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    Low BMI sleevers... results?

    I'm almost 55 years old. Been battling my weight for nearly 30 years. My BMI is 31, far lower than many who opt for this surgery, but not what I want for myself. I am so tired of this battle! I've decided to go for the surgery and I am scheduled for one week from today. No, I'm not huge, but I'm not what I want to be either. Once in the past 30 years I was at goal weight---after carrying a 50-pound backpack on my back and sleeping in the woods for 6 months while hiking the Appalachian Trail. I came home and at first even my own family didn't recognize me! I looked and felt amazing, but as soon as the trail life ended the weight came back. I am hungry every single day and I just don't like this existence. So even though there are many who think I shouldn't go for it at my size, I'm doing it. I'm tired of feeling tired, lethargic, and fat. I don't want to become my mother, who is morbidly obese and uses a scooter and oxygen tank to get around. I'm 5'1" and busting out of a size 16. I weigh 180 and my best weight is 110. Don't know what will happen but it's got to be better than this.
  2. Tamijo62

    April sleevers!?

    Same surgery date as you. Excited, nervous, hopeful, scared...