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    I'm struggling with this, too. I did use a glycerin suppository and it really helped, but that's really only temporary relief.
  2. Twonky


    I take Zyrtec daily and it really helps with itching. If I don't take it, I get hives. I'm sensitive to adhesives, too, but it wasn't too bad for the first 20 hours or so after a Zyrtec.
  3. Twonky

    Synthesis after DS

    I haven't had a blood work yet, but I've been on the same dose of synthroid. I crushed for the first week or two and then started swallowing them. Mine are pretty tiny.
  4. Twonky

    How much help did you need?

    Oh, one more thing. I didn't really have much trouble with the stairs. I just took it slow.
  5. Twonky

    How much help did you need?

    Hi, I was glad that I had someone around. I mostly stayed upstairs. We have a mini-fridge in our bedroom, so that's nice. However, I needed help getting warm foods and such. Also, I was a bit afraid to be alone. (I have a deathly fear of vomiting.) You'll probably be okay after a few days, but you may want someone to at least check on you. I had my surgery on a Tuesday, got out on Thursday, and went on a major cleaning spree in the middle of the night between Sunday and Monday. So, there's that. (In addition to the DS, I had my gall bladder removed and my hiatal hernia repaired.)
  6. Me too. I don't think it's hemorrhoids because the pain is much more in the cheeks/upper leg area. I guess I'll get some pillows.
  7. Twonky

    Protein Help

    So, have you tried the Isopure drinks? They are 20 oz bottles that come in several flavors. I tried the melon apple and loved it; the pineapple banana something or other was pretty good; the passion fruit and blue stuff were NOT good (IMHO). That apple melon seems like a great way to get protein, but it's like $4.25 a bottle.
  8. Twonky

    Taking meds after surgery

    This is a little late, but this is my experience. I was told that I couldn't take anything that couldn't be crushed so two of my doctors changed meds from extended release to several times a day. One of those was my blood pressure med. In the hospital the mostly crushed them and added water and I drank them. (YUCK.) I believe that included my blood pressure medication. At release the nurse went over my discharge orders and told me to discontinue the blood pressure med. She said that was odd because I had just taken it. I used my doctor's patient portal to ask about this and received a reply from someone other than my doctor. She said that if the orders said not to take it, don't. Some problems are cured by the surgery. Really? In just two days? Anyway, I haven't been taking it and I see my doctor tomorrow. We'll see what he says. Someone suggested that it could be because of the blood thinner that I have to use for now. I have no idea. I've felt okay (except when my teen had a tantrum and I felt my pressure go right up.) Concerning vitamins, I was told just to take B Complex at first.
  9. Twonky

    Pre Op Testing

    No, I went through North Carolina Bariatric Specialists. Pre-op was extensive.
  10. I tried to respond using the App, but the message window kept closing. Weird, huh? Anyway, I'm looking forward to ricotta and refried beans. I hope we have some. I wanted to mention that I kind of get my chewing kick from my B-Complex. It's a pretty big wafer that I take little bites of and chew thoroughly. It doesn't taste bad either. (At first I thought it was going to taste like Orange Bariatric Advantage, but it's much better.)
  11. So I just had my surgery about 10 days ago. I was so thrilled when I started pooping again. I'm hoping it will improve after a few months. RIght now, it's hit or miss!
  12. I have three more days of full liquids, unless something bad happens when I see the doctor. I am very tired of them. I've never tolerated meal shakes well. All of the protein I've chosen is supposedly lactose free, but I feel as if I've been drinking milk and my body has never liked that. Also, I really want to drink some water, not sip it. I'm thirsty! So, I'm very excited about puree day and keep telling my husband what I want! Of course a quarter cup two or three times a day will probably feel limited to my hungry brain, but I think my stomach will like it! Like NIkkiWorldJourney, I'm surprised that people are eating solids so soon. I do NOT want to screw this up...for me. This is my last ditch effort. If I don't lose the weight now, I never will. Back when I was 21, I had jaw surgery and was wired shut for about six weeks. I had so survive on Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink. I think that's why I find these shakes so hard to tolerate, but I'll get through it.
  13. Twonky

    How long was your surgery?

    I think the hospital blocked 3 hours for me. In addition to DS, I'll have my gallbladder removed and hiatal hernia repaired. I had my pre-op appointment today at the hospital and the bariatric nurse told me that I should be in a room by 11:30 or 12:00. (Surgery is scheduled for 7:30.) In other words, who knows?
  14. Twonky


    At my doctor's office some say it it each way that you listed. It confuses me so I just say DS.
  15. Twonky

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    I found this website because of this topic, so I really appreciate the advice. My doctor seems to have a different liver reduction diet than others that I've read about. For the first week, it's two Bariatric Advantage meal replacement protein shakes, two Bariatric snacks, and a "lean and green" meal. The second week, which I started today, is five Bariatric Advantage meal replacement shakes each day. The first week wasn't too bad. All day I looked forward to my actual real food (which my sweet husband prepared for me). However, I was hungry a lot. Today has been harder, as there's no actual food. The five shakes added together are only 750 calories. I'm sure I've been eating way more than that for years. The chocolate Bariatric Advantage is fine, but the Orange Cream tastes like orange Metamucil to me. I've done the math and I only have to have five more orange ones and the rest can be chocolate. I'm hoping that the liquid diet afterward won't be so bad because I'll be in recovery. However, that Isopure doesn't look very good to me.