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  1. I am looking for Misfit buddies. Anyone using one?
  2. triplethreat

    How to STOP losing?

    My body hit its post op set point about 9 months after surgery. It found its new normal and I easily maintain there, within 2 lbs. If I want to lose more weight I can, but I am very happy where I am. I still track what I eat and kniw what my caloric needs are, and hit that most days.
  3. triplethreat

    HELP! Portion sizes

    I am a little over a year post op. Most of my meals are 3-4 oz in weight. I use a scale when I want to measure. I can push as much as 5-6 oz when drinking with a meal, so ne cautious and follow guidelines for drinking. Depending on the food, I may be unable to finish a 4 oz portion. Also, I stay full for several hours so choosing nutrient-rich foods is imperative.
  4. I am over a year out and can have carbonated things. I can't drink much, about half a soda or beer. I almost never drink anything carbonated because I don't like sodas etc, but my plan allows them after 4 months.
  5. triplethreat

    Abdominal fat?

    Hey beautiful people! I'm almost a year post surgery and I'm super happy with my progress. I am healthy and happy and pushing myself to become more fit. Although I went from a size 20 to size 8, my abdomen is where I hold excess fat, which I want to work on. I run 2.5-3 miles 4 days , and am pretty new to running. I also swim 1-2 days a week but I'm not a.great swimmer. is there an effective way to lose belly with cardio? I do some weight training but I'm not as consist as I could be.
  6. triplethreat

    When did your weight problems start?

    I was a thin little kid who became plump around 11, but learned to severely restrict my food in high school and was a normal weight. I always liked to be active, played sports and so on. In her 20s and 30s my mother was very slim and was really beautiful, but struggled with mental health issues and would binge eat so that by the time I was in junior high she was obese. My father has been overweight all his life. Genetics began to get me in my 30s and after I had my last child I was clinically obese. I developed insulin resistance and could no longer lose much, no more than 5 lbs. I developed HBP and has joint pain...and although I guess I was a fairly active fat person my BP got so bad it could not be controlled well. My doctor told me I would have a stroke and/ or a heart attack if I continued down that path. He told me that the single best thing I could do was to lose weight. I am over a year out from surgery and am so thankful for my new life.
  7. triplethreat

    First day back in Zumba

    If it helps, right after surgery I could not run a tenth of a mile now I can run 7 miles if I push myself. You will.build.up energy and endurance as you continue to heal, hang in there!
  8. triplethreat

    VSG Runners Question

    I started running after surgery, I drink lots of water the day before I participate in an event, and drink what I can the day of.. What I've found is that a 5K is fine, I don't need to fuel and can wait until after the event - I need to hydrate, but not eat for that distance. After or for a 10k, I need fuel. Protein bars are fine. Peanut butter sandwich on low carb bread is good after running, any kind of chocolate skim milk. The gel supports aren't ok,according to my surgeon. If I progress to a half marathon, he suggests runner's granola/trail mix, nut butters, protein shakes. It's more important for me to tend to my liquid intake than midpoint fuel.
  9. triplethreat


    it made me very sick, couldn't keep anything down. Also made me constipated. I lost 5 lbs in 2 months. I did have success with Nutrisystem, 12 lbs in 2 months, before surgery. I have a friend who works for Jenny Craig and she says their meals are fine for bariatric patients but I'd defer to my surgeon on that.
  10. triplethreat

    How Much Should I Eat?

    I'm a year out. I can eat 4-6 oz of solid food at a time. I can drink pretty much without restriction.
  11. triplethreat

    Different Hair

    My hair was mostly straight before and now, after surgery, it's curly. My hair stylist says she's seen this with another wls client. The color didn't change.
  12. I can run! Not because someone is chasing me, but because I want to! Wearing a swim suit without being self conscious. Fitting in airplane seats.
  13. Check with your surgical team to find out if you should be eating. Most of us are on a strict liquid diet immediately after surgery because the stomach needs to heal.
  14. triplethreat

    New Job Opportunity

    Congratulations! A great opportunity for you. I'm also a teacher. We have 25 minutes for lunch and frequently br8ng things to share. IMe teachers are always dieting, sharing food, etc. If teachers eat together then I am sure you will encounter others who are careful of what they eat. Sometimes I only.have time for a protein shake. I went back to work six days after surgery and had a mini frig in my room that I stocked with food and water. You're going to do great!
  15. I had one gb attack and ended up with acute pancreatitis. Terrible pain! That was 17 years ago and I haven't had any issues since having my gb removed.
  16. Talk to your surgeon. I can drink on my plan. Since I don't have addiction issues he's ok with it. I often choose not to drink; I sip water with lime. People sometimes think it's vodka. Really though, it's just peer pressure if you think you need to drink to fit in. You definitely need to be able to rise above peer pressure to be successful after wls.
  17. I flew for the first time since wls and fit in the seats with no problem! The seatbelt had a lot of extra belt, after I tightened it, whereas before I had to extend it to the end. Way better experience than the last time I flew.
  18. triplethreat

    New male user. July surgery.

    Welcome all! You are going to do great and will have a new, healthier life. I also backed out of surgery the first time and waited about 5 years to do it. As for going back to work, you will have some fatigue but if you are staying hydrated and healing, you may be ready sooner than you think. I returned to work 6 days post op but was really tired at first. Good luck!
  19. What about sugar free popsicles? Other sources of liquid? It does get easier as you heal. Many people can drink a bottle of water at once after they heal. It sounds like you are doing well and determined, you'll get there!
  20. It was later in life that my weight became a problem for me. It took me 4 years to be ready for surgery...I had to accept that I couldn't maintain weight loss without outside help. I wish I'd done it sooner.
  21. triplethreat

    Sharing with coworkers??

    I'm a pretty private person. When I had radiation I didn't tell anyone but family. When I had my gallbladder out no one knew but family, etc. However if someomen asks me I don't lie. Almost no one asks. People often don't like to ask uncomfortable questions.
  22. triplethreat

    Abdominal fat?

    My stats are right but I definitely have a weak core and need to work on it. I don't have a ton of loose skin (some but it doesn't bother me). I'm not wanting to be a bikini model but I do want a stronger abdomen.
  23. triplethreat

    Abdominal fat?

    Thanks! I'm going to try sucking in my stomach when I run today.
  24. I love how positive you ways are, Alex! For me, I'm training to do a Tough Mudder type run with my three teenagers. I'm also committed to two vegetarian meals a week, as one of my kids is a vegetarian and we are learning to cook vegetarian meals together.
  25. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. it addresses dysfunctional thinking as well as behavioral modification. It is not like psychotherapy, which is long term in most cases. This therapy is goal-directed and once you develop new skills, therapy ends unless you have another need.