled eggs with mashed avacado and totally threw up for the first time. It was weird bec earlier that day, I ate a cup of turkey chilli from Panera Bread and all of it it stayed down just fine. I also pureed some canned salmon with chicken broth, and it also stayed down, but later in the evening when i tried it again with out the broth,but chewed up like puree, I vomited which was SOOOO PAINFUL!
  24. NewMeDay

    1100 calories in a day!!!

    I had the same experience this week and im 3weeks post op. Im in the puree stage and pureed some cooked ground turkey and navy beans with chicken broth, Bragg Nutritional Yeast and non-salt seasoning and it was def the cals from the beans/carbs. I was so sick of protein shakes and wanted to be sure to get all of my proteins in. But, it seems like im more hungry now. So, idk. But, im going to try to add back the shakes even though its only been a couple of days of being puree