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  1. Heatherrc1

    It's surgery day

    Best wishes today! You won't need them, but sending them your way! See you on the bench!
  2. Heatherrc1

    Surgery didn't happen for me

    Absolutely not! I believe in divine intervention and I know it didn't happen for A reason. It will happen eventually.
  3. I was scheduled for July 10th and my Dr was in and when he went to lift my liver he found two masses on it. He has sent off a biopsy and should get the results Tuesday or Wednesday, but I can't tell you how disappointing this all is. Same pain and procedure minus the sleeve. I'm certain the biopsy will turn out benign and we will schedule another date then.
  4. Heatherrc1

    Surgery didn't happen for me

    Thank you all for your kind words. I will say of this is the pain that I can expect after surgery I will be good to go! No pain medicine at all today. I have been able to move around the house and piddle in the kitchen. I don't think I will hardly be ready for work tomorrow, but maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. I will say I am eating a cheeseburger this afternoon and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it! After that back on my liquid so I will be ready when he can get me back on the schedule!
  5. Heatherrc1

    Surgery didn't happen for me

    Ugh! The soreness from the surgery is not bad. I'm depressed from the meds I think. Also the fact this happened for nothing this time around. I'm ready to get the results and get scheduled to make this happen!
  6. Heatherrc1

    Lost my mind!

    I would probably slap that shit out of their hand if I was mad enough.
  7. Heatherrc1

    Best protein shakes!

    Muscle pharm and they have all kinds of flavored! I am currently drinking a cookies and cream and it is blissful. I order off of body building.com
  8. I went for my preop testing today and I am anxious and nervous. July 10th seems like so far away.
  9. Heatherrc1

    Cash pay?

    $12k in middle Tn
  10. Heatherrc1

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    Surgery July 10th and start my two week all liquid diet this Friday. I will be partaking of wine on Thursday night. I feel your judgement... And that's ok!! ????
  11. I'm a cross fitter myself and my box has the best folks part of it. I have had to take a break for a bit for the same reasons. I have tried the paleo diet and like you not able to lose the weight. I'm anxious to have surgery and get healed up and head back to torture chamber. I dread those squats and using the commode! ???? Most people I have met that are part of the cross fit world are super encouraging and only want you to be happy and healthy.
  12. I'm with healthyjudy, would you all mind telling us how much you weighed the day of surgery? I ask that because I would like to know if anyone started where I am at 235-ish.. 5 ft 6". I don't want to be super disappointed if my results aren't like this in 9 days. I get we all lose at different rates, but I would like to have something to compare to.
  13. Heatherrc1

    Looking for early July buddy!

    July 10th! It is quickly approaching! I agree with slipping into bad habits by allowing myself to eat "just one more time" times. That mindset has to change for me! Good luck everyone!
  14. Heatherrc1

    BMI 31-32

    As am I
  15. Heatherrc1

    Love, sex, and cocktails.

    So, could you have possibly exchanged your relationship with food for the "time of your life"? When we take away a habit or addiction without really knowing the why of it or understanding ourself on a deeper level we usually replace that "high" we get from that for something else. I don't know if that's true for you or your situation, but it's just something to think about it.
  16. Heatherrc1

    Madly in love but holding back info

    I was told this in a support group that I attend for something else. "You are only as sick as your darkest secrets". Meaning, you can never really live in the present if you aren't able to deal with your past and be able to share the parts of it that make you uncomfortable. A true relationship based on the foundation of trust, respect, honesty and love means being able to open up those painful memories and share them with the person you share your life with. If there is something that is keeping you from sharing that maybe you should question whether it is something within you or it is something within your partner. It takes some soul searching and the ability to truly be honest with yourself. Tough work!
  17. Heatherrc1

    Too much for me

    Lots of positive self talk and optimism is good for much that ails you. I hope you feel better soon.
  18. Thank you for posting this!! So glad that you are doing so well! Congrats!
  19. So exciting! Wishing you peace and minimum pain!
  20. That is awesome! Great work!
  21. I have read that same thing. Scary! I have discussed this with mine and have invited him from every support group meeting to every appointment. I just really want to this to be a positive from myself to my marriage to my friendships.
  22. The friendships I have are real. We have discussions, we don't just talk. We discuss pros and cons and give our opinions and although we don't always agree on the outcome we always have respect for the others decision. My grandpa told me if you can count your real friends on one hand at the end of your life you have really done something. How true that statement is.
  23. Congrats! Hopefully you will get a date set soon! Fingers crossed for you! My date is July 10th for the sleeve. Eeekk! I have gone to my closet with winter clothes in it and it's all I can do to keep from snatching them all out and burning them in the drive way!!!