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  1. I’m 5’4”. Sleeved April 12th HW 217 SW 207 CW 191 Not losing as quickly as I like but I am unable to go back to the gym until the end of June due to hiatal hernia repair. Also I turn 70 next month lol which might be part of it! But I am very happy as I feel so much better and have dropped 2 sizes!
  2. I’m also stalled and haven’t lost for two weeks. The NUT said I needed to up my calorie intake to over 700 calories a day. It is a struggle and I guess in my mind I thought the weight would miraculously drop off every day, but it stops while our bodies regroup. You are definitely not alone! HW 217 Sw 207 CW 193 Lost the 14 lbs the first 2 weeks and not 1 lb since
  3. cbf

    Not Crazy

    Good luck. You’re on the way to getting well, every day will be better! You were smart enough to insist that they listen. You’ve got this!
  4. I’m feeling down. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since my sleeve and I thought my diabetes would be resolved. Instead my Dr wants to start insulin to “shock” my pancreas because my glucose is going up again. On top of that I’ve stalled after losing 13 lbs. Did I make a mistake? I was never on insulin before. HW 217 SW 207 CW 193 Surgery 4/12/18
  5. Thank you so much I have been diabetic for over 15 years just short of using insulin as well I guess I will have to be more patient At least you’ve given me hope! Thanks!
  6. Thanks. I should have mentioned this was my endocrinologist. I’m hoping that as time goes on I will stabilize.
  7. cbf

    Any April 2018 Sleevers?!?!

    Hi everyone! I was sleeved on April 12th HW 217 SW 207 CW 194 So today it’s 3 weeks post surgery and I’m trying scramble eggs with cheese and chili chewed. I can’t eat much at a time But get full fast and seem to have to eat every couple of hours. Haven’t lost anything g I’m a week. Yes I want pretzels and I think I’m stalling from having them. Help
  8. cbf


    I was hungry too for the 3 rd or 4 th day but it passed. I just kept drinking water and eating ice pops or jello. The gurgling noises aren’t really hunger just our bodies adjusting. Give it a couple more days and both will pass
  9. You’ve got this! Every day gets easier from here.
  10. I also had hiatal hernia and umbilical hernia repair and I was told no gym not even the treadmill for 6 weeks. Walking only. And I am drinking 2 protein shakes a day. 12 days out from surgery.
  11. I had 3 umbilical hernia repairs prior to VSG last one with mesh. Also had gall bladder removed. I was nervous too about the scar tissue. I’m happy to say that everything went well even tho he had to remove the old mesh and sew the hernia up again! He also repaired a large hiatal hernia with mesh at the same time. All laparoscopically! You’ll be fine. Definitely be up front so he’s not surprised! They’re surgeons and can do quite a bit. My recovery has been relatively easy considering. Sleeved April 12th HW 217 SW 207 CW 196
  12. I’m 6 days post sleeve and off all of my diabetes meds. My numbers are all over the place sometimes as high as 177. Is this normal? I was hoping to be “cured” but I’m getting worried.
  13. Thank you. It’s 10 days post op and they’re up to 190 without any meds and I worry. Hoping they go down.
  14. The first 3-4 days I also felt hungry. I just kept drinking water and it has gone away by day 9. It also may be from excess stomach acid. Talk to your doctor. I did lose 10 lbs so far so it’s worth it.!
  15. I felt hungry and it wasn’t because other people were eating as I live alone. It got better by a week out. Some of it may be stomach acid but I was really shocked!
  16. Just an update I had the surgery on April 12th. He repaired an umbilical hernia and a hiatal hernia. Pain wasn’t bad at all and went home the next day. Now 7 days out and I lost 9 lbs already. Learning to sip lol. Thanks for all of the good wishes.
  17. cbf

    Question about hiatal hernia

    I had hiatal hernia repair with mesh as it was so large. Also umbilical hernia repair. I had no problems with anesthesia. There was no unmanageable pain. I went home the next day and have been doing well. I’m on day 6 and I don’t use the pain meds except for at night. I do have to go slow on sipping or eating anything or it feels like a giant burp caught in my chest. No where near child birth lol!
  18. I lost the weight on day 5 all of a sudden. Plus you lost quite a bit pre op. Your body is adjusting! Count your blessings, it will come.
  19. Hi I’m 69 and was sleeved April 12th with hiatal and umbilical hernia repairs. On clear liquid diet and have lost 6 lbs so far. I have dieted for years with temporary success. My diabetes was not under control despite taking 3 different pills and an injection. My health was getting worse and I wanted to be able to keep up with my 5 little grandchildren. I was terrified but the surgery was really easy. The pain was like a dull ache and they keep you medicated so you’re really ok. I was walking laps in the ward the same day and released the next. You can do this! HW 217 SW 207 CW 201 5’4”
  20. cbf

    Any April 2018 Sleevers?!?!

    I know, I’m hungry too! I was sleeved 4/12 and I’m not sure this is all in my head lol. Anyone else having this problem?
  21. cbf

    Any April 2018 Sleevers?!?!

    It depends on the surgeon. I did not have a drainage tube. Good luck!
  22. cbf

    Now on the bench!

    I had my sleeve on April 12th as well. Discharged the 13th. Pain is manageable but I feel hungry! I’m drinking as much as I can but it’s hard to just sip. Sick of the protein broths. Passing a lot of gas. Also I am very tired. Hope you are well.
  23. cbf

    Any April 2018 Sleevers?!?!

    I just got sleeved on April 12th and I’m hungry as well! I thought that if they removed the part of your stomach where the ghrelin resides that we wouldn’t be hungry. What happened?
  24. cbf

    Any April 2018 Sleevers?!?!

    April 12th was my day! Gastric sleeve, large hiatal hernia repair and ventral hernia repair in the early morning. Hooked up to a morphine pump (and many other monitoring wires) and other than minor aches and pains I was good. Walked 2 laps around ward by 6 pm. My doctor allowed NO Water or chips! Nothing until after leak test-barium upper. The first night I was very achy and sore and had gas pain in my clavicle region and in my back and it was hard to find a comfortable position The next morning I did 4 laps around the ward. Gas pains just about gone but still sore and tender. They put a belly binder on me after surgery which helps especially if you cough. I can get up and down on my own and can walk around. I’ve gotten 2 shots of heparin. I’m waiting for my leak test. If I pass I can start sipping and they’ll unhook me from the pump and oxygen etc and I’ll be more mobile I am so thirsty and believe it or not am a little hungry ! Haven’t been weighed I am bloated probably from the swelling and gas I had more hernia repair than expected All and all not too bad