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  1. I weighed 354 at my annual check up in December and was borderline everything bad (blood pressure, diabetes, etc). I've lost 82 lbs since I started on a low carb diet Jan 3rd and 52 of those since surgery in March. I just finished a 5 mile walk this morning that I would have never even tried a few months ago. I have a nearly whole new wardrobe, most of my clothes got way too big. I am going on a 7 day rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in July - wouldn't have even considered this before now. So, while it isn't "easy", if I can do it, I know you can too! Just take the plunge and try to stick to the plan as best you can. The rewards are worth it!
  2. I'm only 3 months out, but no problems here unless I go two days without a Prilosec. I started out swit one daily, now every other day. When I try to go three days, indigestion rears its ugly head. Now the band I had for 10 years was a complete other story...that thing was nothing but trouble.
  3. One night, felt surprisingly good with little pain. Went into surgery around 11:00 am and out by 9:00 the next morning.
  4. I had 5 including port and band removal.
  5. JimBivens


    About 5 weeks out.
  6. JimBivens


    I quit snoring after losing about 30 pounds. My wife says she sometimes pokes me now to make sure I'm alive since I sleep so quietly now!
  7. I'm a guy and here's my take. He's doing that on purpose. He's afraid of change, especially you changing and your self confidence growing. He's passively aggressively trying to sabotage your success. He wouldn't be doing that unless he's an ass, and you would know before now whether he is or not, or scared of losing you. If he's an ass, press on and good luck! If he's a good guy, reassure him that this change will be a good thing, it will make everything you two have better!
  8. Here's an observation I use for motivation...how many fat, old people do you know? There aren't many!
  9. I had conversion on Mar 1st, so not quite a month, and have loss 27 so far. It's come off pretty easily. I've followed the diet plan and try to walk at least 30 min per day, 5 days per week. I'm so glad that band is out.
  10. I was banded about 10 years ago. Had two more surgeries to repair slips. Finally had band to sleeve revision on March 1st. Spent one night in hospital. Almost no pain, just some mild discomfort, the worst day being day 3. Was off work about 10 days. I've had zero problems or issues. Have lost about 25 pounds since surgery. Wish I never had that band. It caused me years of reflux and grief. So far, the sleeve has been "easy". Good luck!
  11. Started this lap band to sleeve journey at 355 on Jan 4th by going on a low carb diet. 299 this morning. Lost 30 lbs pre-op followed by 26 since surgery on March 1st. I rarely feel hungry. So far, so good! If you're wondering if you should do it....DO IT!!
  12. JimBivens

    2 days post op

    I had band to sleeve revision Tues, Mar 1st. I've felt pretty good too, just some minor discomfort. In just 4 days, I'm down 7 pounds, and finally had the elusive BM after taking 3 tbl of milk of magnesia last night. Good luck!
  13. Less invasive, lower complications and risks.
  14. JimBivens

    Any FEBRUARY sleevers?!

    I was scheduled for surgery tomorrow but got sick last week. Disappointed but rescheduled for Mar 1st. I wanted to feel great going into surgery. Right now I feel like crap and coughing up green junk. [emoji19]
  15. I think our coping mechanism (food) is gone. That's how we got into our situations for the most part. Eating when stressed, or unhappy or worried. We have to learn how to deal with life's challenges in a different and healthier way!
  16. Same here, just clear liquids the day before surgery.
  17. JimBivens

    Any FEBRUARY sleevers?!

    I'm from Shreveport actually, but my original lap band and subsequent repairs were done in New Orleans, so I'm sticking with the same doctor.
  18. JimBivens

    Any FEBRUARY sleevers?!

    I'm Feb 16th too, band to sleeve revision, in New Orleans.

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