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    Has anyone gotten a tattoo to memorialize their weight loss journey? Tell me about it and post pics if you have. My surgery is 6/6/2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. After much prodding I was finally told that after RNY the goal is 12-17% of excess body weight each month. Each month you lose, the less excess weight to lose and so amount goes down based on those percentages. I’m charting. I weigh once per week and have hit target 3 months in a row. I stalled too but was still in range so didn’t beat myself up. Good luck!
  3. Premier protein chocolate. I mix half of a drink (5.5 ounces) with 12 ounces of 1% milk. No longer so sweet. I don’t like sweet things either. Good luck.
  4. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    I’ve entered the 2’s! HW 383 Starting weight 373 Surgical weight 343 CW 296 GW 199? GNY on 6/6/18
  5. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    Weight gain during surgery may be from the gas they introduced. @Little Kansas Kitty, I may be moving to Olathe soon for work. I’ll have to find a new facility for post op check-ins because I’m not flying to Cleveland for a 1 hr visit.
  6. RobR44134

    Favorite Clear Proteins?

    I found protein2o was bitter and grainy. The premier protein are too sweet. I did a lot of mixing to find what works best for me. It’s premier protein cut 50/50 with water. Good luck! We’re all so different 😀
  7. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    I feel great. Never used my pain meds. Only used Tylenol sporadically for first week. Slowly introducing soft foods. 4 oz of hamburger yesterday went through the blender. I prob had only 1 oz before feeling it. The rest went to the freezer and I will try again later. Scrambled egg and cheddar was amazing!
  8. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    I’m doing great. Yesterday was 2 weeks post surgery and I’m down 23 pounds!
  9. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    Everything went well. The ensure protein drinks in hospital were awful. Was so happy to have my premier protein when I got home. Also I really missed my sugar free popsicles!
  10. RobR44134

    I'm under 300!

    Awesome! Our stats are similar. When I started I was 373.3 Op weight was 343.3 Today is day 5 post op for me. Looking forward to being in the 3’s myself. My ideal body weight according to a stupid chart is 170ish. I would be ecstatic at 200!!
  11. I’m four days post op. I’m actually not using my pain meds. It makes me uncomfortable which helps with hunger. Sometimes I’m so sore the last thing I want is something to eat. I have been using popsicles and jello to help too. So far so good but does feel like I’m drinking protein shakes and crystal light non stop to ensure I get my ounces.
  12. RobR44134

    Tomorrow is the big day

    I turned 41 in Feb. I never stopped believing I could lose the weight through diet and exercise. I never believed I could keep it off. Take sweats or basketball shorts. Good luck! My rny was June 6
  13. I have a Yeti cup for my protein drinks and milk. These need to be cold for me. Because I drink so slow I needed something other than a standard glass. First thing I had when I got home... sugar-free popsicles. They only had some terrible orange ones in the hospital.
  14. RobR44134


    How cool would it be if that Phoenix tat became nationally recognized symbol of wls. We could ID each other in society!
  15. RobR44134


    I’m thinking a Phoenix tattoo.
  16. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    Surgery went well. Still in hospital. Bored and ready to go home
  17. RobR44134

    June RNY buddies?

    Just had my last protein drink for a while. Surgery tomorrow morning at 0730. Good luck!
  18. RobR44134


    How did you escape all the excess skin? HW383 SW373 CW353 GW200 GNY June 6th,2018
  19. RobR44134

    2018 surgery

    Started the process last week. No diet requirements. Hoping for March/April surgery date. Anyone else in Cleveland area or using Cleveland Clinic starting also? SW = 373
  20. RobR44134

    2018 surgery

    I have United Healthcare. High deductible plan... Max out of pocket is $2800. Started HSA and putting $88 each check into so I don’t have to pull from savings. My company adds $500.
  21. RobR44134

    Diet years down the road

    My sister’s doctor gave her some type of card that she shows to server that permits her to order from kid’s menu. Not sure if it’s a NY thing but saves money and wastes less food.