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    Gastric Sleeve / Day Surgery

    I had day surgery, as did my sister. Until I started reading the blogs, I didn't realize how uncommon that was. We knew from the beginning it would be that way, unless there were complications or issues. We were done back to back, the first two of the day, and the only ones getting sleeved (everyone else that day were getting bands). We were in by 8, and headed home by 2-3 p.m. We did the leak test immediately following surgery, after which, we were in recovery. There, we consumed liquids, and got up frequently to walk. Once we were deemed ok, we were discharged. Our next appointment was one week later where our inclusions were checked, and the tape removed. Neither of us had an issue with the process. We rather preferred it that way.
  2. Slim-Shady

    Psych evaluation required?! Why?

    I guess I was different all the way around because a psych elvaluation was not required, nor did/do I need it. Really glad it wasn't required because it would have only served to make my wait time longer!
  3. I plan to get plastic surgery to get rid of extra skin; tummy tuck, contour, lift, etc. Looking for recommendations on how close to my goal I should be before I do anything. Should I be at goal? 10, 15, 20 lbs away? Any suggestions from those who've done it/researched it?
  4. I haven't looked into prices yet. I'm about to start. I know my insurance company doesn't cover plastic surgery, so I've been taking my time since I'll be paying out of pocket.
  5. Slim-Shady

    Where did my backside go?

    Hahah! I'm laughing because I'm experiencing the same thing! I had been showering since the procedure, and Saturday was the first time I had taken an actual bath in months. Boy was I surprised! It was pretty uncomfortable.
  6. Does anyone else obsess over their stomach stretching? I'm about 9 months post op, and I find myself worried that my sleeve will stretch. Who else worries about this? I'm pretty sure this is normal.
  7. Slim-Shady

    Anyone Else Scared?

    I am still amazed by this @@Daisee68! One minute I'm stuffed the entire day from what I ate the day before, and the next, I can eat more than I expected! That's probably one reason I worry about stretching my sleeve! Guess it's all part of the learning process. I am still amazed by this @@Daisee68! One minute I'm stuffed the entire day from what I ate the day before, and the next, I can eat more than I expected! That's probably one reason I worry about stretching my sleeve! Guess it's all part of the learning process. I am still amazed by this @@Daisee68! One minute I'm stuffed the entire day from what I ate the day before, and the next, I can eat more than I expected! That's probably one reason I worry about stretching my sleeve! Guess it's all part of the learning process.
  8. Slim-Shady

    Anyone Else Scared?

    Thanks everyone! The encouragement is great!
  9. Always a hot topic! My suggestion is to keep it to yourself until you are absolutely sure wether you want to share it! You cannot un-tell it once it's told! I did not tell anyone, and I don't plan to. I'm a very private person, in every aspect of my life, so not sharing this is nothing new. I have a very big family, and everyone is always in everyone else's business, and food is the center of most gatherings, so I can relate. When I was only a few weeks post op, I was selective about what events I attended. When I did attend, the focus was not on me, or what I ate. I was mindful to pay attention to others (to note whether they were watching me), but I was able to do that without being noticed. I did that to ensure there was no unwanted attention on my eating habits, and there wasn't. I also moved around and socialized with everyone as much as I could, so it looked like I was eating on the go, and I didn't appear to not be eating. What helped me more than anything was the truth though. I had started my healthy eating prior to the procedure, and that part wasn't a secret. When I attend functions, I'm eating less, and folks are not surprised that I'm not eating like I use to. Even when people try to get me to eat things I can't, shouldn't, or don't want to, I tell them I'm not eating stuff like that anymore. They attribute it to my healthier eating. I would however, suggest that while you're on liquids at least, you avoid big functions because that will be more dufficult to explain away. I didn't go to any functions during my liquid stage. Good luck on your journey!
  10. Slim-Shady

    Can't wait to start enjoying shopping

    Buying new clothes is SO exciting! I love going in the stores and trying on clothes now. It feels really good to be out of size 18/20 and 2x's -- bye bye Lane Bryant and ALL plus sized clothes and clothing stores! I haven't reached my goal yet, but I've come a long way! Hold on to the clothes you can't wear right now, and buy clothes at discount stores like Mashall's and TJ Maxx until you reach goal. You will find yourself needing new sizes pretty quickly, and this will save you some money. Good luck on your journey!
  11. My doc said I could use them after 2 weeks, and I've been using them ever since! In fact, it's very hard to drink without a straw. I was quite anxious to start using them before my two weeks was up!
  12. Slim-Shady

    Stomach Stretching Already?

    Whew, glad to have come across this post! I was getting nervous about my sleeve being stretched, since as others have said, it seems like I was able to eat more overnight after the 5th/6th month. I think we are all so nervous because we don't want to go back to where we started; I know I am. Thanks for sharing your stories everyone! I feel MUCH better now!
  13. Slim-Shady

    Why is it so hard to down water?!

