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  1. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    Some more before n after.
  2. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    Hey everyone! It’s officially been a year since my life has changed! How is everyone doing? I’m hit many mile stones and finally hit my final goal weight and now just working on maintaining my weight working on my strength and gaining muscle. I workout 🏋️‍♀️ 5 days a week and feeling great! Best decision I have ever made! My stats below Height 5’2 HW 235 SW 217 (02/12/18) 1st GW 150 (07/22/18) 2nd GW 135 (09/30/18) Final GW 125 (12/09/18) CW 119lb
  3. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    Glad everyone is doing great!!! I am very happy with my progress! Although sometimes I think it’s going slow now. I’m overall 73lb down, 57.1 down from surgery date. I’m only 10lbs from my 1st goal and 30 from my new and last goal.
  4. Ugh! Mine just started. Have you tried anything to help? I’m upping my biotin and got two different shampoos
  5. Has anyone started to experience hair loss yet? [emoji17]
  6. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    Hi all! Glad everyone is doing great. I’m doing great as well! I’m down 54.4lbs down in all and 37lbs down from surgery day. My clothes don’t fit me! Love this problem. I’m now digging into my closet and looking for old clothes. I workout everyday and recently started weight lifting. My stats are below [emoji4] HW 234 SW 217 CW 179 GW 135
  7. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    Yup. Everything is going down good. Haven’t had any issues eating. Had shrimp cocktail this weekend and was great. How is your pain? Still there?
  8. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    Hello, I experienced the same exact thing. It seemed everybody healed by the first week except me. And I was still very tender and even getting sharp pains on my right side. It was really annoying bc I wanted to start strength training by the 6th week but was still in pain. I could stretch or reach for anything without being in pain. I’m on my 8th week tomorrow. It’s better but still get that side pain if I bend down to get something. Hang in there
  9. Same here. Scale hasn’t moved. If anything up a pound. And I’ve been walking more. 🤨 water and protein is a daily challenge
  10. Same here. Scale hasn’t moved. If anything up a pound. And I’ve been walking more. 🤨 water and protein is a daily challenge
  11. amend68


    Anyone tried this pizza?
  12. amend68


    I take BariMelts and alternate with the vitamin patches. They come in specific Gastric Sleeve bundles so I know I’m taking in the right amount.
  13. Hi all! My dinner! Anyone else having a delicious meal lol HW 235 SW 217 CW 199 GW 150
  14. And when did you start experiencing pain? What kind of pain was it? Did they do any tests to show it was the gallbladder? Sorry just curious and nervous again. Thought the worst was behind me
  15. Just got really bad news from my doctor’s visit today about the pain I’m experiencing. I just want to cry. He said it most likely my gallbladder and will need surgery again to remove it. I’m so upset. I’m scared, frustrated and really regretting this whole thing. From all the research I’ve done, never knew my gallbladder would be affected with weight loss and he did not mention it. WTF! Feeling so down
  16. Let me know how your doctors visit went please. I don’t see mine until tomorrow and experiencing a lot of sharp pain. I was sleeved 02/12. Pain should have reduced and seems it’s getting worst. I’m getting really worried
  17. I was sleeved 2/12 and still experiencing midsection pain. It’s pretty sharp and constant. Happens when I’m stretching, bending and even when I’m just been sitting too long. Really annoying and frustrating. I’m going to see my Dr. this coming week. My incision are fine but that damn pain is keeping me down. HW 235 SW 217 CW 207 GW 150
  18. HW=Highest weight SW= surgery weight CW = current weight GW= goal weight
  19. So I’m 15 days (3weeks) post op. I am doing fine with liquids sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard to drink so much water. But what’s bothering me is that I am still having pain. And I’ve checked them, they’re healing fine, no redness, no fever. This pain is sharp above my large incision. And It feels very tender around that whole area. Had my one week apt. Last week and I felt good but then again I did take some Tylenol earlier since I did return back to work. My Dr. said the area where I am in pain is where he made some incisions from the inside. Idk. He did say that it should go away within another week. But it seems like it hasn’t gotten any better. It hurts when I’m in bed and I stretch, hurts when I reach for something and hurts when I’m sitting too long (at work). Has anyone experienced this.? HW 235 SW 218 CW 208 1st. GW 150
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    I saw those at Sam’s too. Will be trying those next
  21. amend68


    I tried it. Got a mixed pack at Sam’s. Pretty good
  22. amend68

    Any February Sleevers?

    I actually did not need a foley (thank you Jesus!) I asked if I can go without and they said yeah that the procedure was short
  23. amend68

    Want a Sleeve Buddy?

    Hello! I was sleeved on Feb 12. I’m still in pain from incisions but doing great besides that. I live in Laredo. That south of San Antonio. HW 235 SW 217 CW 214 GW 130