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    Losers bench

    Congratulations & welcome!
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    Please calm your nerves. Your is adjusting to the new you. Just be patient!Adjusting is perfectly fine. I understand that. Where I'm irritated is the fact that my body is now gaining. My doctor can easily deny the surgery if I gain weight. So easy. So no, nerves are not going to be calm as this situation can easily cost me an opportunity to help better my health. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App We don't want you being denied! Have you tried the My Fitness Pal app? It can really help with monitoring your calories & physical activity.
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    Please calm your nerves. Your is adjusting to the new you. Just be patient!
  4. neckless_que

    Thinking About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    First of all, every person's body is different. I haven't experienced vomiting or gerd issues. I received the sleeve on 8/8/16. I'm 44 yrs old and weighed 365 lbs on the day of surgery. I went back for my one week visit and I was 350 lbs. At my one month visit I tipped the scale at 335 lbs. As of last week in 295 lbs.
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    Submitted to Aetna

  6. My VSG date is 8/8. My surgery will be performed by Dr. Ajay Goyal of the New Jersey Bariatric Center.
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    I have my surgery date!

    Congrats. My date is 8/8. There's no need to be scared. You've tackled the hardest part. Recognizing that you wanted a change & you were willing to do something about it.
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    I need support!

    Let's go Champ!
  9. I set to have VSG performed by Dr. Ajay Goyal of the New Jersey Bariatric Center at Robert Wood Johnson on 8/8.
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    Thought I'd share this with everyone.
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    From the album: neckless_que

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    Submitted to Aetna

    If aint one thing it's another! You'll persevere.
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    How to start losing before

    I began using the My Fitness Pal app 4/13 and I've dropped 14 lbs when visiting the nutritionist. I'm keeping my caloric intake under 2000. I've been averaging between 1600-150 cal. My Fitness Pal has really been helpful!
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    MyFitnessPal Buddies?

    I've been using the app for the past 5 weeks
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    Surgery on May 19. Getting nervous. Help!

    You've come this far. Now is the time that you recognize you're doing what's best for you. Of course trust in God that everything will be fine.
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    Submitted to Aetna

    Congrats Dawnie Doo. I also have Aetna. I've been approved for VSG as early as July. I've 2 visits with the surgeon & nutritionist. I have my next visit in early June & I'll get my date then. So far I'm down 14 lbs. since 4/13.
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    Surgery Tomorrow

    To god be the glory! Prayers up.
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    Dammit. When doing the right thing is wrong.
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    How does it taste?
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    Congrats. I'll be getting my actual date in June. Will be eligible as early as July.
  22. On a whole another note. So, I guess persons who've had WLS can't have one night stands or have casual relations? IJS
  23. I'm a firm believer that straight talk leads to a straight understanding. A person will either accept you for who you are or not, but withholding information is the same as lying. On another note. How would you feel if your friend informed you that they had an STD when you were involved in foreplay?

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