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  1. I wanted to see if anyone else has had this post surgery complication. 18 months post surgery (no complications) I was rushed into the ER and very quickly to the operating table as my small bowel had become twisted around surgery scare tissue effectively causing the bowel to start strangling itself. I was incredibly fortunate to be right by a world class hospital when it struck and thankfully a quick thinking resident made a courageous call and got me on the operating table right away which probably saved my life. They were able to release the twist and by nothing short of a miracle the bowel did come back to life and I am not going to have to deal with some pretty life changing alternatives that might have been the case. Whilst this is a documented risk the numbers are pretty low but I wanted to see if I could connect with anyone else who has experienced the same. Many thanks.
  2. So past the six month marker and feeling great I wondered how the rest of the april sleevers are doing. Took a little over 4 months to stop feeling sick when eating food but now I feel just fine. Obviously I don't eat very much and that doesn't bother me but I do use quest bars and premier clear protein as most of my intake for the day. I do need to get better at real foods but I feel great. Within 8lbs of my target weight but do feel now that even more is achievable but would be fine where I am just another 8 gets me to a BMI under 30. Still loving all the new clothes I fit into. Crossing my legs and having space around me in airline seats, no longer is my seat such a big deal to me. Down to a L/M top and a 12/10 bottom.
  3. So creeping up on the 3 months post - op milestone and whilst I love being this weight instead of my old weight I am not sure I ever got this quick and rapid weight loss that I was warned about that would be all too obvious to people. I just went into my office nearly 70 lbs lighter then when they last saw me over 6 months over .. not a word was mentioned !!! So instead I like to concentrate on some of the NSV's I set myself before surgery which makes my happy. What makes you happy about where you are on your journey ? The #'s My date 4/3/2017 HW - 275 SW - 245 CW - 208 Dress size was 20 or 2/3X now 14 or XL/L Shopping all the fab choices of flattering clothing in the regular sizes (bank account does not love this) right at the front of the shop rather than in a department tucked away out of sight sometimes behind the homewares ! Flying, I FITTED I FITTED !!! into the airline seat, I didn't spill out over or under the armrest, the belt did up with room to spare, the tray table came all the way down and didn't rest of my stomach and I didn't feel nervous sitting down next to the person in the seat next to me. I even had a business class seat for one leg and quite happily lead down in the seat without feeling wedged in. I have cleaned out my entire wardrobe and filling it a new I can fit into a bath towel covering all that should be covered. I swing a golf club without my body getting in the way and can bend down and pick the ball out of the hole, and its so nice to do it in cute regular sized golf outfits Tied my shoe laces just by bending down normally I am not horrified when I see a side profile of myself (still a WIP) I like seeing face photos of me online all the chubbiness has gone I have not seen any full body shots yet I crossed my legs, I didn't even realize I was doing it but I looked down and there I was sat chilled out on the sofa at work with my legs crossed I am now obese level 1 instead of morbidly obese, again still a work in progress but its nice to remove the word morbidly from anything related to yourself. I am sure there are many more but I just went down my list of goals I created in the waiting room for surgary and already ticked off most of them and some I just don't know yet as I have not tried. So when I get frustrated at the scales I look at at this and realize that yep I have come a long way.
  4. Nearly six months out and so many NSVs I recently arrived on holiday in Europe for a week of fun in the sun, unfortunately my bag decided it wanted to hang out in New York, it took two days to catch up with me. With no hot weather clothes with me I was forced to go shop for clothes in the limited resort shops but ..... clothes fitted !! I cant believe I could actually shopped easily in these shops and found stuff that fitted to get me through. 6 months ago I would have to have bought mens tshirts and sports shorts to get me through. Still love fitting into airplane seats, no one elbows me in the side because I spill into their space, the tray table comes down without resting on my stomach and the seat belts feel big !!! Over all the general feeling of happiness is amazing. Going out wearing pretty clothes and feeling good in them, strangers compliments, I am off the alcohol and just high on life, I party longer than anyone else having the best time. Waking up refreshed ready to hit it hard again the next day.
  5. bs19gal


    Congrats on the weight loss and soft foods I'm sure this is all good for you from here. Im feeling great weight keeps coming off, clothes keep being changed for smaller ones and lots of NSVs like leg crossing, fitting into airline seats etc ticked off. I struggle with food, I do better when taking the Prilosec that stops me from feeling sick. But eating is a bit of a chore I don't enjoy much. That's kind of frustrating as it makes things difficult. Always having to explain yes the food is great I just can't eat much. That gets me down a bit. But it's a small price to pay.
  6. bs19gal


