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    Any suggestions for where to find good recipes or a cook book?
  2. Same here but I was in so much pain from my stitch I could hardly stand up much less walk. I felt my stitch pop this week when I was coughing and I feel so much better. I'm hoping I can start walking now and get the scale moving. My friend told me the same thing though. She said just keep going g and the weight will come off. She said I would continue to loose and stop.
  3. fatnomore2017

    14 days post op 6 wks Pregnant

    Praying for you and your baby.
  4. fatnomore2017

    The 'PERFECT' bra??

    Soma has amazing bras. They even have one for back fat. But they are pricy. I always look for coupons first. But I haven't ever had a more perfect fit in looks and comfort.
  5. fatnomore2017

    Pain 3 weeks out????

    I didn't ever have a drain. I called again today and as usual they told me it's very common with the sleve.
  6. I really thought I would have been feeling better by now I am 3 weeks post op and can not walk or stand up for more than 10 minutes without my big incision forcing me to sit down because it hurts so bad. When I sit down it usually stops hurting but every once in a while I have to lay down for it to stop. Any thoughts or advice?
  7. Same here and I put my scale away. I figured in time it would move.
  8. fatnomore2017

    Estrogen and weight stall

    Not sure why that link came up meant to write sugar free jello and Popsicles are ok too.
  9. fatnomore2017

    Estrogen and weight stall

    Jello and sugar free Popsicles are ok too.
  10. fatnomore2017

    Estrogen and weight stall

    Just protiens very few carbs. Protien Shakes with less than 6 carbs, scrambled eggs or eggwhites, yogurt with more protien than carbs, ricotta cheese, string cheese and cottage cheese. No oatmeal unless it's the specially formulated bariatric kind because it has too many carbs. My nutritionist is very big on very low carb. She said our bodies burn our carb tank first and then fat so low carb is important for fat burning.
  11. fatnomore2017

    It has been a year!

    Amazing Results!!!!
  12. fatnomore2017

    Estrogen and weight stall

    I'm almost 3 weeks out and at a stall also and even gained 3 pounds before the stall. I have been here for over a week. It started when I started stage one foods. I'm thinking maybe it's because I lost 50 pounds before the surgery and had a lower bmi going into the surgery. I currently weigh 207.
  13. fatnomore2017

    Random Bariatric Thought of the Day.

    I had an Amazing suregon. Dr. Allen Alavrez with Sage Bariatrics in San Antonio! But I did my research first, he was not the first suregon I visited. It was important to me to have a great doctor.
  14. Hi guys I'm almost two weeks post-op and I'm having a hard time with my stomach and back hurting where my big incision is when I stand up or walk. When I sit down it goes away. Has anyone had the same problem. How can I help it to get better. I'm worried since I'm going back to work tomorrow. I talked to my Dr. And he said I had a deep internal stich and it should go away as I heal. I tried Tylenol but it didn't phase it.
  15. I haven't gotten that far I'm my diet progression but does it help if the meat is really tender or you put it in a food processor?
  16. fatnomore2017


    So sorry ! I'd avoid what you ate yesterday just to make sure. We were told to introduce only one new food at a time to see if it works. I also had a very short list of foods to start with. My surgery was on the 6th.
  17. My nutritionist said no fruit juice because it has too many carbs. And no milk either unless it's something like mootopia from HEB or FairLife from wal-mart that the lactose is removed and it has extra protien. She said only sugar free drinks between meals.
  18. fatnomore2017

    Dress Shopping...Little Wins!

    It looks Beautiful Congratulations!
  19. fatnomore2017

    Need to lose 50lbs to have surgery PLS HLP!!!

    I agree, I lost 50 pounds before my surgery and I used two meal replacements and had dinner at night which was usually salad or grilled chicken and veggies. I also exercised as often as I could.
  20. fatnomore2017

    Internal Suture Torn

    Not sure what I did but I have a lot of pain in my stomach and back when walking but it's fine if I sit down. Dr said I should be fine also.
  21. fatnomore2017

    1 Year Surgeryversary!

    Congratulations!!! You have done an amazing job!!! I can't wait to get there. I'm 9 days post op.
  22. fatnomore2017

    Post op first Dr appt

  23. Ok friends this might sound crazy but I'm wondering how you felt when you first woke up after surger? I know if I prepare myself for the worst and it is not as bad it's better for me. My surgery is on Monday. THANKS!