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  1. Jacksonsec

    March Surgeries

    I sent you a PM on Facebook. I can't send a friend request.
  2. Jacksonsec

    March Surgeries

    There is more than one Alexa Marlene. Send me a PM and I'll get you added to the group.
  3. Jacksonsec

    March Surgeries

    Sorry y'all. I don't come in here much. Usually Facebook. PM me Facebook name and email address so we can add you to the group. It's a secret group.
  4. Jacksonsec

    March Surgeries

    Once the Facebook group opened, I haven't been back to check on here. I'm glad to see everyone is doing well. Keep up the good work.
  5. Jacksonsec

    March Surgeries

    Submitted to insurance Monday, approved today. Surgery is 3/21. I think I freaked out the minute I got approved.
  6. Jacksonsec

    Psych evaluation

    Mine was two different appointments. The first part was a test... about 800 questions... that took about 2 hours to finish. It was a personality type test.. strongly agree, somewhat agree, agree, somewhat disagree, strongly disagree ... to about 600 different scenarios The others were repeated just worded differently. The second part was the results of that test, plus about an hour of question/answer interview type stuff followed by 20 minutes of memory test, speed thinking, decision making, trivia type stuff.
  7. I'm new to the group... first post actually. I'm in Memphis in the pre-planning stage. I met with Dr. Wagner and am doing the testing and everything to submit for insurance approval. I'm excited to get started!!

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