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    How did you deal with hair loss?

    I wore a sew in for about 6 weeks. So much hair came out and my temples thinned. Go with the wig. I haven't had much luck with wigs. My hair dresser said we're going to start doing deep condition treatments no weekly and roller setting the hair. I always had thin hair, but I had length and I could never see my scalp. I still have length, but I can definitely see my scalp more on the top. I'm starting biotin as well.
  2. meryl0707

    Burgers and Pizza

    I think you should stay away from the pizza and burgers. Your stomach is not going to be able to handle the heaviness and grease.
  3. meryl0707

    5 months post-op and 75 lbs. lost!

    Fabulous!!!!! Congrats to you!
  4. meryl0707

    March 17!

    How are you guys doing with your weight loss??
  5. Well if anyone has any kind of bariatric surgery and they do not change their habits, you won't be successful. I think everyone knows someone who hasn't been successful. Don't let her cop out deter you from your goals. Everyone has an opinion about this surgery. I've had people question me and chastise me for doing it. I figure it's my life and I'm doing what I need to do to make it better.
  6. Congrats on your upcoming surgery! I believe you will find that some of your relationships will change. People will be jealous and negative. I would suggest going to support groups to connect with people who understand and to build new relationships. Sometimes when people do struggle in the same way, it's hard for them to be happy for others. Branch out and focus on you!
  7. Bravo!! That is amazing!!! I am so very happy for you. Your hard work is paying off. My highest weight was 379 and my current weight is 294. I am 4 months out.
  8. I use full fat mayo but I hardly have anything that requires mayo. Moderation and you will be fine!
  9. Congrats! It feels so amazing to not weigh 300 pounds any more!
  10. meryl0707


    Way to go!
  11. meryl0707


    I had surgery on 3/12/15. Went from a size 30 to a size 24. Down 80 pounds so far. Had lots of complications but I don't regret surgery. It's changed my life!
  12. meryl0707

    First NSV

  13. meryl0707

    Pen pals

    Sounds like a great idea. I'm up for it!
  14. I've had so many slob moments it's not even funny. One that sticks out was my husband was in pa with his friends. His friends are vegan and took him to this vegan bakery. He brought me home 4 mini cakes of different flavors......I ate them all in one day and was so sick and ASHAMED!!
  15. I was so glad to see this thread. I thought something was wrong with me! I cannot drink room temperature water. It has to be iced or absolutely hot. I also find I can no longer have crystal light or the like. I drink a lot of tea. Probably not good but, I feel kind of helpless with my pouch and what makes me sick.
  16. meryl0707


    I had surgery on March 12th.....I was in the hospital for 11 days. I had a collapsed lung, pneumonia and the tc scan dye damaged my kidneys. oh, and I got oral thrush that lasted a month. I cried and regretted my decision for the first few weeks until I walked three miles with my husband and dog. I was able to fit into clothes that were too tight a month ago. I was able to reach my body parts and be more flexible. Each day gets better and better. I no longer regret it but the complications were definitely a rough patch.
  17. meryl0707

    5 days out - Are Eggs ok?

    I just wrote on another post about how I google image my favorite foods!!! Glad to know I'm not alone. Lol It actually helps me get over the cravings.
  18. meryl0707


    I've had a lot of cravings as well. I'm 5 weeks out from surgery. What I've been doing is Google imaging my favorite foods and looking at them. It's helped me a lot. My husband thinks it is torture for me but I think it helps me fight the desire to eat what I know I can't. It's hard but I think each day it gets better. I used to love sweets and that is the only thing I do not crave at all.
  19. It gives me hope reading about everyone's weight loss! Congrats to the OP and the rest of you! I hope to be there soon :-)
  20. meryl0707

    Regret stage!

    I'm sorry you are having troubles. I had surgery on the 12th and ended up with a collapsed lung plugged with fluid. I'm still in the hospital. Things will get better. Try gas x for the gas pain. Try sipping water from small cups and see if that helps. I had the same problem with gas but, by day 3 I was burping and passing gas which helped. Also make sure you rest! Good luck to you.
  21. Don't try to plan it out too much. Your plans may change. I went in for surgery on 3/12......I'm still in the hospital! Things can happen. Allow yourself the time to rest up. Use FMLA if you have it and good luck to you!
  22. meryl0707

    March 10th!

    I hope your surgery went well! Please do keep in touch. :-)
  23. meryl0707

    March 10th!

    Congrats on your date! Mine is March 12th. I feel like the days are dragging! I just try to keep busy and not to obsess about it because it's like torturing myself. Best wishes to you!
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  25. meryl0707

    T-minus 2 weeks before surgery!

    good luck everyone!!!!!!my surgery is on march 12th. I'm so anxious. The weeks can't go by fast enough. I get so excited when I see everyone share their dates. I hope we all can meet our goals. :-)

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