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  1. I had the sleeve done in Mexico with Dr Garcia at Tijuana Bariatrics in 2012... no problem and no issues other than why did I wait so long!! It took a bit to finding my new normal but with education and being prepared, I’m loving my life. I am however going back to Dr Garcia to revise my sleeve to bypass distal as I have plateaued for the past year and I’d like to loose more and my sleeve has got bigger, I’m noticing I am eating more again... this is my choice, I am learning that there are many people out there who have had the gastric sleeve and years later or going back to have it revised because it does stretch out we’re going to bypass, I wish I had just done the bypass to begin with it will cost me more money to go back and revise it but again my experience with the sleeve has been excellent and what is most important to know is that you are educated,prepared and you must have your head in the game.
  2. missShotcaller

    Revision to bypass

    I had my sleeve back in 2012 with no issues or anything bad, actually has been a positive experience overall but ready to continue the journey further, just not loosing, eating huge amounts again, have gained back 60 lbs and have severe GERD and am going to distal bypass in July 2018, hoping it will be a great decision
  3. missShotcaller

    Sleeve to Bypass

    I was sleeved back in 2012, gained back 60 pounds and severe GERD so I’m going bypass distal in 3 months, hoping it’s a better solution