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  1. My nutritionist said that you need 80 grams of protein for women and 90 grams for men. Too much can cause damage to your kidneys.
  2. I am getting sleeved on Wednesday. Great timing... I don't really want to have to deal with both but hey, thanks nature, I don't have a choice...
  3. ashes_202

    Weight loss before surgery

    My optifast diet included one healthy meal a day so it's a different situation but I lost 30lbs in 4 weeks. Drink as much water as you can, that really helped me at the end. I would have lost so much more if I had upped my water sooner. Good luck!
  4. I was nervous about my EGD but it was a breeze. I had never been to this hospital so that's why I was nervous but all the nurses were very nice. I have a tattoo of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland on my chest, one of the nurses bonded with me over it and right before I got knocked out from the anesthesia she quoted Alice in Wonderland. I can't remember exactly what she said but I remember it put a big smile on my face. She was so kind. Really made me feel better about having my surgery at the same facility. Come on April 19th! I'm so ready for you!
  5. ashes_202

    Just had my EGD yesterday!

    That really sucks. Hopefully they can get it this time.
  6. ashes_202

    Liquid Diet Fear!

    Oh, my bad. I was talking post op. I didn't have a completely liquid diet pre op.
  7. I would definitely prefer the disposable undies over the catheter. We'll see what happens.
  8. ashes_202

    Liquid Diet Fear!

    I am getting sleeved on Wednesday and this is worrying me too. I will also be on a liquid diet for 3 weeks and that seems like such a long time. I know it's going to be hard because I'll still be cooking for my family. Temptation will be in my face everyday but I know it's necessary to make sure our stomachs heal correctly. We will get through this!
  9. I would suggest calling your doctor to be sure.
  10. ashes_202

    Struggling to get the weight off.

    I was freaking out last week because I was 7lbs away from my weight loss goal that I was required to lose in the next 5 days. Problem was I was already on my preoperative diet and was losing only about 2lbs a week. My dietician suggested upping my water intake. I went from drinking 80oz of water to over 100oz and started dropping weight like crazy! Like 3lbs a day crazy! I ended up losing 9lbs instead of 7. Water really does make all the difference.
  11. ashes_202

    Just had my EGD yesterday!

    The worst part is waiting for them to call u from the waiting room. Everything else is a breeze.
  12. ashes_202


    There are recipe ideas on the BariatricPal Store website.
  13. ashes_202

    How to stop grazing?

    My NUT said that if you feel yourself becoming hungry at a time that you are not supposed to be eating then exercising can help alleviate that hunger. And of course when you exercise you drink more water so it's a win win really.
  14. You could not be more right about this. Yes it's expensive, it's time consuming and it's definitely hard to accomplish and stick with but it is so worth it. To have that much more life to live, to be able to keep up your small children, even grandchildren makes our food sacrifices worth the struggle we face today. I'm definitely doing this for my future, what else is there?
  15. ashes_202

    April sleevers!?

    Me too! Just had my EGD yesterday, time is flying by!
  16. ashes_202

    Support Group

    Your surgeon's facility should be able to refer you to closer support groups.
  17. I am required to use Optifast for 4 weeks as my pre-op diet. Just wondering if anyone is with me in this?
  18. ashes_202

    Is Anyone Else On Optifast?

    I'm on day 10 of 31. Starting to get some cravings... You are on liquids for only 10 days? I'm jealous. I'm going to be on liquids for at least 3 weeks and can only switch to pureed food if they "clear" me.
  19. ashes_202

    Is Anyone Else On Optifast?

    I'm sorry. I'm wondering if I am going to become lactose intolerant. I love cheese...not so sure it loves me tho.
  20. ashes_202

    Is Anyone Else On Optifast?

    Yeah, that sucks. Do they make u sick?
  21. ashes_202

    Is Anyone Else On Optifast?

    With my weekly meetings I have seen how much peoples taste buds vary. We were able to taste some of the various protein drinks my bariatric office has in their store and my friend and I had very different opinions. To each their own. Plus, a lot of people have said their taste buds change after surgery so who knows what I might end up liking.
  22. ashes_202

    Is Anyone Else On Optifast?

    My surgery is on April 19th! My approval process has gone so fast I can hardly believe it.
  23. ashes_202

    Is Anyone Else On Optifast?

    I'm doing pretty good with it. I love the vanilla shake and the garden tomato soup. The rest is kind of hit or miss for me. I lost 7lbs in 3days with this and am curious to see how much I will lose with a full week. I am not weighing myself in between my weekly check-ups. I like to be surprised! 😃
  24. ashes_202

    Weird insurance question!

    I think it is different at every office. Just ask. My office asks for no more than $1,000.00 one week before surgery if you haven't met your deductible. I have received other bills from the cardiologist, surgeon and I have to pay out-of-pocket for my month long pre-op diet that is mandatory. Hidden fees they don't talk about before you sign up of course. It all ends up being expensive but its so worth it!
  25. ashes_202

    Today is the day

    Good luck! You got this!