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  1. Hi there 😀 I am not sure if this is the right forum but here it goes ! I'm from Ireland and researching gastric bypass in Europe (lower cost - self pay) and Estonia has popped up on my radar. I am hopeful here that someone has had surgery there - get the low down? Anyone had experience with Dr Ilmar Kaur? thank you MC
  2. Hi everyone, i had my lap band removed in May 2016 - out of necessity rather than want. It took a couple of years but I lost 176lb /76kg - the problem being in the last year I think my band twisted and I couldn't eat much and became malnourished with damage done to my vagus nerve resulting in blackouts/convulsions and general ill health with my BMI hitting 18 at its lowest. I was skinny but with no energy and felt like I was slowly dying. My surgeon at the time said I should get a bypass revision but I refused as I foolishly believed food was no longer an issue for me and I'd be able to keep the weight off easily. I had a difficult surgery and was in a lot of pain afterwards and extremely weak. Anyways, without boring you lot with my history- after a couple of set backs personal and physical I ended up putting on the weight rapidly and am back to square one. I can't believe I have done this to myself after all the work I had put in over the last few years to end up here again. I went back to my surgeon and after his 'I told you so' got a massive quote €€€ as my insurance won't cover it as I don't have co morbidities... so now I am looking at cheaper alternatives in Europe with Estonia on my list. I am going to look at Belgium too. i am fearful though of malnourishment being an issue with bypass and conceiving in the future (I'm married 2 1/2 years and my Hubbie really wants a kid soon). Of course another obstacle will be my husband as I know he going to be against me going under the knife again and thanks I can do it on my own... i don't even think I have posed a coherent question here- I guess I am venting my story so guys, hopefully this wasn't too painful to read through but I know we are all here as a support network and I'm so glad to have found this forum. oh, port pain! I still have it from time to time - it's nearly a year later- any of u in the same boat? take care, mc
  3. Thanks guys for the replies! I was looking at mini bypass but some studies show greater malabsorption than bypass so now I'm leaning bypass again. I am having a hard time feeling alone in these decisions as I feel like I can't tell my family or friends- those that knew of my band were dead set against it. When I git it removed and was advised at the time by my surgeon to get bypass done 6 weeks later they were totally against it. I was afraid too as I had been so so ill and I really thought I had gotten over my food issues because eating was a chore. i still haven't told anyone yet about my plans - not even my Hubbie , and I feel terrible ...I'm dreading the confrontation, but I just feel like I can't go on the cycle of yo yo dieting for the rest of my life. I beat that when I had the tool of the band.

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