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  1. I'm supposed to take 1500 mg calcium citrate a day, and I'm really having a difficult time getting it in. I think part of the problem is that the pills are so big, and I need to take 2, 3x a day. I'm not crazy about the chews, because I'd really like to keep costs down. Anyone have any tips? I bought the powder, but that is 'grainy'... thinking of trying Calcium Citrate petites, but would have to do those 4x day...
  2. Applebee's?

    I'm meeting two friends for dinner tomorrow at Applebee's. Does someone have a suggestion of something good? I'm 3 months post-RNY.
  3. Applebee's?

    I appreciate everyone's input! I did get the caprese chicken and it was wonderful. I rarely get in all my calories, so I didn't think that would be an issue. I got grilled veggies instead of mashed potatoes, but I only ate about a 1/3 of the meal, and that was over 3 hours time. I had a fabulous evening...
  4. Applebee's?

    I'm thinking about this, minus the mashed potatoes. And, of course, I'll only be able to eat like 3 bites
  5. What's the best protein bar?

    I really got sick of protein shakes and bars fast, but discovered a wafer type "protein crunch", they taste good! There is more fat than most, but I will eat them...
  6. I've had no weight loss for two weeks now! How is that even possible? So discouraged... Rny 5-8-17