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    I did on the way home from the hospital and everyday since and I as well do not get the munchies and it helps with being nauseated.... I’m 6 weeks out
  2. ronda81

    Regretting it

    I sleeved on Jan 30th and even tho they told me not to use a straw I still did because that’s the only way I can get my water down...
  3. I think I did pretty good everyone my first post op appt went great... I was 258.2 when I got on the table and I’m 239.3 today my goal weight is 150.... Hope everyone is well... #jan30th
  4. ronda81

    1week post op

    I was sleeved on the 30th so I’m hoping I can by the weekend...
  5. ronda81

    1week post op

    Ohhhhhh I can wait to sleep on my stomach I can do both sides but I’m still a lil sore
  6. ronda81

    Sleeved on 2/5/18

    I was sleeved a week ago today and feel really good the first few days liquid was hard but I got down a lot the last few days... I really only had gas pains and they are gone now... Good luck [emoji256]
  7. ronda81

    Finding your full

    Do you like chicken noodle soup out the box like Lipton kind I got some a boiled it really good and got about 3 ounces down then I felt full...
  8. Hi guys how is everyone doing???? We did it 1 week down[emoji1430] How is everyone doing????
  9. ronda81

    First Weigh In Since Surgery :)

    Congratulations... I go Friday
  10. ronda81

    January 30! Surgery Buddy!?

    Heyyyy sleeve sista... I was Dont the 30th.. How do u feel?
  11. Hood Morning I did lastnite and I actually slept better then the other nites I’m still just a lil sore around the large incision but I’m taking regular Tylenol now and it helped with the soreness... I aswell am having a hard time with the protein but I’m not gonna lie I boiled broccoli lastnite with some chicken seasoning added a lil butter and mushed it up like mashed potatoes and it was great I got 3 oz down
  12. ronda81

    Gas Pain :(

    I actually feel really good wbu?
  13. ronda81

    Gas Pain :(

    Heyyyyyyyyy Twins I had mine done on the 30th
  14. ronda81

    Help please?!!

    They set my date and my approval came 10 days before
  15. ronda81


    I haven’t started a log yet but u know I weight im everyday I’m down 12 pounds
  16. ronda81


    It’s pretty good just a lil sore
  17. ronda81


    I wishhhh but I’ll move around more at work so I’m sure it will help me heal too
  18. ronda81


    I’m going back Monday
  19. ronda81


    Mine is actually Friday the 9th as well and will see how it goes I still have a lil pain in my left shoulder I keep reading its trapped gas but not really sure... I don’t really have any regrets yet I’m just trying to make it work... Do u like jello? I made my own with half apple juice half water it was pretty good... or try the broth with a lil lemon or lime juice cream of chicken is really good too
  20. ronda81


    He wanted me to drink at least 64 oz of liquids I had half of a protein drink yesterday and but mainly water gatorade and popsicles
  21. ronda81


    I have learned everyone’s doc is different Cuz mine said clear liquids the first 2 days after surgery then I can switch to just liquids and could have cream soups... it’s a bit confusing but I’m trying to just go with the flow of things I had my surgery on the 30th and I’m having a hard time with the protein
  22. ronda81

    6 days post op

    Omg!!! She came to see me too I sleeved the 30th and she popped up on the 1st and I haven’t done good with the protein either..
  23. ronda81

    Surgery Jan 31

    Soon as your gas pains pass u will feel a lot better I sleeved on the 30th