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  1. I have to travel from San Antonio to Houston (about 3 hours) to have my surgery (the facility here had a fire recently so unable to do procedures right now). At first I thought I would stay in Houston the night of the surgery but then I got to thinking it might be better to travel while I am still under anesthesia some and pain meds some. I have all the medical support here in San Antonio if something happens. Opinions?
  2. There are lots of places to stop and walk. thanks for your input.
  3. I will be released the same day...They are only paying for a hotel the night before the surgery so I am assuming he is ok with me going back. The place is on the west side of Houston and we live far east of San Antonio so we can make it in about 3-31/2 hours. Of course will take a lot longer having to stop and walk. But I would do that either way. Thanks for your advice!
  4. Can you sent to me as well? I hope to have a date that week also.
  5. tammymoore

    Anyone read this story....

    I had read it. Scary (since I have not had my surgery yet) but that could happen with any surgery I think. I don't think the mistake was linked to that particular surgery.
  6. Congrats! Stories like yours motivate me so much! I am looking at doing my surgery next month and I am so ready. Just last night someone was telling me how her daughter did it two years ago but now is just about to her original weight. I DO NOT want that to happen to me!!! Again, congrats on your success!
  7. I have a question...my Dr does the procedure as outpatient, meaning I will go home the evening of the surgery. Is anyone else doing it this way? Everywhere I have read they talk about staying overnight. This kind of worries me.
  8. My Dr's office is working really well with me trying to get this done in Dec. I have done the psych eval and have all of my medical testing next week. The only thing left will be my last of the 6 month visits then it can go to the insurance company. Fingers crossed!
  9. Wanting to join your group...my plan is to have the surgery the week before Christmas (due to time off and my deductible for the year has been met). My last of the 6 month required visits by insurance is Dec. 1st and hopefully my insurance will get it approved quickly. So ready to get this going!!