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  1. I've been looking high and low. My weight loss office said I can't have no more than 6g of sugar to avoid dumping syndrome.... Because other applesauce I see is no sugar added or unsweetened....but still has sugar when I read the labels.....can someone help me out here.... Even seeing recipes to make me own....
  2. Do you think it would hurt to have some of it then like a tablespoon?
  3. LyricSoul

    Liberate Diet....

    I definitely appreciate your response. Thank you for the positive words. Mich appreciated.
  4. Was recently put on a liberate diet due to me not being able to keep food down along with my medication. Also I have lost about 45 pounds since my surgery that was March 1st. They want me to eat mashed potatoes, crackers, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, low fat yogurt, sugar free jell-o, and creamy soups.... Food is definitely not appealing to me. But my weight is at a standstill.... Having a hard time coping with this. I know it's the beginning but I just don't want to fail.... They also prescribed a medicine that goes behind my ear to help with nasuea but it have me blurry vision so I stopped it but my vision is still blurry. They told me to stop all medicine to see how I would do temporarily.
  5. LyricSoul

    bad taste

    It's definitely horrible I have my surgery March 1st. And it's frustrating waking up with dry mouth and the metallic taste.
  6. I've been struggling with liquids because it hurts and I can't catch my breath even when sipping. So just while ago my girlfriend sees me crying and I said I can't do this anymore. And she said won't you try using a spoon like you did with your Isopure drink. So I tried it and it definitely helps. Because me holding a cup up to my mouth doesn't work well with me. So spoon it is....
  7. LyricSoul

    Water intake

    That's an awesome idea...
  8. So excited to try the ISOPURE protein drink. I started with Apple Melon. I made protein ice cubes last night and just tried one this morning I love it. Helps me to get my protein and liquids in a little bit better than the sipping rule. I also made Crystal Light popsicles and Premier protein popsicles.
  9. LyricSoul

    Isopure ice cubes

    I like the Apple Melon the best...the lemonade was okay but I still ate them to just hurry up and get my protein in
  10. I had the gastric bypass. I'm on the pureed stage and I'm totally not feeling food. All I want is popsicles and ice cubes. I have one egg in the morning and after that I'm pretty much over it. I have my ISOPURE protein drinks but ice cube form. Can you guys give me some ideas what to try. I really only like chicken and sausage no other kind of meat.
  11. It's not on my list of things to eat...
  12. LyricSoul

    Isopure ice cubes

    I got mines at the vitamin shoppe.
  13. I want grits!!! I wonder if I can?
  14. I can't have no fruits veggies grains beans nothing but meat yogurt popsicles and a little bit of cheese
  15. Question is having popsicles considered eating or just getting in liquids? Like would it be okay to eat ice or the protein drink cubes I made or to even have sips of water?
  16. So you don't have any meat at all? Just the protein supplements?
  17. Yeah because my program said I need to lose at least 75% of my excess weight. I'm only at 17% since my visit on the 15th.
  18. Yeah I started my pureed stage March 15th my post op appointment. I've tried cream of chicken in the Crock-Pot with chicken breast and that was one of my favorite meals before surgery. Couldn't do it.
  19. LyricSoul

    Feeling regretful, help

    Definitely love this response...
  20. Okay just wanted to check. Glad I asked. Thank you.
  21. Would this be okay to try? My brother bought these home and I was curious about it says sparkling water with other natural flavors and CO2.
  22. Thank you so much definitely going today.
  23. LyricSoul

    Pureed food recipes?

    I was told I could have tomato sauce. Because I wanted to do enchilada soup in the Crock-Pot.