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  1. Hello, everyone. I scheduled a surgery with Dr. Alamanza a few months back and my surgery date is just about 6 weeks away. Since Ive been waiting for my surgery date(I had to wait a little while because I didn't have a passport and had to apply and wait for it), while waiting, I didn't more research and have read some things about dr alamanza and am considering switching to the bariatricpal mx with dr Illian. Dr alamanza is a lot cheaper but I have children so want as little risk as possible. Dr Alamanza seemed to have a very open schedule, which was helpful because I need to do my surgery around my husband's vacation time from work so he can care for our children while I am gone. Anyone who has used dr. illian, do they only do surgeries on certain days? How long did you stay in mexico before you could return home? If I change from dr alamanzo, they will likely keep my deposit. How much of a deposit did you pay for dr illian? Did you pay the whole price before you went to mexico or did you pay in mexico? I get nervous about sending a lot of money to another country before I even get to the facility. I will do it if needed but would rather make sure I actually get there and the surgery will for sure happen. Any input would be helpful. Ive already requested a quote and am waiting for them to get back to me.