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  1. shelleycakes

    Insurance stuff, sooo confused

    Yes, you are correct. Once you meet your coinsurance limit or out of pocket maximum of $3,100 Aetna will pay 100% for in network providers.
  2. shelleycakes

    Aenta Insurance tips for approval!

    First, I assume you called Aetna to make sure bariatric surgery is covered on your plan. Then read Aetnas clinical policy for obesity surgery and make sure you meet all the criteria listed & that you have done the required Physician-supervised nutrition and exercise program or Multi-disciplinary surgical preparatory regimen. If you've done everything required then you should be approved without issue. Good luck!
  3. shelleycakes

    Denied - Peer to Peer review

    Sorry to hear that. Try not to let that get you down. So what now, has your surgeon come up with a new action plan to work towards an approval?
  4. shelleycakes

    menu options

    Strained soups saved me while on the liquid stage. Tastes much better than broth. Yogurt & applesauce too.
  5. shelleycakes

    BCBSM Pre-Op Appointments not covered..

    Per healthcare reform you get a set # of visits (check your plans benefit details) with a dietitian or nutritionist for obesity screening and counseling. If billed as such, then it is considered preventive care & covered 100% by your plan. The issue is that you are at the mercy of your Dr office & their billing practices. It all depends on what codes they bill. You can't tell them how or what to bill but its worth an inquiry.
  6. shelleycakes

    Denied - Peer to Peer review

    Don't worry. The Dr should be able to to clear it all up with the medical director during the peer to peer.
  7. I would schedule an appt with your dietitian or nutritionist asap. If you aren't already, make sure you log your food & exercise. That will help you & your Dr or nutritionist identify any areas of concern.
  8. shelleycakes

    endo / 2nd appointment... now what!

    Once you finish your surgeons required testing then they will submit to insurance. They may have you do or you may have already done blood work, psych eval, esophageal test & an ekg. Authorization from insurance can take as little as a week on up to 30 days depending on you insurance. Everyones journey is a little different. The hardest part of this process is being patient. Just stay the course and hopefully before you know it you'll be counting down the days til surgery.
  9. Depends on your surgeons schedule & availability of the hospital . You can call your surgeons office and ask if you were approved today, when are they currently scheduling.
  10. shelleycakes

    BCBS TX Approval

    Well good news is you're coming up on 3 weeks since being submitted so they should have a decision soon, especially since its been escalated now.
  11. shelleycakes

    Frustrated with my insurance..

    Wow thats lame. Sounds like they are just reading your specific plan benefits but aren't looking at their policy overall. You could also ask to talk with a care manager, a nurse or someone from precert or pre-auth dept. What insurance do you have?
  12. shelleycakes

    Frustrated with my insurance..

    Their are typically 2 programs insurances will accept. One is a 3 month multi-disciplinary surgical preparatory regimen that includes behavior modification, nutrition/diet consults & exercise regimen. The second is a 6 month physician-supervised nutrition and exercise program. So it may be that your insurance accepts both & you only need to complete one or the other. It may be that everyone is just miscommunicating. You can always call your insurance company and ask them for the policy on weight loss surgery. They will be able to provide it to you. You may even find it on their website.
  13. shelleycakes

    Am I doing this right?

    I'm 2 weeks post-op & still on a full liquids, only 1/3 cup per meal. I know every surgeon has their own diet & nutrition plan to follow after, so just make sure you are following their guidelines. You said you had half of this, some of that, etc. Are you measuring your food? You should definitely plan ahead & log your food & the amount you're eating. We don't have the luxury of eating whatever we feel like or crave anymore.
  14. You're not being treated for high blood pressure (hypertension)? With a BMI of 46, you'd only need to meet one. If you don't meet their criteria it is likely you won't be approved. Have you talked with your Dr, they may have a plan when submitting for approval.
  15. shelleycakes

    BCBS Federal

    Insurance standard is 30 days. Again its all dependent upon the clinicians workload & the number cases to be reviewed. Good luck.
  16. shelleycakes

    2 Weeks away from my last PCP visit

    Most insurance companies will deny if you have a net gain in weight during the 6 month program. Best to double check with your insurance company on their policy.
  17. shelleycakes

    BCBS TX Approval

    30 days is the insurance standard turnaround time. Yes, it can be approved before but it all comes down to the amount of cases the clinicians have to review. Of course if there is any missing clinical info that can delay the process.
  18. shelleycakes

    Another insurance question

    No, copays do not apply to the deductible. They will apply to an out of pocket maximum if your plan has one. You'll have to check your plan details to be sure.
  19. shelleycakes

    When do sleevers go back to work?

    I had surgery 3/23 & will be off for 3 weeks. I was surprised to see that some people went back so soon. That must be difficult. I know everyones circumstances may vary but I can't imagine going back that soon. One week out & I'm still getting to know my limitations & adjusting.
  20. shelleycakes

    Aetna - Band revision

    Approval/coverage is based on your specific plan benefits & medical necessity. First I'd recommend calling Aetna to ask if it is covered under YOUR plan. Second, read their policy on bariatric surgery to find out what is covered & what criteria needs to be met. If your plan covers a revision & your medical records show that you meet their criteria then you shouldn't have an issue getting approved.

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