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  1. Justme24

    Easter Weight Loss Challenge

    Starting weight 139 lbs; goal weight 135lbs. Thank you!
  2. 138 lbs; Thanks so much!
  3. 141 lbs ~ still; thank you!
  4. Goal: 135 Weight today: 141 Thank you!
  5. Justme24

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Final weight 140 lbs - thanks!
  6. I can see the weight loss in the smaller clothing that I can now wear, and in pictures, but I too don't really see it in a mirror, which I simply don't understand (and freaks me out a little bit:)
  7. Justme24

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Sorry I'm late ~ 140 lbs; thanks!
  8. Justme24

    Very slow losers?

    I have been a slow loser throughout ~ starting with weighting more at discharge from the hospital than I did on admission. But 13 months out, I've lost 110 lbs. I lowered my expectations to 5 lbs per month - then I wasn't disappointment every month. I stuck with the plan and I exercise faithfully - and it came off, as it will for you! Hang in there, you're not alone.
  9. I think the majority of people that I've seen lose a large amount of weight look younger, though I too feel that I look a bit older (I'm 52 and have lost 110 lbs). But I'm so happy with my weight loss, and that the clothes I wear now are flattering, that I'm just happy where I am. My only regret it that I didn't do it sooner. I put on nice, stylish clothes, and feel really good about my appearance for the first time in decades, and I have to stop myself from traveling down the mental path of "It could have been like this throughout my 40's if I had done this years ago" - because that's not productive thinking, so I just concentrate on sticking to the plan and continuing the success that has been largely possible due to the sleeve.
  10. Justme24

    Getting to be impossible to lose!

    I'm 52, post-menopausal and have been a fairly slow loser throughout, even at the beginning. I don't think I've ever lost more than 2.5 lbs per week, and often it's 0 to 1 lb per week. But after a year, the weight-lose has marched on and I'm almost at goal. So glad I took this step toward a better, healthier future, so worth it My best to you in your weight lose journey
  11. Justme24

    NSV Top 10 Wish List

    I'm a year out and almost at maintenance but a NSV for me is when a football announcer says "Boy that tight-end is a big guy, 6'3" 240lbs" and I no longer have to inwardly cringe because I weigh more than him. Another one is just that feeling of roomy clothes, that used to be too tight, sliding over your skin because they're now loose instead of tight.
  12. Justme24

    How Did You Do on Thanksgiving?

    I traveled for the holiday, which made me a little nervous because I didn't have the same control over food choices and preparation that I have at home, and I ate very small servings of foods that I don't usually prepare or even have in the house, but in the end I feel like I did OK, I didn't over-eat and I didn't begin grazing so I feel I've done pretty well (irregardless of what the scale might say when I get home
  13. Justme24

    For the physically active sleevers...

    I find that exercise has become a very necessary stress-reducer in my life. I used to eat, now I'm trying so hard not to do that as a form of stress reduction, and have found that exercise - that I enjoy doing - works beautifully. I do a lot of yoga, and it's such a good workout, which was actually a surprise to me. I know that I won't stick with a form of exercise that I don't like, so I only do thinks I really enjoy (swimming, yoga, step classes, walking outside). And to now be able to move, and stretch and tone my body in a way that just wasn't possible when I was heavy, is truly a blessing. Best of luck to you
  14. Justme24

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    143 lbs ~ thanks for doing this, it's really helpful to have these weekly weigh-ins.
  15. Justme24

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Goal 136, last week 146, today, 145 (inching aloooong ; thanks!
  16. Justme24

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Sorry for the late entry. Wt yesterday 146 lbs; goal 136 lbs. Thanks you!
  17. Justme24

    Halloween Challenge!

    145 lbs ~ Thank you so much!
  18. Justme24

    Halloween Challenge!

    147 lbs ~ much thanks!
  19. Justme24

    Halloween Challenge!

    147 lbs ~ thank you.