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  1. My surgery was scheduled for 6:30 am and was home and in my bed by 1:00 pm the same day (after a 2 hour drive home). Surgery was 1 hour long, they wake you up, you walk around a few times and they send you home. Never hurt and no problems.
  2. samiam67

    Super big but super cold!!!!

    This happened to me too. My Doc. said it was becuase of the lower calorie intake, my body is using my calories for life functions and stops using them for things like keeping the body warm. Once I upped my calories by about 100-200, it went away for me. This is just what happen to me, you should talk to your doctor about it.
  3. I have several things I am looking forward too. But right now I am enjoying the ones that I have already hit. I hit ONEDERLAND this month which was my first dream. Haven't been under 200 in 10 years. The other thing that I have wanted to do for so long is hike. I went on my first hike last week and it was awesome!!! I plan to do many more in the future, so many places to see. As for clothes right now, even though I have gone from a size 26 to a 16. I'm still not ready to buy much clothes yet since I'm not at goal. But I am so looking forward to a whole new wardrobe. (little secrete here, I have been buying smaller sizes of clothes when my favorite stores have sales, one side of my closet is my will fit in soon side. LOL..) The biggest thing I want, is to look like a girl when riding my motorcycle and not like a fat dude! That is what I am looking forward too the most. I have a pair of black leather pants that I want to get into.
  4. The only thing I can say is "It's the best thing I have every done for myself.... ever!" Never had any regrets or issues, yes my hair is now starting to fall out, but that will grow back. I would rather have temporary thinning hair than take back the 52 pounds I have lost in 15 weeks. I have gone from a Womans 4XL to a Ladies XL in shirts and from 24/26 to a 16/18 in pants so far. LOVE IT!!!!!!
  5. samiam67


    I was sleeved the same day. I have always been a slow loser (which I like cause it lets my body adapt) and I have plateaued several times already. I also felt like I was eating to much when I wasn't losing. But when I calculated it up, I was only getting between 600-700 cals. When I bumped it up to 800-850 I started losing again. It is not always about eating too much in the beginning it can be about not eating enough. Keep track of what your eating, are you eating to many carbs? I don't do well if I eat over 35 carbs a day. I do low carb, high protein. I have days that I feel like I could eat all day long (but I don't, I stick to my plan). But then I have days that I can't eat a thing. The sleeve is a strange thing. Wishing you the best!
  6. I am the same way. I drop 3-5 pounds and then I stall for what feels like a 1- 2 weeks. But I am still averaging -10 pounds a month. I do however weigh myself everyday, then I average it out at the end of the week to get my true weekly weight. When I do it this way I can see that what I thought was a stall is still a loss. It maybe only 1/2 - to 1 lbs, but it is a loss. That's what works for me to keep me motivated.
  7. samiam67


    Every 3 days I drink a hot cup of Smooth Move Tea at night and works great by the next morning! No cramps or anything.
  8. My friend was a smoker too and we both had GERD so bad for years. But our Doctor told us he would fix it and it wouldn't be an issue and so far it hasn't. I actually sleep all night for the first time in years. Good luck on your surgery, it is the best thing I have ever done, wish I did it years ago.
  9. I had one and I am so glad I did. He found a hiatal hernia and fixed it while he did my sleeve. Now I have NO heartburn or GERD at all! LOVE IT!
  10. samiam67

    Y'all! I'm hungry!

    I've been there too. Walking down grocery store isles EVERYTHING looked good, even stuff that I knew I didn't like. Mine lasted until I could eat more protein. I have stopped watching TV when food comes on, cause it is all mind hunger. I keep my self busy doing other things than watching TV. Now that I'm 11 weeks out, I've learned to listen to my body and I get hungry for everything only when I have had too many carbs in my diet. The good thing is that it does go away as you heal and eat better.
  11. samiam67

    Swallowing pills

    I couldn't either the first month. Now I can swallow my horse pills with no problem. I thought it was because I was too afraid to take a big drink to get the pill down. Now I can gulp more water now.
  12. samiam67

    Ketogenic diet post sleeve?

    I don't know much about the Paleo diet, but I do know that the Paleo lets you have potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables that are not allowed on Keto due to too high in carbs. I try to limit my self to 15-25 grams of carbs a day and keep my protein to the 85g my doctor and Nut suggested. I don't add the extra fats like keto suggests, but I know people that do and are losing really well.
  13. samiam67

    Ketogenic diet post sleeve?

    Keto is not a LOW Protein diet. It is high protein, high fat, low carb way of life. I love it! I do however watch my fat and don't do as much as they say too. But I have no cravings for carbs at all. I make all kinds of yummy food (Pinterest Keto) that the whole family loves. Want to see an actual VSG person on Keto, get on youtube and search for "watch kitty shrink" she does nothing but Keto and looks amazing! Good luck!
  14. samiam67

    What can I drink ?

    I hate just plain water (always have) so I have to force my self to drink at least 1 glass of it a day then the rest of the day is other stuff. I drink Ice coffee (lots of it), hot or Ice tea, lots of "sugar free singles to go" from Hawaiian Punch/Crystal Light. You can make them as sweet or watered down as much as you like. I always keep Minute Maid Light Lemonade (in the cans) in my frig (no carbonation and only 5 cals per can) These are my treat for when I'm wanting something really different (1 or 2 a week). I have added the singles to this as well and it gives me all kinds of different flavors.
  15. samiam67

    Someone help me.

    I'm 7 weeks Post op today and it still takes me 2 hours+ to drink a shake or anything for that matter. I just keep it on my desk and take a drink now and then. I didn't start getting my 60 protein and all my water in until about 4 weeks out and still some days I don't meet it. There is just not enough time in a day to get it all in. My Doctor said that was fine. I am healthy and doing great (according to him).
  16. samiam67

    Bypass Vs. Sleeve?

