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  1. elle2

    Self-Pay with a starting BMI of 35

    I am 5'7" and had a starting BMI of 34. I was tired of being heavy, and went ahead and scheduled surgery in Mexico with the OCC. My only wish was that I had done it sooner! It's been less than a year, and my BMI is 22. I haven't felt this good in years.
  2. elle2

    Hair loss

    I started losing hair about 4 months after my surgery, and it lasted for 4 months. It recently stopped. I started with thick hair and it's now thin but not so bad that anyone but me would notice.
  3. I agree with Sydney77. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the OCC. I had my surgery in July and even their after-care is great. They will follow up with you if you have any questions or concerns.
  4. hamburger, or anything with ground beef.
  5. For the first week, I split the metropolol in two and took it that way. You are not supposed to crush it. ER stands for extended release. Starting week two, I just swallowed it whole with no problem.
  6. Good ideas Gobonn. I'll try that
  7. I was able to have soups, and basically anything that could pass through a straw (without using the straw)! I ended up having cream soups and I would add nonfat yogurt to it so it would increase my protein intake.
  8. I went to Dr. Ariel Ortiz at the OCC (Obesity Control Center) in Mexico. Great experience!
  9. I'm 61 and had my sleeve surgery on July 5th. Tomorrow I start my pureed phase, and I can't wait! I lost 20 pounds before surgery and 10 pounds since. The surgery went really well for me...no complications. Had surgery on Wednesday and was back to work on Monday. My trouble is trying to get all the protein in. So tired of the shakes. Can't wait to have some scrambled egg tomorrow.
  10. I had my surgery about 2 weeks ago in Mexico. No problems, all went well. I had a very positive experience.
  11. I'm day 9 post op and I have to say that yesterday I felt almost normal! I'm having a hard time getting in my protein and I'm tired of the protein shakes. I'm trying different creamy soups and adding some non-fat plain greek yogurt to them to boost the protein content.
  12. elle2

    July Schedule

    I was sleeved yesterday with Dr. Ariel Ortiz in Tijuana. I'm amazed at how good I feel. The only thing is that I am extremely tired. Came back to the hotel today and slept most of the day. I will have to force myself to get some broth from the restaurant. I go back to the center tomorrow for the leak test, and then head home on Saturday. I am only planning on taking 3 days off work when I get back. So from surgery start to heading back to work will be one week . Just no heavy lifting, which should not be a problem.
  13. elle2

    MX Sleevers

    hello zeromoon, I'm am going to Mexico. My surgery is July 5th, with Dr. Ariel Ortiz. Travelling solo. Who is your surgeon?
  14. I've been wondering what my goal weight should be too. I think I will wait to see what looks best for me. I'm 5'7" and I'm thinking somewhere around 145. At one point (many years ago) I got down to 135 and my friends said I didn't look good. Well my surgery is on July 5th and I can't wait to have it!
  15. elle2

    July 4th!

    My surgery is July 5th with Dr Ariel Ortiz. I'm flying down alone on July 4th. I've been on Pre-op liquid for a week already. Protein drinks and green salads. I just want the 5th to be here!!!
  16. elle2

    July Sleevers!!!

    July 5th for me too. Heading to Mexico
  17. I'm schedule for July 5th and have been following a no-carb for the last few weeks. Starting Wednesday (2 weeks out) I will be on a high protein liquid diet. I've never heard of no pre-op other than fasting for the night!