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  1. When your real weight is finally less than what you put on your drivers license!
  2. brittd


    Does anyone have trouble wearing their bra?! I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and I can barely make it 2 hours before I have to take it off because it makes me feel nauseous. Hoping I'm not the only one. . .
  3. Im 5 days post op and i felt pretty accomplished that I was able to finish an entire premier protein and a bottle of water yesterday! I had a hiatal hernia so getting things down has been difficult. Just wondering if I'm behind or right where I should be, given the circumstances?!
  4. brittd

    Our Thanksgiving Reality!

    I was sleeved on Monday and I'm struggling to get through today! I want to eat everything I see!
  5. Can't believe in 12 hours I will be arriving at the hospital. Best of luck!!
  6. I'm November 23rd too! I'm right there with you, eyes open and 1 day at a time!
  7. brittd

    HELP! RE: psych eval ????

    This same thing happened to me! The front desk people very rudely told me that the doc didn't do psych evals but when I had talked to the actual doctor a month before he said it would be no problem. I called and left a message with the nurse who does medication refills and she was able to personally ask the doc and he said he does.
  8. Surgery is November 23rd, and it can't come soon enough!
  9. brittd

    Pre op diet...

    I did see a Dietitian but she never said anything about a pre-op diet. . . I have a bunch of paperwork on nutrition care following surgery, just nothing about beforehand.
  10. brittd

    Pre op diet...

    Hmmm I'm starting to get a little worried. My surgery is November 23rd and the next time I see my doctor is November 19th and I was never told anything about a pre-op diet!!