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    I had the bypass on 2/15. No meds once I left the hospital and have followed the plan and I have no regrets. Everyone I've met through my program and support groups have loved whichever surgery they had. Only regrets have been not getting it sooner. Good luck, happy journey.
  2. shawnak911

    Regretting it

    I felt that way too. It wasn't hunger and I don't think it was even head hunger. I was just bored. Sitting at home after surgery not really being able to Don anything and all the TV shows is commercials about food. It passes...
  3. shawnak911

    What am I thinking?!

    Congratulations on your weight loss. If you can master this new lifestyle you can do anything. Go for it! I don't know anyone who has regretted it. Good luck and hoping for a smooth recovery.
  4. shawnak911

    Eat popcorns or not after gastric bypass surgery

    Corn is a major no in my program. I said goodbye to it before surgery. Good luck.
  5. I hope you can forgive and forget. Family is family. Be proud you took this journey and obviously are rickin' it! Tell them you have made a major lifestyle change and move on.
  6. shawnak911


    At Richmond they just assigned us surgeons we didn't pick. But in my support classes I've heard people rave about your Dr. Hahn.
  7. shawnak911


    At Richmond you weigh in at orientation and that is your starting weight. After that you are required to lose or maintain every time you come in. I didn't have to lose 10%. I had to lose 12 pounds. I ended up losing 22.
  8. shawnak911

    spray tan

    I'm so glad you did it! They see people all day with better bodies and worse bodies. They really don't care. And if you said you lost x amount of pounds she'd probably be like "go girl!"
  9. shawnak911

    Deviled Eggs

    I made deviled eggs with a small amount of mayo. Also used cottage cheese once or twice.
  10. shawnak911


    I went through Kaiser Richmond. Orientation, met with surgeon to get goal weight, shrink evaluation, I think there was four classes and then got my date. Started November 18th and surgery was February 15th.
  11. shawnak911

    Eating out

    I say I had a large breakfast and order soup or lie and say that my stomach is upset .
  12. shawnak911

    Ladies only please!!!!!!

    I stopped the pill before surgery and started depo. I've been spotting for two weeks and it's driving me crazy. On the pill I was like clockwork and it only lasted three days.
  13. shawnak911

    Week 9 post op....

    I feel the same way. If I didn't have the five scars I wouldn't think anything was done. I'm now 5 weeks out and at 21 pounds.
  14. shawnak911

    A week and 1/2 post op

    I was perfectly capable of going back to work a week after surgery. I took my whole four weeks just to get used to not eating. Not socializing around food. Getting used to watching food commercials and knowing I couldn't have it. Crazy for sure!
  15. shawnak911

    Tuna in puree stage?

    I started having tuna with a tiny amount of mayo about two weeks post op. I had no issues with it. Good luck.
  16. shawnak911

    Weekly support groups

    I'm in Northern California I went through Kaiser. Our meetings are twice a month. We don't weigh in but we talk about everything. Love them. Good luck.
  17. shawnak911

    Favourite post op liquid?

    Wor wonton soup broth from local chinese. Yummy
  18. shawnak911

    Changes and Shape

    My case worker says not to spend any money if you can help it. We do clothing exchanges at our support meetings. I go to my friends and family. I don't want to buy stuff for every stage.
  19. My program didn't allow for protein shakes. They wanted our protein to come from food. And even though the food was 3-4 weeks out they said we wouldn't become deficient in that time. I feel lucky, cause I can't do shakes.
  20. Our biggest fault is that we compare ourselves to others. Again so much comes into play. Gender, age, predisposition with medical issues you name it. I'm four weeks post op and down 20 pounds. I feel I'm eating nothing compared to my old lifestyle and want to the scale to reflect that. But I know it will come.
  21. shawnak911

    Changes and Shape

    I'm only four weeks out and I've gone from a size 22 jeans to 18 already. It's crazy.
  22. shawnak911

    Everything tastes different

    I'm only four weeks out and I can eat anything only small portions, yet everything tastes different. I don't enjoy food the way I did before, it's simply fuel now. It's a good thing but sad too.
  23. shawnak911

    10 days post Op!

    I think I'm one of the lucky ones that was able to enjoy eggs right away. Eggs and tuna got me through protein wise.
  24. shawnak911

    Ground beef

    I'm four weeks post op and protein is protein with my program. I have no problem tolerating ground beef. Good luck.
  25. shawnak911

    Nails and polish remover

    All surgery requires nail polish to be removed. If your body goes into any type of arrest it will show through your nail beds. If you have fake nails they usually recommend you take one or two completely off.