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  1. I am 2 1/2 post op and for some reason I continue to have numbness in my right leg. The nurse says that it may be from vitamin d deficiency but wont know for sure until the tests come back. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. humblebeast

    Totally Failing at this Pre Op Diet

    You will be ok. Its mental. It was very hard for me but it will be over before you know it
  3. Today makes 3 weeks post op. I’m currently on soft foods. I noticed that everytime i eat, my food tries to come back up. Im at the point that i really only want to drink liquids because im sick of going through the regurgitation. Does anyone else experience this?
  4. humblebeast

    Soft food diet

    Wow that’s awesome! My doctor wants a liquid diet for 3 weeks postop but i have slowly been trying new soft food. Tomorrow i will be 2 weeks postop
  5. humblebeast

    Soft food diet

    So 3 weeks postop you were able to eat meat?
  6. humblebeast

    Isopure ice cubes

    I went to gnc earlier and im going to try the cubes onlow carb gatorade to see how that goes
  7. humblebeast

    Isopure ice cubes

    How is the taste?
  8. humblebeast

    UHC question

    I used to work there so im very familiar with the benefits. Typically they may either deny you or if they approve the surgery and if the facility is not a COE, they may pay but at a lower benefit level. You can call the member services line and confirm. They should be able to provide you with the BRS customer service line and they can tell you which facilities in your area are considered a COE. Your doctor should be able to tell you as well.
  9. humblebeast

    Phase 1

    Is 21 days the typical post op liquid phase? I’m 9 days post op and i can’t tolerate the protein shakes or the broth anymore. The only thing that helps is draining the liquid from the Campbell’s soup. I was on the liquid diet 3 weeks pre-op and under my program they require 21 days post op.
  10. humblebeast

    My man said I cheated

    Im dead ass serious, life is too short to go nack and forth with someone about something as simple as getting your own health together. It’s your life. If your own mate can’t understand that you are doing this to save your own life then obviously he doesn’t see value in your life. When someone loves you for you, there are certain things in life that yiu should not have to explain. I don’t settle or neither am I desperate, are you? My confidence was high before Vsl. So if it were me Hell yea i’d throw the whole damn relationship away. I say that because my girl did not want me to have the surgery for her own selfish reasons! This is my life and if u dont support me then you can take your ass own SIMPLE!!! Fool!
  11. humblebeast

    Phase 1

    [emoji30] chocolate is also the only one i can stand but im at the point that i dont think i can stand it. I will try the protein water and see what happens
  12. humblebeast

    Progress Pic

  13. humblebeast

    My man said I cheated

    No time for explanations!! Find you a new man that you don’t have to explain yourself to! There are millions of fish in the sea. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  14. humblebeast

    1st purée day

    How long did it take you to get to softs?
  15. humblebeast

    Hair loss

    I’m 6 days post op. I had the sleeve. I’ve hard stories about possible hair loss but more so in gastric bypass patients. Does anyone have any tips on how to help the situation or any special shampoo and conditioners that would help?
  16. humblebeast

    3 mo. post RNY

  17. Im actually 6 days post op and i had my first bm this morning. I didnt have to use any laxatives or milk of magnesia. I actually was gling to take the milk of magnesia today but magic happened before i had the chance to.

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