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  1. Hey everyone I had my surgery a week ago and I feel fantastic. I am eating drinking and feel good. Only thing I noticed yesterday and today is only 2 times after I went pee I would have a very light blood on the tissue. It is very very light had to really look to see it. I had a hysterectomy years ago and was just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this thanks so much
  2. All done

    Stomach growling

    I get grumbling in my stomach but never have hunger pains...my sleeve just grumbles sometime lol when I eat it starts to grumble when it's working I think... I get grumbling in my stomach but never have hunger pains...my sleeve just grumbles sometime lol when I eat it starts to grumble when it's working I think...
  3. All done

    Where to go?

    Shustar that us like us. Bariatric pal is who I booked through and Dr. Francisco Zavalza. .he offers all the after care. Just had my first Skype 1 week post op appointment .....David Lopez set it all up and I was picked up at San Diego airport taken to our recovery condo...walking shopping. .to and from the hospital it was awesome...it's like an all inclusive best service I could ever have imagined Florence hospital too all the nurses spoke English. .. anyhow good luck finding your hospital
  4. All done

    Where to go?

    Holy 22000 that's a lot. I went to Mexico and got better care than I could have ever expected and all costs including airfare doctors nutritionist for 2 years all my meds and the best 24 hour care for be days while I stayed there. I probably spent 4500 total...
  5. All done

    Stomach growling

    My nutritionist also has us on a anti acid from day 1. Keeps acid down and helps the stomach as it heals. I find my stomach gurgles when I try to eat too fast. It gurgles away when I eat or drink. ..it's happy most if the time 9 days post op and I am doing pretty good. ..
  6. Yes I talked to doctor he said it could be an urinary infection or some sort of thing like that ..nothing to do with the surgery. ..that is great to know thanks so much for the reply. I didn't really think it had anything to do with the surgery. .just making sure going to see my GP tomorrow
  7. Good morning I am just starting day 5 post op. I have never been more excited not to be able to eat. .. My NUT had me start a preop diet about 4 weeks out. Cutting out all my carbs like bread rice pasta etc. ..really worked with me to eat healthy proteins and get into a routine. Then I had clear liquids for 3 days prior to surgery. So I am on my last day of clear liquids and I am finding that with having numerous choices around me, wether it's drinkable yogurt or flavored water my jello or Popsicles. I treat each on like a treat so I feel like I am getting something pretty special. Plus really no dishes and no prep time... I spend my time focusing on how lucky I am to geta ssecond chance and getting healthy with my sleeve buddy and I am treating him right...song what he needs to heal. I don't want to screw this up. I spend a lot of time not focusing on food anymore but on doing what is healthy for my body. My therapist has been amazing at helping me dig out food issues and my NUT has been so hands on with me that I have so much support its hard to believe that I could fail at this. Next stage starts tomorrow I move from clear liquids to the full liquid stage for 2 weeks....I think the month prior to the surgery really helped and also of course the 6 months with my therapist has been a game changer. .. I have about 14 days on the full liquids. New recipes here we come. .. Hope everyone has much success with reaching their goals. Tiny little steps to the finish line May u all be healthy
  8. I was sleeved on Wednesday the 17th. Today was a better day...I had 1 cup of chicken broth, 1/4 of those drinkable yogurt, 1 little container of jello. I did manage to get almost 60 Oz of water as well. I feel fantastic
  9. Well here I am in the recovery condo through Bariatric pal in Tijuana Mexico. ..I had my surgery Wednesday June 17th at about 4pm with the Dr. Zavalza team. I feel pretty awesome... I started researching last year numerous doctors and finally made my decision in march and paid my deposit. . I had decided to fly to Mexico to have my sleeve done. I arrived Tuesday night and was picked up at the airport brought to the condo and had a good night visiting with another house guest and Johnny, 24 hour care taker. The surgery and check into the hospital was fantastic. I was picked up taken to the hospital all the hospital documents were in English. .I was prepped and put in my room ..my nice private room with TV private bath. The nurses were wonderful...ah and Rosa was an angel. There were 3 of us that day with Dr. Zavalza...I was was second. I remember very little...haha I was wheeled to the operating room and asked to move on to the table and the last thing I remember was seeing Dr. Z Dr. Luna and the Dr with the happy juice..I made some stupid comment about being greys anatomy cause all the doctors were so cute....lol then I was out!!! I awoke in my room with Dr. Zavalza checking on me..I felt very high. ..I felt great. Lol let's just say I was having a great time by myself on the Facebook support group...it is not super clear but apparently most of the people werekkilling themselves laughing at me..so it'sgood to know iI had a great time.. anyhow I am now 3 days out. I was discharged from the hospital yesterday no complications. I had no nausea, no pain to speak of, some gas discomfort that I have been walking and walking and walking. My sleeve seems to be handling small amounts of broth, jello, water and some yogurt. ..I spent 3 or 4 hours walking the streets yesterday and I was tired but felt pretty good.. I can feeling the swelling of my tummy going down slowly so that is good. I woke up at 4 am because I went to sleep at like 8pm haha and have managed to have about 5 ounces of water. Sip sip sip...lol so I still have 2 extra days here because I did not want to fly home too early. I am getting my staples out today. Dr. Luna is coming over to removed them and go over my diet over the next while. I am so impressed with the service of Bariatric pal. The support staff open our doors. .carry all our luggage and groceries. Check on us..24 hour service right next door in the recovery condo. It is more than I could have imagined. Sob that's my update so far. It seems the surgery was so far away and then bang here we are...it's amazing how fast it actually came up.
  10. Hi everyone. I have been researching for a year and I leave in a week for my surgery!!! Woohoo. Today in one of our facebook support groups we had a person go a little crazy on us. She was only about a week post op, and she was asking the same questions over and over, then to the point she was saying everyone was bullying her. Even when I PMed her and told her I didn't think thats what everyone was trying to do...it just got worse and she has blocked everyone and now she has disappeared. The sad thing is from what I can tell she didn't prepare herself for everything after surgery and was looking for sympathy and attention, I was actually worried about her mental state cause she was making weird desperate comments and wasn't making really any sense. So anyhow this is what I have done over the last few months to prepare the best I can for the unknown....(please note this is for me and what I have done) Please add if I am missing anything that maybe helpful in the next week....LOL Research and creep this site...it has been a wonderful amount of knowledge.... Get into a support group...a group with a mixture of wls people...ask questions I am in therapy for the last 3 months to help me prepare in the head for the changes in the body... Get ahold of your NUT and be proactive...start trying new things. Get your Proteins or broths Get educated about the diet you will be required to do after the fact and be prepared before you have surgery nobody is going to hold your hand. I have made up broths and high Protein liquid diet food and tried them over the last few months to see if my Protein powder works in a variety of food. Keep a book. Write down everything from what to take to the hospital to recipes, pre op diet, post op diet...everything you research. I have a huge journal now, wrote down all my questions for my doctor Talk to your doctor ahead of time. Ask him all the questions above...LOL Remeber the wls is a tool, not a fix it all and I have to take care of it. No complaining no whining just hard work. (See therapist is helping LOL) Big girl panties on and ready to face everything!!!! Keep myself positive everyday as I prepare for this journey...now with that all said...lets see how I feel next week... Good luck everyone.
  11. Anyone going to be down the same time as me. Would love to meet people as I am going alone...
  12. Thanks so much for the information. It is only 2 weeks till I leave now. It is getting so real, I am very excited nervous but very excited. I am so diligent on keeping up with the information but there is so much it is just about overwhelming. I start my preop diet today, although I have been doing it for the last week. I have been trying to get my schedule down for the next two weeks...but the hard habits are hard to break. Good luck everyone and maybe I will see some of u on the boardwalk
  13. All done

