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  1. Raheema

    Financing my surgery

    Anyone used United medical loans for financing? What are your thoughts?
  2. I really don't want any person I've reported to continue to work on my behave. You must take a lot of perscription meds and your doc is loosing his kick back! Switch the doctor! if he was good for you we wouldn't have a weight issue now
  3. I'm really surprised that it's not many more deaths than this! We are all obese-to grossly morbid obese and out of the thousands 2 deaths? The odds are still great so switching docs won't guaranteed your survival rate you may switch doctors and be the first death for that doctor. The bottom line is we are unhealthy and unhealthy people most likely to experience complications in any surgery. Pre Operation 5/9
  4. I hear your rant. We love rants! Rants make us stronger and better! I am so proud of you, look how far you've come! You are really doing great! We support you 100%. 6,000 is only cake money! And we eat cake, we are gonna get through this and get it done! And beat fat's ass!
  5. Raheema

    Financing my surgery

    The fees are almost double+ interest
  6. Get the sleeve get healthy continue to enjoy your youth! I'm so proud of you!
  7. So sorry for your loss
  8. They don't realize. How hard this decision really is to say yes cut me open and fix me and they are really not supportive and don't know the struggle. I live on a diet for 10 years and. I'm still overweight! There's so much support here in the forum it's like we're family. My date May 8th dr. Cervantes my Dr was switched for some reason? So I'm excited
  9. Lol! If another person say," you don't need to do that! just eat right and exercise" I'm smacking em
  10. Which hospital is this? Wow this makes me nervous
  11. Sad to say it but most folks are not supportive and try to talk you out of it! I had planned to do this surgery with my 66 year old mother who was dragging her feet a living by the "but people say" law. My mom has passed away 2years now, I'm sure had we did as planned she'd be here now! Don't tell anyone but the support group, I have received so much support and encouragement from total strangers, we are sisters and brothers in the weight loss struggle
  12. Used up as in out-dated or total dump?
  13. Raheema

    Skincare help please!

    We all are perfect even the old 600lbs you! The 300lbs you is just as perfect as the new 220 you! I'm so touched by our words be encouraged beautiful!
  14. Wow you are lucky i have very stubborn weight and would puff up if i ate anything in moderation. I believe the most of us here suffer from difficult weight loss. Good luck with your journey!
  15. Raheema

    Such thing as cute "extra wide" sneakers?

    Online site called Hitchcock has a great selection i use to buy her the men shoes because they were wider until i found this site some styles are up to 8E! Try adding a bow or colored shoe strings to the NB http://www.wideshoes.com/mobile/Mary-Janes-C182.aspx?s=IsFeatured+DESC,+OrderBy+ASC,+Name+ASC&p=1
  16. The fights are rattling my nerves! slicing me open in Mexico no problem but 2 stops and 10-14 hours before arrival! Yikes!😀😎😎
  17. I see no flights arriving in San Diego from Florida in the am hours ! Anybody have any flight referrals??? Thinking of walking there! Lol
  18. I'm thinking 7th flght plans sucks ass!
  19. Omg what's a lay over! [emoji22]! I feel like just driving!
  20. Ft. Lauderdale, miami, West palm beach or even Orlando. Which orlando prices are better. All i see is very late arrivals
  21. I'm going to him too I've seen more comments about him on the Mexico bariatric forums the OR and hospital rooms I saw where good. When are you going? I'm thinking first week of May
  22. Raheema

    Financing my surgery

    Thanks this is so reassuring!