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  1. I have lost 19.5lbs since my liquid diet on the 11th and today I am up two lbs. I have not cheated, hit my water and protein goals everyday and get a small walk in as well. I'm hoping someone else has had a gain during PMS or their period? Just a bit bummed being one week out of surgery.
  2. I am so ready except I totally forgot to ask about bringing an adaptor for my electronics with me, do I need one? I am heading to Tijuana, Mexico. thanks!
  3. I swear I have tried the search function but it isn't so good for me or I am a moron, anyway... any ideas on how long it takes to get back in the US from Tijuana, I do have my passport. Thanks in advance
  4. @katebtuin I just spit out my SF jello, best line ever, Satans a*****e. Love it!
  5. Thank you, all 3 of you, I feel much better. It is a week and two days since surgery and a gain was going to make me cry, that and stupid PMS, sigh.
  6. Please let me know what the doctor says, we can get through this!
  7. @ann c, I had mine on the 21st and am the same way, I have been waiting for someone else to say this and not make me feel crazy. I was told the hunger was probably acid but if I take an antacid it does not stop. I drink water without sipping, just regular with no problems. I was beginning to wonder if I was broken. You have made me feel much better.
  8. I have not had any problems from my surgery as of today with actual drinking versus sipping. Are we supposed to sip to help with the sleeve and not stretch our stomach or is it ok to drink normally if we can? No burping today, no gas. thanks in advance
  9. I was sleeved August 21st by Dr Ilan in Mexico and I feel like mine is almost too good. I was in pain when I first woke up but since then I have been walking and no issues. I got home last night and finally feel,all the gas is out from the surgery and general flying. I have not hit my goal with water yet but I don't have to sip, I can drink normally, my stomach just gurgles a bit. I do have hunger pains, right now I am sating them with broth and protein water. I got 46 ounces of water and 47 proteins so far today, went for a nice walk and am feeling great. This makes me think I am broken and it did not take, between the ease of swallowing, the hunger pains, and the lack of pain or issues. Anyone else?
  10. I last ate or drank Sunday at 8ish and had surgery around 8 last night. I'm literally in no pain and no nausea. I passed the leak test and now have all of these clear liquids in front of me. I've been sipping off and on for two hours and no pain or fullness. My stomach wants to eat itself. I already feel like I may be a failure. Ugh I had a VSG
  11. I did the 10 day liquid diet and was not hungry. I will see how it goes. Kel, that makes me feel better, I'm going to kick this fat in the butt. Thanks for the help!
  12. I'm not that I know of, I will ask my nurse next time she comes in, I'm hoping that is all it is or I'm going to feel like a big failure less than 24 hours after my surgery.
  13. Thank you and good luck on your journey, looks like you just had your surgery.
  14. Oops, sorry, I just edited my question, Tijuana. Thanks!
  15. Thanks to both of you! I will try all the suggestions for when I work out. This is a long journey and it's a journey for life, a better one.
  16. I posted on the newbie post op forum as well. I started my 10 day liquid diet Friday and was losing. Yesterday I maxed out my water and protein and even did a light workout, I have since gained a pound. Any ideas? I only did 7 fats and under 500 calories, do you think I am not getting enough? My surgery is mext Monday the 21st and I really want to make this successful
  17. I started my liquid diet Friday and have not cheated once, I even maxed out my protein and water requirements, plus a light workout yesterday, and I gained a pound, could it be that I am not getting calories and fat? I had 7 grams of fat and 434 calories on the same day I maxed it out. I already feel a bit defeated and have not even had my surgery, that is Monday the 21st.
  18. Has anyone tried these? I love miso soup and since these are packets, they are an easy travel food.
  19. Hi All, I am a huge sugar addict but I also love roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts. Are these something I can eat in moderation after my surgery? Thanks in advance.
  20. Anyone struggling with weight gain afterwards? I am a huge sugar addict and I worry about gaining back the weight. My bf does not like sweets so we don't need to have any in the house but my job always has some type of sweets lurking around.
  21. My first post, woohoo. I have my surgery width Dr Illan on August 21st, super excited. Just curious if anyone has lost any inches in their calves? I am going to have trouble buying new pants/jeans if my calves don't go down a bit. I walk for exercise right now and plan to keep that up, I will also gradually add back in my weight/strength training. Appreciate any answers. thanks!

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