    It's all i think about

    Right on...finally found someone who is going to be at the same time as me...are u going alone ? We should be friends lol Mine is June 17th with Dr. Zavalza
  14. The topic says it all. Since I have decided to get the surgery life at home has become very tense and sometimes just about unbearable. My husband and I do not see eye to eye on me getting my surgery at all. I have the deposit paid and flights booked for June 17th. . It isn't that he is worried so much as he said that he will feel guilty eating around me. Orb the other one was about going for Christmas dinner and eating the buffet I won't be able to really eat much. My husband I think forgot who he married. I am very independent and strong self employed business woman who spent may years before him single and capable. During one of our counselling sessions he said that he felt this decision should be one we both make and why can't I just hire a trainer and do weight watchers.. my response was "it's my body my decision" I don't know where he got the idea that he had any say over my body wether it's a tattoo or anything else. I do understand that it can be scary for those around us but he kept trying to push me to the band cause its not permanent "I am doing the sleeve" because I love the fact that this tool is permanent. Our marriage has become very distant and cold. I have felt myself resenting him for almost everything. I am still going to counselling without him as I am trying to get over the anger I feel towards him...it's a very hard thing to do for me. when we got married in told him I was not the typel girl who would ask to do things. I wouldn't be waiting at home with dinner cooked. I am 45 years old and have a very good life and he was the same. It is hard not to share the excitement I have going on in side with him I just want to tell him everything I learn and read but that isn't going to happen. I feel that I am completely alone on this and it does make me sad. I know I can't force him to love the idea, but I would like him to accept my decision. He said to me that I was choosing the surgery over the marriage and I replied back that I was choosing me over the marriage. I am probably being harsh and selfish but I am okay with that. So I was just throwing this out there for anyone who is feeling the same way or is struggling with lack of support from those close to you. It just makes it feel a bit better to get it off my chest in here because I have only told a few very close people in my life. None of them are married lol Can't wait to be on the losers bench...
  15. All done

