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  1. Before my surgery I used to take Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss and I loved it because I could see results pretty quick on top of my dieting without any horrible side effects (jitters, diarrhea, nausea, etc). I got my sleeve which was the best decision I’ve ever made. But I’ve been on these plateaus and I have ten more pounds that I can’t seem to get off no matter what i do. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back on GC to see if it would help me shed these last ten pounds. But I don’t know what the precautions are for taking dietary supplements on top of the sleeve? Has anyone tried to take dietary supplements with their sleeve?
  2. I am 17 days post op, and I have been missing carbonation. I don’t want soda products. I used to LOVE carbonated water and I am craving it so badly. Any ideas on when it’s safe to start drinking carbonated drinks again? Has anyone had trouble drinking them?
  3. joeie

    Late December Sleevers?

    I also had my surgery 12/28!! I have noticed that during my liquid diet I was losing a pound daily pretty consistently. Then when i started purée and soft foods I stalled. The stalls last about 6 days and then I’ll drop 2 pounds. During the first stall I got frustrated so I went for a walk (1.5 Miles) and then next day I dropped again. So maybe try walking just to jump start the weight loss again. Even with the stall- you have to think, “I’m still loosing 2-3 pounds a week” which is really good. Hang in there! It’ll come and go but it WILL go!
  4. joeie

    Late December Sleevers?

    I was also horribly constipated. I took Dulcolax mild OTC and it helped me SO much! I only had to take it once. My doctor said constipation is normal with everything our systems are dealing with on top of anesthesia.
  5. joeie

    Late December Sleevers?

    How’s everyone doing?! My surgery was 12/28 and I’m already on soft foods but thank god for Prevacid because my heart burn is crazy. How are you late December sleepers doing?!
  6. I am currently 16 days post gastric sleeve surgery and I’m actually finding myself eating soft foods- I’ve had tilapia, pears, a pickle....I haven’t had any trouble and my doctor says I can start eating soft foods. But I see other people doing the purée diet which I pretty much did for a few days.... I’m worried that this is going to hinder my weight loss. Has anyone else 2 weeks out been starting soft food? Should I be worried?
  7. I am 16 days post op for gastric sleeve and I have started eating soft foods- pickles, pears, tilapia, etc. my doctor said I’m okay to eat soft foods and work my way up from there slowly. I haven’t had any trouble whatsoever. But I’m worried this is going to slow my weigh loss. I’m down 27 pounds and am just worried that if I stop the liquid diet I won’t lose weight as much. I feel like if I keep eating soft food I’m going to start gaining weight or I’m going to stop losing weight. That might be a mental thing but I’m just worried. I will cry if I stop losing weight! Lol Is there anyone else out there eating soft food at two weeks?!
  8. Mine was 12-28. I found it easy to constantly sip water/Gatorade. I kept it on me everywhere I went. The protein was hard initially to get 60g. I am honestly still having trouble with it but it’s getting easier. I have found that i can do 4 gulps of premiere protein shake at a time. So I try to take 4 gulps every 2-3 hours. Then for lunch I have a yogurt. Then I start my second shake when I get home. Then for dinner I have Campbell’s tomato soup watered down (not much of it), and then before bed i try to finish my second shake. This seems to be a pretty good routine and is actually pretty easy to consume throughout the day. Hope this helps!!
  9. 12-28. I am also having those weird abdominal pains. Mine hit every two hours and are painful but don’t hurt as much if I drink some water. But they definitely keep me up at night! It doesn’t matter if I’ve eaten or not. I tried Prevacid today and that actually helped. I took another at 8 and am hoping that helps throughout the night.
  10. joeie

    December 18 2017 sleevers

    Was sleeved 12-28-17. I’d love to chat because I have questions too! I drink the chocolate premiere protein shake but i have a lot of trouble getting 60g of protein in. Most days I feel like I get about 40g. Does anyone else get a weird stomach pain- mine hits about every two hours and I can’t identify it. If I drink something it helps but then at night it’s hard to sleep with it. I’m trying to take heartburn meds and that seems to help but not much. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if so, what is it?