    At 6 months post-op, it's hard for me to get liquids in be it fast or slow. I use a straw, and that helps tremendously! Hope this helps you. Good luck!
  14. As everyone else mentioned, it will depend on your doctor's schedule, and your insurance. My sister and I did it together, and it took us two months from our initial appointment to surgery. We had our EGD at the end of May, which basically guaranteed insurance approval. Our longest wait was finding time on our surgeon's calendar. We didn't have any of the pre-surgery requirements others here have had; no nutritionist, psychological evals, group sessions, etc. All of that will depend on who you go with, and what they require. We were fortunate that we didn't have to endure any of that! We even found out what our out of pocket costs would be at our initial appointment. Our timeline: May 13, Initial Appt May 29, EGD July 14, Surgery
  15. My sister and I were sleeved together in July, and I must say, it is one if the best decisions we've ever made! From the moment we went to our initial consult, everything fell into place! The time between our initial consult, May 13, to surgery was only two months, and the only reason it was even that long was due to finding openings on the calendar to have our EGDs and surgeries done. We couldn't have asked for the process to go smoother. Now five months post-op, we are reaping the benefits of WLS. We've done some shopping here and there since being sleeved, but the other day, we went on what we consider our first shopping trip. It was both exciting and emotional. My sister was literally in tears. We were both trying on Misses sizes. It felt great! No more plus size clothing for us. No more paying more for clothing because it's plus size. No more limitations due to size. No more frumpy simply because it's plus size. No more! We've looked at pictures of ourselves from before, and it is unbelievable. We have often said that we can't believe we allowed ourselves to get that far gone. However, we will not harp on that. Nor will we beat ourselves up about it. That is over and done with. We will instead use that as continuous motivation for never returning to that place. This journey is by no means, an easy one. WLS is not a magic pill, or a poof it's gone weight loss method. It is a wonderful tool for those of us who need something more than a traditional diet regiment. That doesn't make us any less dedicated or committed to a healthier lifestyle. It also doesn't make us less worthy because we chose WLS over what others have chosen. Enjoy your success, and learn from past and current behaviors. Live your best and most healthy life unapologetically! I hope our story encourages you along your journey!
  16. Slim-Shady

    Experiencing Some Success!

    Thank you @@proudgrammy! No, we won't entertain plus size again! What's that? That's all in the past! Being able to support one another is SUPER COOL too! We can relate to one another where others might not be able to. My sister is not on the board. I'll have to get her to join.
  17. Slim-Shady

    Experiencing Some Success!

    Thank you @@Inner Surfer Girl! We are bursting with excitement!
  18. Slim-Shady

    Experiencing Some Success!

    @@jane13 I'm so excited to be able to purchase cute clothing from the clearance racks!
  19. I use a frozen smoothie mix in a bag (there are several variations with a combination of fruit and veggies, and they are about 60-80 cal per servings -- I'm sure they have similar options in every region); low fat yogurt (also low in cals); and a protein powder. I use low carb protein powders like I did pre-op, so it helps keeps the carbs and calories low as well. I mix it in a blender, and it's a meal replacement; usually breakfast or lunch. It's very filling, and quite tasty! I like to play around with the flavors so it doesn't get boring. Use your preferred yogurt, smoothie mix, and protein powder.
  20. How was everyone's Thanksgiving? This was my first holiday since being sleeved in July, and I don't think I did too bad. As I am still learning how to eat (meaning when to stop) since WLS, it was simple enough to mix in Thanksgiving to my learning. In essence, I handled Thanksgiving like I do every other day; I ate the best bites first, and stopped when I was full. Actually, I think I did better than I do most days because I was so determined not to "over-do" it. I had a taste of a couple of items; eating the dish(es) I had been looking forward to the most first. I determined early on that I would likely not get to taste everything, and I was ok with that (go figure). As I said, I applied my daily habits to Thanksgiving, recognizing that things are different; which includes holidays and special occasions. I ate more carbs than usual, and even had some pecan pie, but it was all in moderation. I did not overeat, nor did I stuff myself into misery as in previous years. All in all, I feel really good about everything, and I am very proud of myself. This is how I intend to handle all holidays and special occasions. Now back to my regularly scheduled program; lean meats, low carbs (i.e. no cornbread dressing), and exercise. I pray everyone else had a blessed Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  21. Slim-Shady

    How Did You Do on Thanksgiving?

    I don't think you're weird at all. I like structure as well. It actually makes things easier when I have a plan in place! Good luck on your journey! I know you are, and will continue doing great!
  22. Slim-Shady

    How Did You Do on Thanksgiving?

    I've found that I eat lots of things cold since being sleeved, and they are pretty tasty to me as well. Sounds like you're on the right track with your post op. Keep up the good work!
  23. Slim-Shady

    How Did You Do on Thanksgiving?

    Feeling even better right now! I got on the scale today, and had lost 1.8 lbs!
  24. Slim-Shady

    How Did You Do on Thanksgiving?

    Yes Miss Mac, it was the smartest thing I've done too! I recently looked at a picture of a plate I had for a BBQ one July 4, and I was in awe! It would take me weeks to finish a plate like that now! So excited for us and our journey. We rock!
  25. Slim-Shady

    Regretting it already..(day 1)

    Hang in there, it does get better! It's quite difficult to see now, but it does. My sister and I did it together, and we were both frustrated, in pain, and dare I say, feeling a bit of regret the first few days. We were both struggling to get our liquids and Protein in. She felt nauseous, and I was in pain! The liquid pain meds were my best friend as well. I took it like clockwork every four hours, and I didn't have to look at a clock; my body told me when it was time by the pain. We both had to sleep on our sofas for about two weeks. I could go on and on and on. I said all of this to let you know, what you're feeling is not uncommon. The pain, the week one diet, the all around change in lifestyle can be a lot to take in, but as I said, hang in there. The pain will subside, you will get used to your new lifestyle, and you'll begin to reap the benefits. Take care, and best wishes on your journey!