    I slept on my left side the first night home it really helped to relief some of the gas pain. I took some sleepeeze then propped myself on my side with pillows to take the bulk of my weight. I slept a solid 8 plus hours no problem at all. Carried on the same for about a week I think then was just sleeping normally good luck.
  7. bs19gal

    TMI - Constipation.....my enemy

    oops ha ha yes Smooth Tea
  8. bs19gal

    TMI - Constipation.....my enemy

    I am certainly no medical professional on this but some things that have helped me (well I think they helped). 1) smooth team, I drank a cup in the evening before bed and in the morning all sorted out. Seems a kinder alternative to miralax 2) reduced my red meat consumption 3) upped my water intake (My Dr says this is key) 4) quest bars, high in protein and fibre low in carbs, I really think this hit of fibre really keeps me going
  9. bs19gal

    100 to 100

    I just noticed its been 100 days exactly since surgery and today I dropped back into the 100's on the scale for the first time in 10 plus years (never to leave again !!! ). I can even eat a small meal these days without wanting to throw up .. life is certainly good.
  10. I had set myself a goal of hitting onederland before I set off on my travels. Didn't quite make it but I'll take this happily. Feeling positive then when I step on these scales again in 5 weeks time I will be there.
  11. More NSV's, it helps detract from the thinning hair I'm on my third throw out from my closet and even had to throw some new thinner cloths out !!! I pretty much have nothing old left. I literally put on every item and can't believe how tight they used to be, just look like a sack of potatoes now. This is all I have left and the top left section is my BF's cloths. New smaller cloths take up a lot less room and weight in the suitcase. And whoever said you need to get to a size 14 before folks really notice was absolutely right, one lovely comment from my Indian colleague that was here visiting and last saw me 70lbs heavier " you are reducing a lot "
  12. That's awesome I love that one.
  13. bs19gal


    So I seem to have the honor of being the first into a stall but hey someone had to be first. I did talk to my NUT just to make sure I had my target numbers right and to check on calories as we didn't really talk about that before. She said that its very common especially for women to have stalls fairly early on, the longest she has seen it last is about 3 weeks. She also reminded me that I lost 30 lbs just before surgery and my body knows that as well. So the stall will break and I will be off loosing again sometime in the next week or so max She did say that my calorie intake was a bit low at around 350/400 and I should be trying to up it towards 800 a day. Keep getting all the liquids in and if I can bring my protein up over 80 or even higher then great but as long as its over 60 all good. I feel better about going for more calories with cross fit I really feel my body would need more with also playing so much golf and biking so I will definitely work on that. Even though the scale is not moving I do feel the inches are still coming off, finally last night I walked into a pre league social and people actually commented how much weight I have lost ... thank the lord 45 lbs down and nobody had mentioned it before. Even though most of the weight is pre surgery I do think I have lost most of the inches post surgery, and the tape measure backs it up. I also just had to apply for a new Visa for a trip to india its been two years since the last time OMG comparing the photos is night and day I cant believe how fat my face looked back to my old self now ... very happy about that
  14. Just coming up to 2 months post op and pretty much giving away my entire closet. Leaving for a two week beach/golf vacation tomorrow and had to buy all new. So great to shop in regular sizes knowing I'll never have to hunt down the plus size department again. I love clothes loving redressing myself :-) Took my first flights last week, seat belts fitted, tray table came all the way down with a gap and didn't have to sit hanging out into the aisle getting bashed by passers by I actually felt I fitted. Life is good and starting to get the hang of the eating. Only thing is weird is I have seen a bunch of folks recently that last saw me 50lbs heavier wearing 3x I'm now in L/xl and size 16 instead of woman's 20 and no one said a word !!! Do they really only just see a fat person and no reference to the relative sizes just fat. It's weird I'm good with it because I feel great and love my new clothes, I'm overflowing with confidence it's just strange :-)
  15. Wow has it really only been 3 weeks it seems like a lifetime ago, it feels surreal to think how I felt then and how I feel today. So I have been though the post surgery gas pain, the feeling I will never be able to drink a bottle of water again, wondering how you could possibly get all the protein in each day as well as the water and my first (of many) stalls. I know its been said thousands of time before but every day just gets better and better. The incisions have pretty much healed and the bruising is all but gone. I drink water freely I can even get a couple of gulps down to satisfy thirst. I am still working on the eating I don't chew enough and I need to slow down to get more in and man does it hurt when I have that one bite too much but still I try and cram it in (will I ever learn) My energy levels are back maybe as I started my vitamins as well and working on building up my muscles again. I am playing golf walking hilly courses carrying my bag, I am back at crossfit lifting light weights and avoiding burpees and riding my bike. My only concern right now is a discomfort internally around my sleeve sometimes when I stretch or when I lie on my side it feels very tender which I didn't have initially but hoping this is just part of the heeling I am eating 3 small meals a day and a protein shake to get in my protein, tolerating everything I have tried so far so usually eat about 3oz of beef, chicken, tuna or an egg for a meal. Finally I seem to be loosing again after a week long stall .... 17lbs down Hope everyone else is doing well
  16. bs19gal

