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  1. Goddesslola

    WHAT does religion have to do with me having surgery??????

    i used to be religious, y u no fast for the weightloss lol why dont they fast from speech and stop being busy bodies,
  2. Goddesslola

    Just a journey

    Good evening, I just came back from my run, it was pretty good. 4miles out and back i worked from home so i spent much of my day thinking about cookie dough LOL FML i am trying to kill the fat girl that lives within, I had 2 protein shakes,1 protein bar, some crackers (say 4/5), and 2 low calorie chocolate flavor yogurts, two cubes of lamb 4cm x4cm, about 3ltres of water and a lot of coffee so thinking about 1200 calories or so, which is a lil high but w.e will weigh tomorrow and see what its hitting for, hoping to wake up under 180. It looks like i will get my bag and body before new year! if i do i swear i wont know how to act!! get a new bag, get a new body, get a new ah ah ahh
  3. Goddesslola

    Looking for men to date

    dont disclose.. i hope you find special ASAP i had the sleeve and my incisions are realy obvious, my last boo asked what they where i said i was stabbed, he was like '???!' and didnt ask again tell them when youre ready, if you feel like its right
  4. Goddesslola

    Has anyone had surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

    I went to TSG, in turkey. no regrets. i paid junst under 4k including flights
  5. Goddesslola

    Surgery Now or Later? (Poll)

    ASAP if its that serious for a thanksgiving dinner and Christmas lunch, we can just do an early one I was so over being fat
  6. Goddesslola

    Someone made a fat girl comment to me??

    In my culture to be called fat is a description (I am African) once upon a time being called fat is a compliment, in my culture too I don't think you should feel uncomfortable its the same *to me* as describing someone as black, or short.. e.g Adele is a short, fat white woman with a great voice. Fat joke is a bit different, but again i'd view it as a short joke
  7. Goddesslola

    sick of throwing food away.

    try easy to freeze items such as chicken, fish, prawns, i like tinned marcrel. veggies, broccoli, cucumber- frozen spinach if you must these will be my go toos and protien drinks if you want to buy fresh only buy what you will eat that day, so if there are leftovers you can eat them the next day without isues

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