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    Day 2 post op

    "When you feel it coming on"....that is exactly what happens! Besides the monor discomforts after the surgery, there are times you suddenly feel the pressure getting worse. That was when I got up and walked. Also, it is not nearly as bad if you sit in a recliner, rather than lay down flat. I found that sitting made me feel better all the way around....and only laid down to sleep.
  2. Angel22717

    Day 2 post op

    Sleeved on 2/27. I also had a hiatal hernia repair. The gas pain and pressure in my shoulders and neck area were pretty horrific. I walked and did small arm rotations (while sitting on the bed) to help alleviate the pressure and pain. It will take a couple of weeks for it to be fully gone....but, movement is the key. Just do it. (My surgical nurse coached me about this subject, as she had the same issue when she had her surgery....she knew exactly what it felt like. And she knew what helps rid the body of the issue!) Four weeks post-op, and I have not had issues with the gas pain since week 2. All gone. Moving makes it tolerable.
  3. Angel22717

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Advice: Remember that you chose this surgery and you are not sick! You are doing this for you! Do what the staff asks of you, and get up and move as soon as you can. The sooner, the better. Learn to love the nurse....and ask her questions as she takes care of you! Drink as much water as possible, urine output is vital to get your organs functioning. (I am one month out, and have lost 40 lbs since Feb. 8)
  4. I had my sleeve procedure on a Monday morning at 7:00 am. I was awake and up out of bed about 3 hours later. I started walking as soon as I was up....mainly to help disburse the C/O gas from my shoulders. Walking was the only relief I got. Walking also helped with urination and fluid output. I hate to say this, but I felt so much better after my procedure, due to an issue that my surgeon repaired (a hiatal hernia that I did not even know I had!). It seems some of my bodily discomforts were in fact due to the hernia. The aches and pains that I associated with my obesity, were gone after the repair. My nurse was wonderful....she was shocked that I wanted my yoga pants and t-shirt on, even more shocked that I wanted my bra and undies on on as well. I even bought me a new pair of slip on Sketchers for the event. That was a good move on my part, because tying shoes is still hard a month out! I figured if I was going to walk the halls, I may as well be dressed! Walking made me feel better.....and made me feel less like a patient, and more in control of the decision I made to have the surgery. The walking also made me want to drink the fluids that the staff wanted me to consume. One thing I learned from the surgical staff and nutritionists....the quicker you move, the better you will feel. One month out, I am still walking. Everyday. It is the one constant thing I can do that keeps me from lifting stuff and over doing it with chores. It gets me outside in the fresh air....keeps my mind off of food....and cravings.
  5. Angel22717

    Help! Redness on abdomen

    My surgery was on 2/27. Two weeks post op, my incisions did the same thing. Went to dr for post-op exam, and told him the incisions were a little itchy as well as red and slightly hot. He examined me, and it turns out that I was allergic to the surgical tape that was used during surgery. No infection, just a nasty little allergy, that made me extremely uncomfortable. Solution: liquid benedryl and spray benedryl. (The spray can only be used once a day, and after the 14 day post surgical period.) after 4 days doing the benedryl, the redness suddenly stopped, and the etreme itching was completely gone. My surgical nurse called me everyday while I was on the benedryl....and I went back in for a little check the next week. It was fine. It is something that happens from time to time!