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  1. Amazing!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!
  2. Congrats!! I am 2 weeks shy of 6 months post op and have lost 90lbs. It’s an unbelievable amount of weight and yet I feel I should have lost more. You make me feel proud. Thanks for sharing -Meme HT 5’7” HW 315 SW 310 CW 225 Surgery date 8/14
  3. Mrs.J

    Patch MD

    I use them. I started 2 weeks before surgery. I take the multi, biotin, B12, and D3... love them
  4. Mrs.J


    I use the vitamin patches. I pay $40/mo. PatchMD
  5. Mrs.J

    I need help

    She may be experiencing protein fatigue. I had it about 3 weeks out. If she can drink her protein she’ll need to go to the hospital.
  6. I’m 9 weeks out and I find I have to keep a substantial variety in my diet. Foods will be ok one day and make me vomit the next. The only thing that’s consistent is fluids.
  7. I'm 4 days post op and my sense of smell has gone through the roof. My husband had to take out the garbage twice a day or I get nauseous. My son's Mac n cheese never smelled so good. Is this normal? HW: 315 SW: 309 CW: 302 Surgery 8/14/17
  8. I'm POD #8 and I'm having this terrible empty feeling in my stomach. It feels like hunger pain but I have it even after I eat(drink). It goes away with pain meds but it's not really that kind of pain and I don't want to get addicted to the pain meds. I'm still on full liquids for another 3 days. Does this feeling ever go away? I just want to feel normal again. HW: 315 SW: 309 CW: 294 GW: 199 Surgery 8/14/17
  9. Mrs.J

    100 pounds lost!

    Whooo hoooo!!
  10. I have my surgery in the morning. I'm a little nervous but ready. My sisters are coming over to take before pics. Bye, bye being a fat ass!! Btw I'm starving on this clear liquid diet.
  11. Mrs.J

    Vitamin patches

    How are you doing? I'm 2 days out and just starting to feel normal again
  12. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 14 and I'm planning to use the vitamin patches because I have trouble with pill including chewables. Anyone going this route?
  13. Mrs.J

    Surgery in the morning

    POD #2.... I'm feeling much better today. Monday and Tuesday were miserable. I'm still very tired and it's hard to keep up with the fluids. Thanks for the support!!
  14. My surgery is August 14 as well. It's normal to be afraid of the unknown. You have already developed better habits than you had before so only good things can happen from this point. Keep your eye on the prize and there's nothing you can't accomplish. #150
  15. Im taking 2 weeks for sure maybe 3 depending on how I feel. Im an adolescent therapist.
  16. Mrs.J

    Vitamin patches

    Yes let's keep in touch

PatchAid Vitamin Patches