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  1. I've heard of some Bariatric teams that were on board with vitamin patches (PatchMD) and some that didn't recommend them. Any thoughts, experiences, or opinions welcome!!
  2. I'm almost 3 weeks out and my incision sites are 99.9% healed and are pretty much light pink scars but they are VIOLENTLY itchy. It sounds pretty dramatic and a little trivial to complain about but I seriously can't find relief. Any remedies???
  3. I had the same thing and it was terrible. So many pills at once and I felt sick every single day of the 2 weeks. Everyone is different of course, but this was my experience. I missed 2 days of work at one point for some major stomach issues.
  4. How often after being sleeved did people start swallowing whole pills and how many at a time? Before surgery I could swallow 4 or 5 small-medium sized pills with no issues.
  5. erint93

    Gas pains!!

    I had surgery Monday and was struggling with the gas pains but most people said it lasts about 3-5 days and the pressure started to go away yesterday and it made a world of a difference today. I tried the remedies you did but I think it's a matter of running it's course.
  6. I was also sleeved the 31st and I'm so sore and filled with so much gas. I'm at home and trying to walk every hour but I'm not sleeping well so I tire very easily. A lot of people say it's 4 or 5 days for a lot of the pain to dissipate but I'm just so aggravated and impatient I needed to complain somewhere because I feel bad for my family members lol
  7. Someone said "how will you have a baby when you're older if they remove part of your stomach" I reminded her that babies don't actually grow in your stomach.. she's 25
  8. Anyone have any recommendations for unflavored protein powders for post-op? I plan on mixing it with the Crystal Light, pudding, yogurt, applesauce etc after surgery to supplement the shakes if I'm not getting enough in. I understand it should not be the primary source of protein but I'm looking for something in between shakes.
  9. erint93

    August 2017 Sleevers

    I was supposed to have surgery July 5th but it got pushed back for a genetic blood disorder that needs to be treated for 6 weeks before I can have surgery. I'm extremely discouraged and disappointed but have a new date of August 21st. Found out this afternoon that my surgeon is leaving and moving thousands of miles away...... meeting my new surgeon on Wednesday but I am really stressed about this entire ordeal. Looking forward to get everything settled and over with soon. On the bright side my VSG is completely covered by insurance and I received my approval the other day.
  10. erint93

    July Sleevers!!!

    Welcome!! I have so many swirling emotions I just want it to be July 6th and overwith lol, goodluck to you as well. We should stay in touch!
  11. erint93

    Muscle Soreness

    Are you pre-op? I am, and I was having the same issue especially in the middle of the night. That usually happens to me when I'm dehydrated so I just made sure to drink more water and I haven't had a problem since.
  12. erint93

    July Sleevers!!!

    Yes, mine was one of the first tests I had done when I started the process
  13. erint93

    Back to work?

    Someone in my support group was sleeved on a Monday and returned the next Monday. Her job was at a desk I'm pretty sure though but I hope this helps!
  14. erint93

    July 2017 Surgery Group

    I know the woman I had was like "so the next available day isn't until.....July 5th" I was expecting mid-late August or something from the way she paused. So exciting!
  15. erint93

    July 2017 Surgery Group

    July 5 too[emoji322]
  16. erint93

    Getting close to surgery

    I agree, mines July 5 and people keep asking "how do you feel?" And overall I'm excited and looking forward to life after it but I feel like it hasn't hit me and I don't feel anything too crazy, not too stressed and not overly excited? If that makes sense
  17. erint93

    Vitamin Patches???

    I imagine that's how I will feel with chewable vitamins too. My surgery is the 5th so I wanted to buy them proactively since I'd have to order online.
  18. erint93

    Yogurt options pre-op

    The salted caramel one of those is amazing!!
  19. My program says that a typical stay for VSG is 2-3 days. Can I wear anything other than the gown while I'm in the hospital? Baggy sweatpants, robe or anything? I assume they'll want to check my incisions & maybe an IV? So nothing crazy- I'm just always freezing and want to be comfy.
  20. erint93

    July Sleevers!!!

    July 5th for me