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  1. I am having surgery in a month and am looking for a support group to meet with before and after. Any local groups-preferably around Boynton Beach. TIA!
  2. I too am worried about the post-op pain but know it will be short lived. If anything I am more concerned about knowing how to live right afterward. I am excited thinking about being skinny, looking in my closest of black clothes and actually find something I WANT to wear and can fit into that has color and style. Don't worry too much on the little things and think about all the good things that will come with having the surgery. I am pretty sure that will get you excited :-)
  3. Thanks so much GrammyLulu for the info. I planned on calling my 401k and getting more information but it’s nice to be somewhat prepared before hand! Again, truly appreciate it!
  4. Was thinking of cashing out some of my 401k as well. What’s the penalty and fees? And if you don’t mind, approximately how much did you cash out? We too have a pension for retirement.
  5. Thanks for the tips. Yes my surgeons office offers many post-op classes which is one reason I choose them. However it’s a 40 minutes drive and with work, little one, and just life I would love to find something closer.
  6. I’m the 16th as well. Trying to get through all the reading, classes, appointments. Getting excited! Nerves will kick in closer to the date for me.
  7. It’s getting real isn’t it! I bought some Premier Protein (at Sam’s 25% off) on Friday to give them a try. Not bad. I don’t have to do any special diet however i am watching what I eat but allowing myself treats when I come across something I won’t be able to have later.
  8. Hello Sunn. We are neighbors, I’m in Boynton. I am scheduled Feb 16 in Coral Springs, sleeve. I would love to keep in touch as we go through this amazing change together.

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