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    Not Feeling Full?

    Hi Tammy, Thank you for sharing that with me. I feel better about the 5 ounces. Yes I have kept a log with my fitnesspal for the last 4 years ( god send or I would have been 600 pounds prior to surgery) My Posts and my concerns are not because I am not doing everything the doctor told me to, I am staying between 700-1000 calories a day. I am getting all my protein, I am exercising, and have not touched carbs since the 2 week liquid diet prior to surgery, I am loosing weight on tract according to the doctor. My concern is that I do not have the negative reinforcement training tool I was anticipating, and I did not have the "honeymoon" period of no appetite. Its a concern, because 1) i was hoping to experience that and 2) will power does not have an infinite supply. I wanted to post in case anyone else was in the same boat as I am. On the plus side things that have changed since surgery. I have been able to pass up carbs. Prior to surgery I couldn't never have gone 12 weeks with out carbs. Also I do get fully satisfied with 5.5 ounces, and can stay under 1000 calories a day ( would never have been possible prior to surgery) Also I am discovering I have very different signs of my stomach communicating with my brain. I never feel sick, but when I am full before my brain recognizes it i will get a bitter taste from the food. Also it takes me an hour not 20 mins to register "satisfaction" so now I can calm down knowing in an hour the hunger anxiety will end. If anyone else is experiencing the same know your not alone. My appetite was not suppressed post op.
  2. Jen S

    Not Feeling Full?

    Yes I have the hunger scale diagram on the fridge. It says to eat till satisfied. Thats about 6.5 ounces for me -7 is full. I must say I am envious of those that are satisfied at 2 ounces
  3. Jen S

    Not Feeling Full?

    Thank you for you suggestion. I tried it. I do get full around 7 ounces, and stay full for many hours. not painful, but that feeling that I can not take one more bite or it will stay in my throat and not go down. The scary part for me, is this is the smallest our stomachs will ever be and will stretch from here, if I am at 7 ounces now, what will happen in 6 months from now? on the plus side I have had no problem with the daily protein requirements. Last time I spoke with the surgeon , he said stay at 4 ounces even if you dont feel full. I feel like if I could do that I wouldn't have needed surgery in the first place. Here's to hoping that my new stomach starts talking to me !
  4. Jen S

    Not Feeling Full?

    I am there with you. We were put on soft solids at the hospital. Before discharge I was hungry and ate almost all the tuna salad they served. The first week I would pick the bigger more solid peices out of my mashed food and eat that. At my 1 week recheck my surgeon said it was ok that I am able to eat solids just stay at 4 ounces. I have been weighing everything and eating out of 4 ounce cups. I am on the verge of tears. I do not feel ' satisfied' on a regular basis. I wanted so much to experience what it felt like not to think about food all the time or have to 'negotiate' with myself about food all the time. My surgery was August 28th at almost 2 months out I need to eat about 5-6 ounces before I will feel satisfied. I have never felt sick from eating or unable to handle any protein or vegetable at this point. I have not pushed to that point and refuse to consume more than 6 ounces, but I know will power is not infinite, we only have a limited amount and I just feel scared that my pouch is not small enough or that this didn't work for me. My weight loss has been on track so far and the psych says not to worry that I am not suffering. But as all of us who have dieted our whole lives know we need a little negative reinforcement to learn correct eating behaviors and portions