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  1. I'm in a similar situation. BMI is 40.6 I have co morbidities but my previous doctor didn't like officially diagnosing me. She said I had asthma when I was 12. Depression at 13. GERD at 15. Gastritis at 17. Ulcer at 19. Diabetes at 21. Now I'm 22 switching doctors and according to my health records. I was never diagnosed with anything other than mental health thanks to my therapist. The only co morbiditirs my insurances allows with BMI under 40 are diabetes and hypertension (or life threatening cardio problems) So I have to say "I hope I have diabetes" otherwise I'm screwed on surgery.
  2. RiveraAn

    6 month diet before approval

    I will refuse to follow any diet plan below 1300calories. 700-1000 is literally starving. Anyone can lose weight if they starve themselves. Dont do it. Say you did it if you want. But don't do it.
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    Am I the only one who gets annoyed by the question Why?

    If I get approved I won't tell anyone. FOR this reason. I have vented to my mom since I was 160 in middle school about how I can't lose. She brings me fast food, bribes me into trying all the sweets she makes or gets. Then says I'm just being lazy. So so if I do this. It's between me and my doctor (and my kids dad so he'll watch kids while I recover). I won't lie about it. But I won't openly tell anyone about it.
  4. So, I am required to go to my primary doctor (9/27) and that's when I'll bring up bariatric surgery for the first time. My BMI currently is just about 40. The last 7 years it's been above 35 but below 40. I have chronic gastritis (unsure if "officially" diagnosed or not) and pre diabetes. As I said, I have to see my primary. Do my 6 month diet with my primary. Then be referred to the surgeons office for my surgery. My problem is: Will insurance use my initial weigh in with my primary? Or with the surgeons office? Today my BMI is sitting at 40.6 but last night it went down to 40.0 So it varies a lot. The only things I've seen on here, is they go by the first weigh in people had with surgeon, but it seems people are also doing the 6 month diet with the surgeon as well. Which is both confusing and scaring me. I've tried everything, but recently stopped my diet and exercise to make sure I hit the 40 BMI for my appt. If I fall below 40 I don't think I have enough comorbidities that are actually diagnosed. My last doctor was very lazy about that. She would suggest that I have this or that. But never officially diagnose me. Examples: Acid Reflux, gastritis(chronic), sleep apnea, depression(which I believe is worsening due to my weight) My only official diagnosis is depression/anxiety, and acute asthma. So "officially" my only co-morbidity is depression which insurance may not consider a co-morbidity. Any have to do diet plan with primary and drop below 40 and still get approved? I plan to ask my doctor this as well.
  5. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but running is my go-to. I used to hate it. Started doing it and I love it. Still not dropping weight on my own though. So, walks leading to runs afterwards would be my go-to. I also like cooking/baking. I have a small in-home baking business. I'm not a big sweets person so it doesn't tempt me. Otherwise drawing, after a lot of drawing my people looks semi-human. So I draw myself at my ideal weight. Or the Bob Ross painting things on Netflix are fun to follow along too as well. Artistic things with my kids, by myself, makes me feel more human. Plus, when I was in high school, I'd draw for so long that I'd forget to eat more than one meal per day. So I guess that will work.