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  1. I’m 8.5 weeks post op sleeve and want something sweet, light and refreshing. I want sorbet or sherbet! Any advice on which one to get, if I even should get any?
  2. I’m 8 weeks out and only lost 33 lbs. I’m reading lots of questions answers and a lot of people are talking about the weight melting off. It stress me to think im not losing like everyone else. Just need to vent
  3. Joyful4

    Am I average

    I am at 6.5 weeks and have lost 30 lbs. what is the average weight loss at this time? Everyone I run into has lost this extreme amount. Makes me freak out!! Some lady just told me about her 59 year old brother who had his surgery right before Christmas and has lost 89lbs already. 😬😭😱
  4. Joyful4

    Post Op pain

    No belly band. I got the sleeve
  5. My friend wants to meet at bread company for dinner. I’m 7.5 weeks after surgery. Any advice on what I can get there?
  6. Joyful4

    Bread co.

    I’m thinking the same thing. Thank you
  7. Joyful4

    Post Op pain

    Yes!!!! It last about 3 weeks. Then it starts to slowly stop hurting. I was in the same shoes. I freaked out and called my dr. The nurses said it was normal. There is one big stitch they do on your right side. It will pass. I promise!!!!
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    Is honey ok to have? I’m 7 weeks tomorrow post op.
  9. Joyful4

    Am I average

    273, 269, and goal is 140
  10. This news might start a stampede to the liquor store. Lol good job with the weight loss.
  11. I’m 5.5 weeks post op and have only lost 29lbs. What is the average weight loss at this time?
  12. Hey Evelyn. How are you losing weight so quickly. I’ve only lost 29 lbs and I’m 5.5 weeks. Ahhhh
  13. I’m hungry all the time. Take a few bites of a meal. Then hungry again about 5-15 minutes later. Like ravaging hungry. Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else?
  14. I debated going thru the surgery all the way to the morning of. I was scared. Scared of change, scared of not being able to eat what I want. Scared I might fail. But I realize it’s about me being happy with myself and healthier for my family. The first day you basically have great sleep from the pain meds. You can have as many pop cycles as you want the second day and jello. That should make you feel like it isn’t all bad. Lol but for 3 weeks you will be sore. But like a snap, it’s gone and your back to doing normal things without pain. Like sleeping, getting up, bending over, etc. Can I ask you, have you tried weight watchers?
  15. Joyful4


    Yes. 1 oz at meal time. Drinking my disgusting protein shakes. I’m terrified I’m going to gain and it’s only 4 weeks since I have.
  16. Joyful4

    Restless sleeping

    Hi, I’m new. Just had my surgery and was approved for phase 2. I’ve lost a total of 15lbs so far. But I’m still sore and it’s hard for me to exercise. My question is, does anyone else have problems sleeping? My legs get so restless I am literally up all night tossing, turning and stretching. Is it just me or is all this protein have something to do with it?