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    You are restricted from certain foods for certain amounts of time because your stomach is healing! It was cut in half.... You can't just put anything in there. Follow the doctor / NUT plans or you will end up with a leak possibly. Why risk it? Following my "own rules" put me in a place of needing weight loss surgery....learned my lesson for sure.
  2. Well it was supposed to say thank you for posting that!!! I am going on week 5 and needed to hear it. Blessings!!
  3. Be patient with your healing. You WILL feel better and the weight WILL come off- maybe not as fast as you like, but it will come off. Get enough rest but walk walk walk... It helped me more than anything else- even meds. Best wishes to you!!!
  4. Had my 3 week check up and 15 lbs down since surgery. I had a week long stall of losing and gaining the same 3 lbs.... Finally broke it this weekend because I upped My calories. Dr told me today to keep it between 800-1000 calories. My average has been @570 until this past weekend when I ate @700 and broke my stall. Hope you all are well!
  5. So sorry you are having problems! I had to go bacK to work last Tuesday so it's been work for almost 2 weeks now. I think the protein shakes were a huge help with me as far as stamina. Hang in there... At least you have lost a good amount! I will say a prayer for you.
  6. Soooo..... How is everyone?? I am just now on pure liquid soups and can start "mushies" next week. Feeling great... A little slow on the weight loss but I am fine with it....it's still coming off. Hope all are doing well!!
  7. Is that two more weeks clear liquids? Or do you get to go to protein drinks with milk? I sorta cringed when I read what you wrote, cause I am with you, the protein drinks are cloyingly sweet. I keep playing over and over in my mind what would be a good taste....still stumped! I think I may forever hate the flavor "orange"!Glad to hear you had a good report from your doctor....and hope your dizziness is just the bp meds. I was able to stop at three places (errands) and get my walk in, of course I feel like a drowned rat now, but I feel a real sense of accomplishment! Hope everyone is doing well! Clear liquids with protein drinks ( I make mine with Fairlife fat free milk). I have found that Muscle milk powder with that milk is less sweet tasting than the Premier Protein... That stuff is SO sweet it makes me nauseous. Hope all are doing well!
  8. One week check up today! My dizziness that I was telling you all about was a bit better today, but still present this morning. Dr said for me to cut back on my blood pressure pills to see if this helps. So, will give that a shot! He said I am doing fantastic... Will be on only liquid diet for another 2 weeks. Yuck! I really dislike how all of the protein drinks are so sweet! I use decaf iced tea as a "chaser" to get through them. I am drinking Unjury, Premier Protein and Muscle Milk. Hope everyone else is doing well! We can do this!
  9. I will be sure to! Talk to you tomorrow!
  10. Thanks for your reply! I actually go in tomorrow for my 1Week check up. I am anxious to hear what he has to say!
  11. I am experiencing crazy amounts of dizziness... Morning and then again at night. Keeping me from being able to get ready to go to church this morning so I am staying home. Woke up nauseous around midnight- out of nowhere.... Very frustrated. How long is it supposed to take to feel normal again??
  12. Texas_Chick


    Only thing of my own that I used was my Eos (Chapstick) and a loose gown and slippers I wore home. Didn't even wear undies as I didn't want a band stretching Across my tummy. never used my phone- slept too much or didn't feel like being on it. If they won't let you eat ice chips, you can at least swish one around in your mouth and spit iT out.... Was my saving grace with the HORRIBLE cotton mouth I had. I wasn't allowed any drink for 24 hrs. Until my barium drink to cheCk for leaks. Best wishes!
  13. Miralax (30cc'S) is what I was supposed to take if I couldn't poo. Hope all is doing better now!
  14. I am getting in about 55 grams of Protein a day from Protein shakes and or unjury protein broth with out any problem. I am still very low on energy. Got out for the first time last night And ended up in the car with my husband finishing the Shopping... Very dizzy and a little nauseous. Slept on both sides and flat on my back for first time last night! So glad! I am having a very hard time with the Vitamins my dr sold me.... Makes me nauseous every time. I will be looking for a substitute! Check up on Monday Glad everyone seems to be doing well! Anxious to have energy back and feeling up to doing more!!!
  15. Sleeved 7/6 as well. So glad to get home The day after. Suffered from some reflux and then remembered I was supposed to take a med for that. Better now. I have not had bad gas pains at all...in stead just a hard tummy. I am swallowing gasp pills just fine. Poo is runny. Getting fluids in fine and met my protein goal each day. My energy is WAY down but that is expected. I am still walking like a 90 year old and afraid to cough, burp, etc because it hurts. Sleeping at an angle to help with reflux but might try to sleep on side tonight. I am afraid of a leak I am too careful with. Y movements I think....idk. Are you able to stretch your stomach? Glad to heat all went well for you!
  16. Texas_Chick

    Post op day 1

    I too had surgery on 7/6 & had a temp of 100.2 the evening I camE home. Spoke to dr on call and he said it was fine but to make sure I was using my breathing tool they sent home with me. My biggest issue has been thE tight feeling I have going down center of stomach....
  17. Good luck @@GirlOnFire ! Mine is tomorrow as well super excited!!!!
  18. It will only be as bad as you make it. I looked forward to it because it was the beginning Of a new me. I am on my last day now (7days) and have my surgery tomorrow morning. I like tea and drank a lot of decaf tea with trivia (Natural sweetener) along with 3 protein drinks a day. I also bought sugar free jello, sugar free Popsicles, and crystal light. Truly by the 2-3 day I was FINE. Even days 1-3 weren't terrible. Stay busy. I had moments of hunger but just thought about why I was doing this and how it was just a part of the process. You've got this! Anything is possible! Best wishes to all of you
  19. Surgery is July 6th! I have been on pro-op diet since Sunday morning, so on day 5 now and doing really well. Yesterday was my last day at Work until I return on the 14th....so trying to keep myself busy so I can be distracted from any hunger I might have. Really think it's all in the mind though and how determined you are. Just tried unjury unflavored protein in water with Miso (like crystal light) ... It made it a little milky looking and with a bit of vanilla flavoring. Not too bad because it adds 21 grams of protein to my water... Awesome!!! I will try the chicken broth unjury protein tonight for dinner. I am also drinking 3 protein drinks a day. Premiere protein is what I had seen others promote. They sell it online as well as WalMart and SAMs. Sugar free jello and sugar free Popsicles, and lots of decaf tea!! Bahama Bucks "thin ice" is sugar free and a real treat! Hope you all have one close by. I wish the BEST to everyone and hope you all are doing well!
  20. Texas_Chick

    July sleevers?

    Yes! Not sure if anyone has a Bahama Bucks around them but that is where I go! "Thin Ice" snow cone- sugar free, carb free, everything free!!! Love them
  21. Texas_Chick

    Looking for June/July buddies

    July 6th for me! Started my liquid diet today. I can't believe it is right around the corner! So excited and nervous
  22. Texas_Chick

    July sleevers?

    Pre-op diet depends on you and your surgeon... i have seen several differnt senarios and instructions. The need for the diet is to shrink your liver so that the surgeon can get to your stomach more easily during surgery. I have my surgery next Monday (!!!!) and started my clear liquid diet w/ 3 protien shakes a day today. So far so good,,, just staying positive and taking every hunger pain / thought one at a time, I can do this and so can everyone else. I am keeping my eye on the prize! Best wishes to all and I am following your journeys!
  23. Texas_Chick

    July sleevers?

    Me too! I start my diet Sunday And will be relieved to start it....ready to get this started!
  24. Texas_Chick

    July sleevers?

    July 6th! Best wishes to you!

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