    I had GERD BIG TIME (every night, slept sitting up) for years prior to my sleeve. My Doctor fixed my hiatal hernia at the same time he did my sleeve and I have not had even the slightest heartburn or GERD. LOVE, LOVE my sleeve. By the 7th day after surgery I felt like my good old self and have had no regrets. AI think you just need to work with your doctor and do your research and see which one works best for you.
  17. samiam67


    Oh my gosh yes. I went to my first weight loss surgery place over a 1 year ago. Starting loosing weight and thought "I can do this my self". Yeah right! I never could before why did I think this time would be different. So here I am a year later had my surgery (4/18/17) and I have LOVED every minute of it! I am down 34 pounds in 7 weeks and feeling so good! All I can say is DO IT! Once the weight starts coming off, you will wish you did it along time ago. That's what I keep saying to myself. Wish you the best!
  18. samiam67

    Anyone miss food?

    B. Annie I was the same way for the first few weeks, everything tasted weird and nasty. About week 4 I didn't even notice it anymore. Now I enjoy the taste of my food (the 2 bits I get anyway). In the first couple of weeks you do miss food, but I think that is mostly because you can't have much as in flavor. But as you add more food, that too goes away and you start to find foods you like, that take the place of your old foods (like higher posted). I was a starbucks freak! (1 or 2 a day). Now my newest favroite is Mcdonalds SugarFree French Vanilla Ice Coffee! OMG love it and I have one every morning (yes with a straw). It's a lot cheeper and I love the taste and my scal is still going down. It does get better, I promise.
  19. samiam67

    Today marks my 5 months post op

    Congrats! You are doing awesome! Keep up the great work!
  20. Congrats on your up coming surgery! For my Journey, I was not hungry AT ALL the first week. I had to keep reminding myself to drink something. The second week, I started to get those "hunger pains" but doing research on this great forum, I found out it's not hunger, its acid. So I started taking my Pepcid's 2 x per day like my Dr told me too and no more hunger pains after about 2 days. For me the cravings where for what ever came on the TV. EVERYTHING looked so yummy (even stuff that I have never liked) so it wasn't real hunger, its mind hunger. Best way to avoid those feelings for me, was not to watch anything with food in it (miss my food Network), when food commercials came on I turned the channel. I just tried to read, or do some crafting to keep me busy. I have learned to stay away from my habits that made me want to eat (like watching TV). DO NOT try eating stuff that has not been approved yet. It can cause a lot of damage to your stomach (according to my Dr). Remember your insides are healing just like your outside. And yes, it will be very painful and can may you sick or worse. Every Dr is different on how long they keep you on each stage (clear liquid 1 week, for me). Which for me was the worst stage. The best thing to do is research online and on this forum of what you can eat on each stage, people have been very creative with recipes that will help you get through it. With Dr. approval I got some Progresso soups (the ones with broth) I strained out the food and drank the broth, so much more flavor than just plain broth. Just a few baby spoonful's and I was full. But it was savory and flavorful. I also have a cup of hot/warm tea with a little stevia in it. I have several flavors and that helps too. I am on week 3 now and those mind cravings are starting to go way, since I can eat pureed soups that have flavor (so you don't feel so deprived). It still takes me about an hour to drink a premier shake, cause I get too full. I try to eat (or drink shake) every 2 hours. Yesterday we had a luncheon at work, so I just ordered the tortilla soup (without the tortilla's) and I just drank the broth. It was like the best meal ever! :-) I wish you well on your journey. You can do it! It's only for a very short time and it goes fast.
  21. samiam67

    Did you have WLS? The audacity of some.

    I haven't told anyone about my VSG surgery. I told my work that I would be out for 2 weeks for a hiatal hernia. I had been doing my Protein shakes prior and had lost some weight, so when people asked what I was doing I told them Atkins (everyone knows Atkins), so when I came back to work 25 lbs lighter after 2 weeks off, they just think it's from surgery and my Atkins. Which is not a lie at all, I did have hernia repair. I just don't tell them about the other surgery I had. So I just tell people I'm on Atkins and walking a lot. They just say that is awesome keep up the great work!
  22. samiam67

    Cold Water

    I'm 2 weeks out as of today and love my ice cold water with a straw. Never had an issue. I love to add the sugar free single packets so I don't get bored with just plain water. I have every flavor that Hawaiian Punch makes and some Crystal Lights. They are so good. And for a treat, I get the Minute Made Light Lemonade (in the soda isle) it's not carbonated, I add the Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry Squeeze 1/2 a packet. and it is SO GOOD. (that's my soda fix).
  23. Sleeved 4/18/17, down 25 pounds and have never felt better. This is my first day I have been able to get down 2 premier shakes and 48oz of water in a day. So doing great. 1. So much more energy, 2. Down at least 1 size in clothes 3. Face looks thinner 4. I am so happy! 5. Yes, I do think of food more than I used too. But that will fade as more food choices become available as I heal. So far I have not had any regret, for me this has been the best experience. I would do it again tomorrow. 6. Getting rid of my fattest clothes out of my closet was such a rush! No food could taste as amazing as that felt! 7. Walking faster with ease. 8. Sleeping better 9. Keeping my self busy, not sitting watching TV like prior. 10. Drinking a lot more water than I ever have.
  24. I'm setting up my first consult with Dr. Shawn Stevenson with Evolve for my sleeve. But I can't really find anything on him, except he seems to move around a lot. Anyone have him as a doctor? Anyone know why he moves around so much? Looks like he was down in Tucson and then with true results, and a few other places. Any info would be great. Thanks.