    tension at home

    I agree it is important to have support. If I wasnt the type if person who said keep our money separate etc...I wouldn't be having the surgery he already said that...he thinks it is "ridiculous" to spend money on this. We did have a chat tonight and we discussed our marriage and I have no doubt that this has severely damaged us. I am shocked actually how he is acting. He said he will support me cause his feelings mean nothing to me. I told him well that's not true but he doesn't get a say in this. I do have support my son has stepped up and is helping me and my manager who has been with me for 7 years at my restaurant has a copy of the diet plan and is trying out new broths and keeping track of protein etc for me...I also have everyone on here and the Facebook group I am with. He said that he doesn't fell secure in the marriage anymore. My response was then he needs to get help with that because nothing has changed except he ant tell me what to do which it has been like that the whole time. ..I think he is insecure with the out come. ..sad to say but I think he likes me over weight and not attractive makes him feel secure. ..I suggested he go see the therapist...because I will be changing over the next year and I was hoping he would be right beside me when I do. ..but I can see that's not going to happen... thank you all you beautiful wonderful people on here...your support and suggestions it has mentioned the world to me...
  16. All done

    Started my Preop Diet...

    My surgery is June 17th. I have been doing test runs lol so to speak. I have dropped a lot out of my diet for the last month. Bread pasta rice has been gone for about 2 weeks. Focusing in salads proteins and shakes. I have no means perfect but I am doing it in babysteps ..no food funerals for me lol that would just be a disaster. I only have to be on preop for a week it looks like. Good luck everyone here cheering u on
  17. All done

    Anyone go to mexico for a sleeve?

    June 17th in Mexico. I know that I am in the hospital for 2 nights. I am good with that they do 3 leak tests before u go to the recovery condo for another night. I chose to stay an extra 2 days because of the flying plus it will be like a mini holiday...lol well maybe not. Good luck everyone
  18. All done

    It's all i think about

    Hi all.. i am in this catagory too. I am consumed by the fact my surgery is in 30 days. Yep 30 days. i am self pay in Mexico with Dr. Zavalza so I didnt have the 6 month wait that I have seen on here...but it has been 3 months since I chose to do this. My biggest thing is stalking forums...lol even some facebook groups that I been added too. It goes over and over in my mind. I am trying to stay focused on how hard it is going to be right after when we are learning to eat. But I am still keeping on eyes on the big prize. So excited for everyone...good luck and stay strong..
  19. All done

    Disappointed Family

    Wow...16 pounds way to go. I am just getting started on losing some weight before my surgery. You inspire me to dig in and do it...keep up the great work...
  20. I have told 4 people. My husband..my 23rd year old son my best friend and the manager at work as it is my business and she will need to run UT while I am gone. Everyone was supportive except my husband. No surprises there.. It took couples therapy for him to realize that this was my decision alone...not his and I was doing it no mater what. It was a tough go for the marriage but he finally accepted the fact that I was doing this and he said he would support me...not with a smile bit he did finally say the words. The lack of education on his part let in his fears that I would never eat again. We don't discuss it much at all but I know it's the elephant in the room...but I again going on June 17th and I am going alone...he will stress me out haha I didn't tell him it was again ml one secret I told him it was my private decision. ..if and when if would tell people....right now everyone thinks I am going to a health and wellness spa with my best friend How people decide to deal is a personal matter and what works for each person will only help them in their journey Good luck to everyone
  21. All done

    47 days and counting!

    I had a hard time with my husband. I never told anyone other than my best friend my manager my husband and son. My husband thinks I am crazy and it was a big problem in our house. He felt like it should have been a joint decision and I was like, its my body and its my decision. We ended up going to counselling and after quite a few hours he found out that he can't tell me what to do. So he said he would support me but he wasn't happy about it. Plus it must be hard b ecause he is sworn to secrecy. this is my private thing. there is a facebook page for baratric pal and Dr. Zavalza which I am part of. I really like all the info i am getting onthose pages. It sure has made me feel more comfortable and for sure way more educated on what to expect.
  22. All done

    47 days and counting!

    I am heading down to Dr Zavalza in Mexico in June and am so excited. I believe they said a special diet for a week, and clear liquids for 3 days. I think it depends on each doctor and each individual. I am starting to do little things already to prepare to break my bad habits wishing u great success with your surgery
  23. Take your time to research each doctor..talk to David Lopez on here as he can help you find all the information you need. After a year of research I decided on Dr zavalza. He has been incredible with his patients and is very hands on with me. Even before putting a deposit down he will Skype with you and answer any questions you have. Also his patients have a Facebook group where we discuss everything. I would suggest talking to David Lopez first.. go from there he can help you with everything and he is fantastic with helping set everything up... good luck in your search