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  1. Ladyhawkhere

    How much to drink, getting cramps

    I'm 5 days out and I'm getting a mild cramp when I drink water. Jello, broth, yogurt ect. go down well. I'm drinking slowly and taking small sips, but still get the cramp and a little bit of gas/air comes up. How long does this last? Am I taking in too much? No nausea yet so I've been lucky. Pureed food is looking really good about now but I'm following the plan. I've had absolutely no hunger or maybe I can't tell due to the abdominal pain.
  2. I'm 1 will out from surgery. I'm doing well except I'm very weak. My surgeon said only eat if hungry. I'm never hungry! I eat yogurt, protien enhanced jello, protein shakes and strained soup. Was just able to drink water today without pain. Loosing 9 lbs in a week seems extreme. I just have no appetite! Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. Ladyhawkhere

    Stomach hurts after drinking water

    Thanks for all the ideas! I got out my Figi bottled water and that did the trick! I also started taking tiny tiny sips.
  4. My surgery was on 11-5-18 and I'm doing pretty well. Lost 6 pounds in a week! However, I am having a hard time drinking water. Even though I sip room temp water, my stomach cramps with every sip! Any idea what I'm doing won't? My doctor didn't have a concern about it. I'm not getting enough water!
  5. Ladyhawkhere

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    Had my surgery on 11/5/18. So far no nausea, my biggest worry. Down 6 pounds! Good luck all. I'm excited for you all. A year from now well all be healthier and eating right! I can't wait to be active again.