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  1. I have been a long-time blood donor and am wondering if any of you are still able to donate after having RNY?
  2. I'm supposed to take 1500 mg calcium citrate a day, and I'm really having a difficult time getting it in. I think part of the problem is that the pills are so big, and I need to take 2, 3x a day. I'm not crazy about the chews, because I'd really like to keep costs down. Anyone have any tips? I bought the powder, but that is 'grainy'... thinking of trying Calcium Citrate petites, but would have to do those 4x day...
  3. My family is going to play putt putt tomorrow for Mother's Day and will get ice cream after. I wonder if I can have a little sf soft serve? I had rny last Monday, May 8. Thoughts?
  4. I'm meeting two friends for dinner tomorrow at Applebee's. Does someone have a suggestion of something good? I'm 3 months post-RNY.
  5. I appreciate everyone's input! I did get the caprese chicken and it was wonderful. I rarely get in all my calories, so I didn't think that would be an issue. I got grilled veggies instead of mashed potatoes, but I only ate about a 1/3 of the meal, and that was over 3 hours time. I had a fabulous evening...
  6. I'm thinking about this, minus the mashed potatoes. And, of course, I'll only be able to eat like 3 bites
  7. I like quest cookies n Creme shakes, did u try that?
  8. I had RNY on May 8... I've lost 56 lbs. so far.
  9. I'm from Adrian and had RNY May 8 with Dr. Carlin. Great experience!
  10. Cupcake... I LOVE Dr. Carlin! Here's a pic of me and him with the 'Thank you' cookies I made for him.
  11. I really got sick of protein shakes and bars fast, but discovered a wafer type "protein crunch", they taste good! There is more fat than most, but I will eat them...
  12. I've had no weight loss for two weeks now! How is that even possible? So discouraged... Rny 5-8-17
  13. I had RNY May 8, and lost 25 lbs. the first 3 weeks, then NOTHING for the past week. What am I doing wrong?!
  14. I'm 3weeks post RNY and gained 2 lbs in the past two days. How is this possible?!
  15. Do you think ham salad or sandwich spread would be ok (like pate)?
  16. Has anyone found something to mix crushed pills in that will NOT make me gag? I'm not especially sensitive, but I'm having a hard time with this...
  17. Well I tried applesauce too, makes me gag every time! I'm taking Prilosec, actigall, lisinopril and Wellbutrin.
  18. Well I've never had SF ice cream, so I don't know how good it is. I know my boys haven't liked seeing me "not" eat anything and thought they'd like to know I enjoyed something on Mother's Day, even if I can't enjoy lunch with them.
  19. I tried chocolate pudding, but cool whip is actually better.
  20. I can't have applesauce yet...had surgery monday
  21. I've been thinking about what I will wear after surgery when I come home. Are jeans still comfortable, with the healing incisions? I want to be prepared.
  22. Tomorrow's the day! I have to leave my house at 3:30 am to be there at 5:30 am. I'm so nervous. My hubby is also in the hospital recovering from congestive heart failure so now my cousin is taking me. I totally forgot about today being clear liquids and had a protein shake early this morning. Yikes!
  23. Me too! No bra is NOT an option. Lol