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    Favorite Blogs / Vlogs

    I just posted my first post about my gastric sleeve on my blog today. I had mentioned in the past on it that I wanted the lap band, but we decided to go with the sleeve. I really haven't seen many sleeve blogs to follow. I'm hoping if someone comes looking they may find some answers on my blog. Www.adventureswiththeabramyans.blogspot.com
  2. aprildr

    Decaf vs Regular Tea

    My surgeon recommends caffeine free. I followed it for the first two months. From what I recall him saying, it's more about not getting dehydrated while trying to keep 64 oz down after your surgery. I drink the occasional regular coffee and sweet tea and I'm fine. If the tea is super sweet my heart pounds a little fast but otherwise I'm ok.
  3. aprildr

    HUNGER - is it really reduced?

    @ judyoz I agree completely with you. I have to remind myself to eat now. Eating was such a major part of my life. I was planning lunch while eating breakfast. The sleeve definitely took my hunger away. I can only think of a couple of times I was actually hungry, and even then it was more of an annoyance growl/cramp reminding me to eat.
  4. Yes, it's very real and very frustrating. I had to just decide to step away from the scale. I was stalled for about three weeks and felt so pathetic. I thought I'd be the only one to have this surgery and then not lose anymore weight. Now I'm 3.5 months out and I still stall. The stalls are just not as long. My weight also fluctuates regularly. I'm constantly down between 55-60 pounds. But I can feel the difference in how my clothes fit. I try to focus on that instead of the number on my scale. Good luck!! You'll get passed it!!
  5. I'm three and a half months out and I'm down between 55-60 pounds. It fluctuates. It's soooo exciting to not have to look at 3x anymore!!