    Anxiety about my surgery on 4/24

    Hang in there it is all such a distance memory so quickly. I am just over 3 weeks and I barely remember not being able to drink, struggling to get liquids etc. Yeah eating food is still a challenge other than 2 or 3 oz's at a time but I think that's the idea You are doing great.
  17. bs19gal

    3 Weeks Update

    I wish !!! For some reason the site gives you starting weight and your current weight and not your surgery weight. I am 15lbs down in 3 weeks since surgery a lot more of the april sleevers have lost a lot more than me. I am entering my second week of a stall and I am taking it on the chin, doing what I am told to do and working hard at it. Apparently a rough guide is 20-30lbs in the first month.
  18. bs19gal

    3 Weeks Update

    ok bit optimistic on the stall being over .. back up again today. Oh well protein protein protein liquids liquids liquids. Off to crossfit scales be damned I am going to build muscle anyway.
  19. bs19gal

    Any April sleevers

    Good for you. Doc knows best. I did get clearance before going. I seem to be a good healer lousy looser, ha ha.
  20. bs19gal

    Any April sleevers

    So even though the scale numbers are not heading the right direction my measurements are so that has kept my happy. I just had my eyes opened to the changes that my body is going through. I went back to Crossfit today, I looked at the workout and thought oh yeah this is for me, its all stuff I can do, lifting things and putting them back down again much better at that the burpees and handstands. So off I trot excited to be back start with my strength work out push press easy peasy super strong here .... eeer not any more !!! Usually I push press about 110lbs today 75lbs and that was with everything I had, so that's what happens with you loose an inch of your bicep. Anyway scaled everything back after that and completed the class I look forward to building some nice new lean muscle and strength without the pounds of fat to go with it :-)
  21. bs19gal

    Any April sleevers

    What I have found is that no one really pays that much attention. I have lost 45lbs since I started this journey and nobody notices. Its not that much of a % body weight change so I wouldn't worry they will probably just see a more glowy happy you :-) Biggest issue I have is the continual questioning on why I am not drinking, every single time I go out, sooner or later they will get used to it. I haven't ventured into eating out with friends yet, I am dreading the questions on how much I eat so avoiding as long as possible. Just enjoy the weight loss my scales are going up
  22. bs19gal

    Any April sleevers

    thatt topic just came up on the thread below
  23. bs19gal


    Don't be sad take it as you are exactly on the right path, if you search for stall 2 weeks post gastric sleeve you will see hundreds or comments on the topic and see how normal and correct it is for this to happen. This is a great article someone posted http://www.dsfacts.com/weight-loss-stall-or-plateau.html Helps understand why your body needs a time out every now and again Keep at it, everything will be wonderful. Also keep an eye on the inches small on your face.
  24. bs19gal


    Well I guess the honeymoon is over and I seem to be in a stall. Been level for a few days now and even went up in weight this morning. Not freaking out about it we all know its going to happen, would have liked a bit longer on the loosing trend though :-) Anyway there is no way in this world that you wont loose weight consuming 350 cals a day so my body is just taking a moment to adjust to the new norm and then I am sure it will be on its merry loosing way again. working up to 3 small meals a day which I can nearly manage but is there enough hours in the day !!! with the no liquids before or after rule there's a couple of hours out of fluids in take each meal I had to stay up an extra hour last night to pound liquids just to make the daily goal Anyway stall or not I am sticking to the game plan and stepping up my gym a bit to try and build some muscle and stamina. Happy day 16 everyone.

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