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    Current sleevers in Alabama?

    Yay! She is great; you will love her. I had mine done April 24. She will ask if you want it robotically, I did and would def recommend it!
  2. hayhayRN

    Current sleevers in Alabama?

    Yeah I opted for it because of the new technology of it showing the sealing of the stomach. Leakage scared me! I had trouble with plain water just up until recently. Thank goodness that part is over!
  3. I have not seen a therapist yet, I am trying to get a new job on days because nights are kicking my butt. I work on mother/baby, but just interviewed in women's OR. My surgeon actually put in a good word for me! I would actually be in lots of bariatric surgeries, how crazy is that! I definitely think I may need to at least go talk to a therapist or find a good support group. I'm not sure about meds, they never worked for me before. Everything I've read says this stage gets better, I sure hope so!
  4. hayhayRN

    Current sleevers in Alabama?

    Dr. Askew did mine at Brookwood. I work there, and she is fabulous. Did you have yours done robotically? How's the nausea?
  5. Well since surgery I've lost 25. But I have had a bit of a rocky recovery with nausea and pain and Not being about to eat or drink and nothing tastes right. I am happy with the weight loss, I just feel a bit crazy with my mood. I'm either crying or angry, I be never felt like this and just wanna Lay in bed. It's like I am learning to live again, and I never know how my crazy new stomach will react! Its hard to talk to anyone bc they do not understand what I'm feeling. I just figured I would try this. As far as your weight loss, everyone is different and if you have lost that much you are doing great!
  6. Hi everyone, I've been a nurse for 2 years, work nights on mother/baby...but trying to go to the OR on days as I had my surgery April 23, and nights are brutal! I'm down 36 lbs, but having a bit of depression at this point. Has anyone experienced this?
  7. hayhayRN

    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    Hi there, I had my surgery April 23, 2015, and am having a bit of a depression streak. Is this normal? It's really affecting me emotionally and even pyhsically!
  8. hayhayRN

    Current sleevers in Alabama?

    Hey there everyone. I had my VSG on April 23, 2015 and was wondering if anyone is having a hard time emotionally?