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  1. I had RNY on March 29th, I was discharged 2 days later and felt “ok” besides pain and nausea. 2 weeks went by and I had not had a bowel movement and wasn’t even near meeting my fluid goals. I had been in twice for IV fluids. The day after I got graduated to soft foods I ate an egg and it stayed down but I was uncomfortable after. The next day I had an egg for breakfast and tried 4 small grilled shrimp for dinner. I fell asleep after dinner and woke up around midnight feeling that the shrimp hadn’t moved at all and were just sitting there and felt very sick. I ended up throwing up the contents of my pouch and calling the advice nurse. She talked to a surgeon on call and he said go to the ER. After being put through a CT scan and an XRay with contrast it showed there was a blockage of either swelling or a complete blockage and I was transported to the hospital where I originally had my surgery. I went under for a laparoscopic investigative surgery to find out what the swelling was, and it proved to be scar tissue at the site of the jejunostomy. Only two weeks and I had that much scar tissue? Disheartening. My surgeon said he fixed it, and I was in the hospital 9 days total. I have been home for 3 days and I am still in so much pain, and already constipated again, I feel full and again am having a hard time meeting fluid requirements. I feel like I was botched and ruined my life, that I will be stuck now continually getting revision surgeries and always feeling sick. I am 30 years old and a mother of a 3 year old, what have I done.
  2. Hi all, im one week post op today and I am not feeling well at all. I feel so weak my legs get shaky just holding me up. I tried to take a shower today for the first time since surgery and that was a big mistake, instant nausea and totally dizzy. I’ve pretty much been living off popsicles and water because all broth tastes terrible to me and I’m worried with how weak I am getting. I put a message in to my surgery team and I’m sure I’ll hear from them tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone had the same experience because all the videos I come across people seem to happy-go-lucky by one week out. Thank you
  3. Hey everyone, I’m new here, hoping to find some reassurance and help from people going through or who have been through the same thing. I am 3 days post-op, I came home yesterday. Here are all the things I am experiencing: Dry mouth, foul smelling burps and I burp after every sip of anything I take, my ab muscles feel EXTREMELY tight (I had 7 incisions) having a hard time getting in all my fluids, can’t tell if I’m overfilling my pouch or if it is just sore from surgery. I welcome any words of wisdom or advice, thank you!