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  1. sandra305

    Today marks 1 Year since surgery

    Congrats! I'm right behind ya
  2. sandra305

    When did you start losing hair?

    at about 4mos post op. It sucks, but it stops eventually.
  3. Hey guys, I am a few weeks over my 5 month PO from VSG and let me tell you I have not really regretted this surgery. On sunday's, I allow myself a "cheat" day so I don't stall and it helps to drop me in lbs for some odd reason. On average, I am about 950-1150 calories a day and on a low-carb diet. Sometimes I feel like this is on target for where I should be, but then there are days where I feel sooo hungrrrryyy and but then my stomach is telling me I'm full. Where are you guys at with your progress? Stats are listed and are up to date.
  4. Not necessarily; just allow myself to eat more carbs than usual.
  5. sandra305

    Non Scale Victories

    Looking in the mirror and not pick at my fat face No longer buying from the plus size section Being able to jog and not be out of breath Take pictures and not hate every single one of them Not eat two-three plates of food to be satisfied no more pre-diabetic levels of glucose no more high blood pressure!!
  6. sandra305

    ~December 2017 Sleevers~Updates

    I was sleeved on the same day. It all depends on your height/weight ratio and how much protein and water you're taking in. The higher the BMI, the faster the weight will fall off at first until it'll start to slow down when you are closer to your goal weight.
  7. sandra305

    Massive gut not shrinking

    Yes same. I feel like my back rolls are still the same as if I was at 270 lbs still. Maybe it's just us focusing on them too much. My tummy still kinda hangs which annoys me, as well.
  8. sandra305

    ~December 2017 Sleevers~Updates

    Haha same! I am around 211 and sleeved 12/27. HW was around 270
  9. sandra305

    ~December 2017 Sleevers~Updates

    Hey guys! I'm coming up on 3 months next week and feel good! I've been able to tolerate most things. I had a donut today actually and it kinda didn't sit well right after so I won't be doing that again anytime soon. My stats are pretty much accurate still. I stalled for a few days here and there especially when that time of the month sneaks around. I'm on a modified keto/low carb diet for the most part, high protein, at least 120oz of water daily, and 30 mins of cardio. Many people have said I already look "skinny", but I'm not even close to it. Hope you guys love your tool as much as I do!
  10. sandra305

    Running/exercise again?

    Did your weight loss slow down after getting into kickboxing again?
  11. sandra305

    Carbs per Day?

    Yes, I feel great; though days where I don't drink much water I do feel lightheaded. I do at least 30 mins of cardio a day! I'm not working out too hard due to the fact that I'm not eating enough calories yet. I average between 800-1000!
  12. sandra305

    2 week stall

    Have you been hitting your water goals? Someone your height should be around 120 oz. I increased mine to about that much and have been constantly losing and haven't had much of a stall since. It also helps to eat more carbs than usual one day to surprise your metabolism. Works for me and may work for you! EDIT: You may also be burning more calories than what you are eating; this will mostly cause a stall as well.
  13. sandra305

    Carbs per Day?

    My surgeon said to stay around 50g, but since i'm following (modified) keto/low carb, I stay around 20-25g or less.
  14. sandra305

    7 weeks post op, not losing

    That seems very low for calorie intake. How many weeks out are you?
  15. HW: 270.3 SW: 258 CW: 233.8 Stalled for about a week or so. Finally losing again.
  16. Hey guys. Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post op from gastric sleeve. I've been on regular foods now for about a week or so and my calorie intake has changed. Past few days I increased my calories to about 850, water to about 100oz and protein to 80-100g. The only reason I've increased is due to the fact that I have started lifting light weights and increased my cardio. The thing is, I'm not sure if my calories are too much at this stage and I should continue to hold off for another week or so (stay around 700), lower my calories, or something else? I have gained a little over a pound over a day! I keep my carbs under 30g. I am 5'11 and I need to have at at least 700-800 cal with no exercise and over 80g of protein daily. Am I doing something wrong? What did you guys do when you started exercising and lifting weights (food intake wise)?
  17. sandra305

    No Flavor Protein Powder

    TGS Unflavored whey protein is amazing. Best reviews I've read as well before purchasing. 25g of protein per serving as no weird aftertaste at all. I bought mine on Amazon
  18. sandra305

    Late December Sleevers?

    At a loss of 19lb since surgery 12/27. So from highest weight, a total of 30lbs
  19. Hey all! I just wanted to see where everyone was from and how they are doing. I'm originally from Miami, but I'm now living on the space coast (east of Orlando).
  20. I am hitting 3 weeks tomorrow and noticed I gained almost a pound after a couple of days. I realized I hadn't had a BM since Saturday or Friday... My liquid intake has been about 50-60oz and I know it should be more. Hopefully after some Milk of Magnesia and more fluid intake, the scale will move. Have you tried walking more? More cardio might help move the scale as well.
  21. sandra305

    Late December Sleevers?

    have you tried increasing your protein and water intake?
  22. sandra305

    Trading Clothes?

    There's actually FB groups who do this. Here is one https://www.facebook.com/BariatricSurgeryClothingExchange/
  23. sandra305

    Sharp pains when eating??

    I had the same issue. I realized I was taking to big of a bite or swallowing too fast. Now, I treat it as my tummy telling me I'm full; I get the same feeling when I've finished a meal. I also start burping and now I even have a runny nose. So weird!
  24. sandra305

    Late December Sleevers?

    Hi guys! Sleeved 12/27. I have been having issues with getting the amount of liquids in. After a certain amount, I get this sharp pain and I’m not sure if it’s gas or what. I also had my first stool today after a week or so with the help of some milk of magnesia. I am so ready to progress to puréed food this Thursday you have no idea
  25. sandra305

    Surgery 12/27 getting nervous

    Hey twin! The closer the day gets, the more nervous I am especially since this will be my first surgery ever. Thankfully surgery is early in the morning so I will get it over and done with. I'm nervous about how life will change. I don't want to mess this up and ruin my plans. I just wanna be healthy and change my relationship with food. So far, I've lost about 9lbs in a week with the living shrinking diet!

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