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    Was giving a second chance

    Love your second chance
  2. My prayer request is for a renewed spirit. I have allowed the enemy to set up camp in my mind, I gained most of my weight back and I’m struggling to get back on track.. pray as you feel led
  3. thetaxlayd

    NSV shout outs

    5 months out *268lbs to 201lbs +Gone from size 22/24 to size reg 16 *Bought two modern swim suits- *Wrapped a regular sized bath towel around me without gaps *took 15 flight of stairs 3 times in a week *bought a romper size L *out walked my kids without shortness of breath *thighs not rubbing together *gave up sugar, sodas and white flour-
  4. I used Dr. Carl Lowe in Charlotte, NC he is with Carolina Surgical. He is by far the greatest surgeon alive. His bedside manners as well as him being a faith filled Christian. Prior to surgery he allowed me to pray with him. Follow up care has been amazing. Dr. Lowe set real expectation for me, I was sleeved on 1/30/15 HW 268 SW 251 CW 201.. Goal weight 155 should be reached by 12/31/15
  5. thetaxlayd

    Doctors in Charlotte, North Carolina

    Dr. Carl Lowe in Charlotte is amazing along with staff. We prayed together prior to surgery. His bedside manners are superior.
  6. thetaxlayd

    Living below goal!

    You look amazing what an inspiration
  7. Today I had my Sleeve, thank you to everyone who shared their journey, I felt as though I went into this well empowered. I read everything pros and cons. I arrived at Hospital this morning 8am the check in process was quick..in surgery at 10:30 in room at 3pm...had to wait for room. I have experienced minimal pain not a lot of gas..Nurse had me up waking at 9pm. Nothing by mouth until 5am.. I have never wanted Water as bad as I do now.. My doctor is Carl Lowe Jr., he is amazing with the greatest bedside manners.carolina Surgical Center- Charlotte, NC
  8. thetaxlayd

    New Beginnings

    Today is 2 weeks post op..I'm down 37lbs I feel amazing I walk everyday..I enjoy cooking for my family..experimenting with clean cooking...I've learned that every day have to be deliberate with planning your day
  9. thetaxlayd

    New Beginnings

    Today I am amazed at how my stomach feels to the touch, it is shrinking before my eyes. I got on the scale and another 2lbs gone. I can't believe I waited so long to do this. I was due to go back to work tomorrow but after hearing about how many people were sick....I thought it best to take another day
  10. thetaxlayd

    Surgery on Monday 02/02/15!

    How are you doing?
  11. thetaxlayd

    My Story to help inspire!

    Thank you for sharing
  12. thetaxlayd

    Today is the day!

    How are you doing today
  13. thetaxlayd

    New Beginnings

    @@mae7365 thank you for the encouragement
  14. thetaxlayd

    One week later. I feel great

    I had my sleeve on Friday 1/30/15 had a tough time in recovery with my BP never been a problem prior to surgery. Made it to my room at 2:30 walked from my room door to bed and got sick..after some nausea medication I was feeling good.. Dr ordered nothing by mouth until 5am.,I have never wanted Water so bad.. Walked the entire floor at 9pm for a total of 3000 steps.. It really helped with the gas pains. 5am finally .,,I needed to drink 60cc of water, broth or diluted apple juice every hour..proud to say I exceeded the goal.. No pain or nausea. I was discharged at 3pm yesterday.., the ride home was bumpy. I camped out downstairs in a recliner.., walked throughout the night..still tackling the 60cc.. Added Protein shake.. Sunday I chilled; while my husband and children went to get their praise on. Showered, cleaned out the refrigerator.. Began praising God for the new lease on life... I feel great have a plan to make sure I get all fluids and protein in for the next two weeks. I am measuring out my daily allowance in the medicine cups per hour. I feel so good I managed to lose 3 lbs from day of surgery. Being on two week pre op protein diet has given me the advantage over my new life style change. Can't wait to see where I will be in 90 days.,,I am posting my first day after surgery [ attachment=51294:ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1422814948.473242.jpg]
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    One week later. I feel great

    I needed to read this..my #newme date is Friday 1/30/15. I started this journey 12/17/14 getting approved happened so fast, I'm excited , my fears are small. I'm looking forward to living again...please keep this thread going
  16. thetaxlayd

    Week of jan 26th sleevers?

    My surgery is the 30th...so excited
  17. thetaxlayd

    18 hours to go!

    I'm scheduled for 1/30...Charlotte, NC Dr. Carl Lowe...I'm excited and nervous at the same time..i am believing and Trusting God for a super natural recovery for myself and all my BP family
  18. thetaxlayd

    Feeling Nervous, January 7 is the day

    @@JaneJaneDoe I should be having my sleeve around 1/28/15...I am planning to return to work on 2/3/15 everyone is telling me to take longer. Please share your experience with going back within a week of surgery. I just don't have the extra time to take off
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    NC - Charlotte

    Is this group active
  21. I say tell them the truth...You decided to live.
  22. thetaxlayd

    African American vsgers!

    @@Peekboo thank you
  23. thetaxlayd

    African American vsgers!

    I am telesales agent my schedule is 8:30-1:00 pm 4:00 pm - 7:00pm.. I really don't have the time available to take two weeks off. .i sit my entire shift with three hours of free time. ..do you think it would work if I went home during that break