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  1. Why is it important to take isolate Protein powder post op? What happens if the amount of protein intake is not the recommended 60 to 80g a day?
  2. It's exactly 2 months and 2 days since my surgery and I have lost 50 pounds. I'm worried I'm losing weight too fast or is this a normal pace? I am unable to eat much, sometimes nothing at all, but I don't feel hungry or tired. I'm on Multivitamin tablets. What are the dangers? Please advice. Going to doctor in a few days time.
  3. Please don't take it the wrong way, and I may be wrong... but that looks like a massive amount of food. Also, it doesn't look soft enough.
  4. @@Ken S.@@Alex Brecher The tickers for old posts are not updating once again. Also, the mobile android app continues to keep crashing. It was working fine for a few days after I sent my IP and all, but it's gone back to crashing at start up
  5. My ticker shows as updated when I check it from settings but it doesn't seem to update on the old posts. Is it the same for everyone? It doesn't seem to have updated for this one either. Weird.
  6. Also, is it normal for it to cost nearly $100 for a 3lb pack of isolate protein?
  7. I am 15 days post surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) and here are some issues / questions I hope you can help me with: 1) For the first 2 weeks, I was on clear liquid diet. I lost 22 pounds/10 kg in the first one week but I stalled on day 8 and still am on stall. Is that normal? 2) My surgeon suggested I include "Isopure" Protein powder into my diet, 1.5 scoops in water/milk 2 times a day. Is it a good one, anyone else using it? 3) Can I eat scrambled eggs at this stage? I am sick of clear fruit juices. 4) Am I allowed to eat flaky well cooked fish? Please help.
  8. Keralian

    15 days out: Issues

    @@future Mrs : Egg whites only or whole eggs is fine?
  9. Keralian

    15 days out: Issues

    Thank you everyone for the replies. Much appreciated.
  10. I am one week out post - op. Is it safe to switch to pills. The doctor seemed ok with it, but the head nurse of the hospital seemed to be of the opinion that i should crush them and mix it in Water which tastes like feet. I would of course go by my doctor's advise but just wondering if anyone's had bad experiences taking pills right after gastric sleeve. I've been prescribed medications like ursodeoxycholic acid for gall stones calcitriol, Calcium carbonate and zinc multi Vitamin pills (I was taking syrup for a week) hypertension medication (pills)
  11. I had my surgery on 8th April, 2016 and today, one week post op, I've lost 18.5 lbs since. 277 lbs (day of surgery) - 258 lbs (one week post op) - Can everyone post their one week out figures here if you remember?
  12. @@Inner Surfer Girl@@2goldengirl Thank you!
  13. @@missricki Me too. But I think the docs aren't gonna allow weight training until after a month or two I think.
  14. @@missricki That's really awesome! Keep it up and I hope you achieve your target weight safely and soon!
  15. @@jabraham Go to the top right part of the window where your name is - It should say "Hello jabraham" Click on that, a drop down appears. Select My Tickers from it. Don't forget to go into the other sections - My profile, settings, my surgery etc and update information there as well.
  16. @@jabraham Hi, a ticker is the progress chart thing you see at the bottom of some users' posts. This one's mine.
  17. I have sent you the information @@Ken S.
  18. Also, @Ken.S. and @AlexBercher , the bariatric pal app doesn't seem to be working for me. I am using android 5.11 on a relatively decent phone which runs almost any app. The error seems to be some kind of network error. Attached is a screenshot. I'm not based in the U.S. if that information helps.
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  21. Hi @@Ken S. , Nope. It's showing up fine now. I think there is significant delay sometimes between updating the weight and the ticker/settings actually getting updated. I am new to the forum so I'm not sure if this is how it works, but perhaps you can look into this. Thank you for replying. Regards
  22. I'm not sure my weight loss is safe, I have a follow up appointment with the Surgeon tomorrow. So I'll know then.
  23. liquid diet is hard but it will get better... In a couple of day's time you should not be feeling the same tiredness and exhaustion but cravings might come in. So try to stay away when others are having a sumptuous meal or watching anything on tv which looks delicious. It's all in the head after a while. I didn't do any diet but my BMI was 39.6 pre surgery and the doctor said I don't need to go on a liquid only diet. Remember, the pre-op liquid diet will help you burn a lot of fat around your stomach/liver and make things easier for the surgeon for the surgery itself.
  24. I underwent surgery on 8th. Spent 1 day in ICU, One day in hospital room and was discharged on 10th. I am back home now doing the following activities: 1) drinking 2.5 ounces (75ml) of Clear liquids every hour or so when I'm awake. 2) Clear liquids include Water, fresh juices (grapes, sweet lemon, watermelon, apple, pineapple), vegetable broth (filtered) 3) I get a sharp pain sometimes when I drink liquids (kind of when you get it if you've been hungry for a while and eat) Is this normal? 4) The ports used for laproscopic surgery were glued up but I see slight liquid seeping out of them. Is this normal? (No Pain, photo below)
  25. Keralian

    3 DAYS Post Op

    There was never any pain from the incisions thanks to the excellent surgeon and the really small ports he placed with very little manipulation. However, there is a bit of pain when I drink something or when I get incredibly hungry and the stomach makes all kinds of noises. The pain does subside after a couple of days. Just don't drink anything other than what the doctor prescribes and in very small sips, not gulps. Make sure you take any antacid medications that the doctor prescribes too. Try to stay away from pain killers unless it's necessary.

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